Ancestral Tour

The Negro’s ( black) “America” who are their ancestors, where do they belong on Earth, where did their ancestors live on Earth for thousands of years??

The People’s of America


The Negro’s ( black) “America” who are their ancestors, where do they belong on Earth, where did their ancestors live on Earth for thousands of years??


The America Heritage tour will give the reader a introduction to the well documented historical facts about the origins of the heritage for the Negro Population of People’s in the United States and all peoples labeled black aka Negro Peoples living in the western hemispheres as the Americas today, and give the reader factual insight about their heritage as free peoples.


The tour will introduce the wonderful culture , society. and civilization created by the people of America (free)-Negro Peoples in (freedom) that thrived for millions of years before and at the time of discovery by explores from Europe; and how the contributions from the culture to the Earth race population of America is the foundation used to cushion the lifestyle we live today. .. The information contained on the following pages also include details and notes written about the Amerindian culture at time of discovery by European explores.


You are about to embark on a journey that will change the way you see Yourself and the People of “ black” America.

The Inner-Sense of our BLOOD consciousness

For the last 3 generations millions of black American people in the United States are taught to see themselves as descendants from slaves brought to America from Africa. Many black “American” people today can attest to the knowledge of knowing of their ancestry of belonging to American Indian grandmothers and to the fact she was also labeled black/ Negro. For generations scholars and educators employed by the United States educational institutions shun to teach the Negro population about their  ancestral story of their  heritage as free people . The  history promoted to black Americans as their ancestral history in the United States and other colonel claimed territories in the Americas starts as slaves arriving to the United States as captured people placed under captivity from Human trafficking with the United States in America as Negro’s. As a result ,keeps the Negro population invisible to the Legacy of Heritage inheritance to a place of belonging to their Earth as America and the legacy developed by the ancestors of black “America” as the people of America living Free before discovery by European mankind.



The Mis-Representation of the Negro

For generations Foreigners’ to America have indoctrinated the masses of peoples through instutionalized higher education system has prommoted a fictions story about the establishment of the colonel States claiming the section of Earth called America. Today his- story written by fore portrays a romanticized image for the Americas as a sparsely populated piece of Earth for the taking by Europeaan mankind.. The fictions story portrays the idea, the race population consisting of millions people living with America mysteriously vanished and died out of America by 1705 as a result of the diseases and massacres brought upon them by a very small percentage of European men from ships upon this massive population . As a result , the males of America conveniently abandoned their home on Earth heritage inheritance, advanced culture and millions of years of accumulated wealth (natural resources) to be used (destroyed) by foreigners in their quest to create their “Dream of Manifest Destiny” as the reason for the expansion of European imperialism claims to the Earth section called America. When it fact this story is the farthest from the truth. Yes, some Amerindians elders and children died from the diseases ( biological warfare)unleashed against them by European mankind According to recorded history , the plagues did not destroy the populations.

The truth is the Amerindians peoples developed immunity from most of all biological warfare against them very quickly according to historical record.

Most people do not take the time to ponder how could complete races consisting of millions of people living on the Earth for thousands of years vanish upon the arrival of Europen mankind? Most people do not ponder how did millions of people become slaves ( Negro) in America at the same time millions of people living FREE ( Indians)in the Americas completely vanish.


However, the historical indoctrination (fantasy) by European mankind omits some very startling and impressive facts about the Americas. One of the facts being, the Americas was densely populated with a well developed hetero[ female& male= 1] social culture of Earth people living in their home on Earth as America for millions of years.

The Hidden Heritage of OUR Negro Ancestors

The Earth Peoples of America

What are Earth “Peoples”

Earth “People’s” are a species created by the nature of Earth along with all the other plants and animals that co- exist in the forest as a part of the natural eco system for the section of Earth the peoples belong to.. Earth beings aka “People” who look like the Earth.. The Earth Peoples of the forest, are dark ( light brown- deep dark brown) reddish hue skin “tawny”, with textured [ wavy-curly – bushy} hair., Depending on where they are located some Earth beings have Asian textured hair. They represent and perform a function within the internal systems of the Earth. Collectively they are a integral part of the natural system for the section of Earth they belong to. Females represent the emotions- internal Earth consciousness or {internal function} and males represent the intellectual Earth consciousness or (external function), they work as one union to make up a part of the psyche or Earth consciousness within the nature of the planet Earth to protect the Earth ecosystems from destruction..

Earth “ Peoples “at one time encompassed over 95% of the “Peoples” population with the Earth. Cultures, societies and civilizations  at one time flourished everywhere on Earth including Africa, Asia and the Coastal islands of Europe . The oldest of the Earth cultures flourished in the Americas . Less than 5% of the Earth consisted of European mankind. The collective term to reference Earth beings aka “People” by European mankind is Indigenous or Indians.


United Nations International definition of “Indigenous Peoples”: Reference ILO convention # 169 & U.N EOSC DOCKET E/c.19/2004/

Indigenous People’s who are descendants of people who have lived in America before European invasion, and colonization. Original peoples who have a historical continuity with pre-invasion and pre-colonial societies that developed on their territories, and those who consider themselves distinct from other sectors of the societies now prevailing in those territories..

The Americas at the Time of Discovery

Upon discovery of the Earth named Americas, European mankind found a tremendous Forest biosphere. Living within the forest of the Americas are another part of the master Earth race of People. . A people who has lived on Earth since the beginning of time. The Earth people discovered living in the Americas looked like the Earth, they have dark – reddish hue or “tawny”, skin with curly – bushy hair. Columbus called them Indians or Indigenous meaning- the  people created by the nature of Earth










Research thru history reveals the name the indigenous race of people living in the Americas called themselves  was  Anisazi.  Anisazi  is the  original ethnic  identity for the race of Earth People in the Americas.. European reference also tells us the first name given by European mankind to the Anisazi race of America, the dark skinned reddish hue “tawny”, textured [curly – bushy] haired people living FREE within the newly discovered portion of Earth, translated name as America ,  was Amerindians or American Indians.  

The EARTH People of the Forest in the Americas- Natural and FREE

It is written that a branch jumping squirrel could journey from Canada to Florida and west to Oklahoma and never touch the ground


Little is promoted about the Natural and Free way of life that thrived for millions of years in the Americas.


The race of Amerindians as well as thousands of different kinds of species lived and flourished for millions of years in the Americas. . The eco system of the Americas was a Forest. Forests and woodlands are habitats dominated by trees The forest consisted of a thriving system of plants, all forms of trees, , vines, flowers , insects and animals which creates a,self sustaining life cycle system . At one time Forests extend over about 3/4 of the Earth dry land surface on all continents. There are many different types of forests—temperate, tropical, cloud, coniferous, boreal—and each has a different assortment of climate characteristics, species compositions, wildlife including “Peoples” communities. It is a forgotten fact that over 3/4th of the continent of North America was covered with forest It is written that a branch jumping squirrel could journey from Canada to Florida and west to Oklahoma and never touch the ground as well as beyond the plains, the Rocky Mountains system north to the Yukon and the Pacific Coast was a complete forest.


Even the apparent, treeless grasslands and deserts between forests in America were hosts to a variety of trees representing indigenous/original adaptations to adverse climatic challenges. Canada was a complete forest.

For millions of years the Anisazi aka Amerindians took care of their section of the planet Earth in the Americas . The Anisazi females created by the Earth living in the Americas , developed and nurtured the evolution of the planet Earths massive forest . Amerindian females nurtured the plant life of the forest and the forest supported her fertility to reproduce her “Peoples “life with their Earth. Amerindian males protected and defended all life in the forest by keeping the forest and its people free and kept the balance between the plants and animals in the forest under control ,insuring the plants from extinction as a result of animal overpopulation. The Anisazi females and Anisazi males worked as one unit to keep the system of nature in balanced as a function to the planet Earth ,as a result the eco system was abundant and thriving ,the soil full of life, and the Earth people of the forest thrived. with life, and enormous quantities of natural resources within the Earth section called America. (Example: From the northeast to the southeast section of United States there were over 4 billion chestnut trees. Today they are almost extinct.)


The Anisazi aka Amerindian people’s originally developed their homes under ground and their communities and cities nestled above and below the ground under the canopy of trees.


Since the discovery of America it is estimated over 150 Trillion or more trees has been killed to sustain the first European commerce in America called Logging. Since the conversion to electricity, the forest of North America has been converted into the foundation for the United States Electrical grid as billions of trees are used as electric poles. Next time driving in the evening on the expressway look up and see the canopy of lights and see the artificial forest as all the electric poles, each electric pole was once of thriving tree of life created to support the life of Americas ecosystem as a forest.


European mankind killing  a Ancient thousand year old tree of the forest

The Natural Female and Male

In the beginning all Earth created “People” everywhere on Our Earth served this simple but important function/purpose to the planet Earth. All Earth societies were based on the continuing of the nature of Life for Earth. Life with Earth was to thrive at all cost. The power of Earth reflected in nature and its principles was valued and given the highest respect.


All Earth Peoples are born with Earth consciousness. Earth consciousness is a higher consciousness of life. Life consciousness is a consciousness for keeping life and the continuation of nature thriving for the Earth. All Earth beings have a inborn natural allegiance to life, and valued the opportunity to live again thru the Earth portals as females for the Earth…. Life in all physical forms is regarded as the ultimate eternal expression of Earth consciousness in physical form, to have the opportunity to experience physical life was to experience Heaven on Earth. Peoples of the Earth placed the highest value and respect for LIFE , its governing principles, and its Nature.


All Earth People shared and lived peacefully with other co- created Earth life forms living with them on the section of Earth they belong to. All Earth people understood they are only given one physical body per life time experience. Once the body is released they will have to wait until another time comes for their life consciousness (soul), to go through the portal of creation as birth thru a female of their kind of specie in order to return back to experiencing Earth consciousness in physical form or heaven on Earth. The process of creating life as female and male thru the female had the highest value and was protected at all cost.. Keeping life in our physical body as long as the physical body could sustain life was the goal of all nature on Earth.. Everything created by the nature of Earth understood the value of being alive as emotion in physical form. .. As long as the cycle of life is controlled and maintained by the females of a species eternity as life ever lasting will exist. . As long as the males upheld their purpose to always stand for life by defending, protecting, and developing the defense for the Earth he is connected to He cannot be overcome by systems of foreign invasion leading to Death.


There was no fear of death as long as the cycle of life creation was maintained and thrived.


It is thru the cycle of nature ;eternity as life everlasting is maintained….


Death is part of the natural cycles of life and renewal. Death is not the purpose for life.


Death meant a time of Soul / Consciousness [separation] or rest from physical form. A process of renewal for Our eternal consciousness to receive a newer physical form.


As the old timers would say “ A time to rest the old and receive the new”.

The Covenant Of Life on Earth

All life created by Earth is Life ordained by Earth.. All Earth created races/ species of people, animals, plants, have a unconditional place for existence) somewhere on this planet.


All of Earth belongs to the natural inhabitants created by Earth connected to Earth soil through the blood of the females created by Earth to be fruitful and multiply on the section of Earth they belong to.


The section of Earth for the collective of species (including People) living on the soil of the Earth is regarded as the home with Earth for the life of their perpetual generations.


All Earth created People are born FREE OF BONDAGE to Man/ WITH A unconditional BIRTH INHERITANCE to thrive on their section on Earth unconditionally for Eternity-as long as their eternity exist. Artificial life mutations , hybrids of man are not


As long as the Earth peoples maintained their allegiance to the principles governing the nature of life, the cycles of nature and purpose for life to the Earth, they were given the power from the nature of Earth to use as their protection to fight back all threats from invasion into their home with Earth by renegade species invading the Earth.

Anisazi/Amerindian Culture of the America’s

When the explores for European mankind uncovered how large the mass of Earth they discovered was, the European mankind named the new section of Earth, the Western Hemisphere, the twin Earth masses were considered as continents. Why, because the newly discovered Earth mass extended above and below the equator.


The origin of the Word America

The name Americ, Amerrique or Ameriaue is the name in Nicaragua for the mountain range called Americ by the Anisazi peoples of that region the Americ range goes from the center to the extremities of the continent , radiating as it were giving one hand to the North, and one hand to the south looking at the Antilles and to the pacific, being the centre point of the immense chain of Mountains, which forms the backbone of the western hemisphere. In truth the longest range of Mountains on the globe Jules Mac Atlantic Monthly 1875.

The only known surviving copy of Martin Waldseemüller’s 1507 world wall map was purchased, in 2003, by the Library of Congress for $10 million. In 2005, this treasured map was inscribed in UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register, and is the first document in the United States to be so honored.


The Algonquin word Em-erika or AMERRIQUE in the Mayan language means, place of perpetually strong wind, or the Land of the Wind, and sometimes the suffix ‘-ique’ and ‘-ika’ can mean not only wind or air but also a spirit that breathes, life itself.” / Jan Carew The Earth was so rich with life the Anisazi people called their Earth inheritance the breath of life.


The names given are North America for the Earth located north of the equator and South America for the Earth located south of the equator, and Central for the Earth that is in the equator (Center) zone of the Earth.


The European mankind used the name the Anisazi peoples called their home on Earth as Americ or Amerrique.

The New World

At the time of Discovery of the Anisazi peoples, their civilizations expanded from all of North America thru Central America into South America..Today there are 41 counties established on the Home on Earth of the Anisazi aka Amerindian people of America, The direct decendants of America are renamed as the Negro people..


Antigua and Barbuda • Argentina • Aruba • Bahamas, The Barbados • Belize • Bermuda • Brazil • Canada • Cayman Islands • Chile • Colombia • Costa Rica • Cuba • Dominica • Dominican Republic • Ecuador • El Salvador • Grenada • Guatemala • Guyana • Haiti • Honduras • Jamaica • Mexico • Nicaragua • Panama • Paraguay • Peru • St. Kitts and Nevis • St. Lucia • St. Vincent and the Grenadines • Suriname • Trinidad and Tobago • United States. Uruguay • Venezuela


It is written the Earth section named America was so pure flowers drifted for miles out from the shores into the seas with the fragrances of flowers. The Europeans explores though they found the garden of eden, and the place on Earth that they could only dream about. “the land of milk and honey” America “The land that breathes life”

First Images for America

One of the symbols used to represent the new World of America was a tall dark brown skinned bushy haired female.

Forgotten truth:
The stature of Liberty was sent as a present from France to the Amerindian people of North America, it was originally a dark skinned Anisazi female with chains on her feet holding a torch to signify her determination to fight for her people’s right to exist on her home with Earth of America. The statue was sent by France to the United States as a token to remind the United States who America Belonged to : Picture of the Statue of liberty.

Lady Liberty

The evolution of this central icon in the American Identity is the focus of Faces of A Nation at the Long island Museum of American Art, History & Carriages. 2001


It is written: “ Lady Liberty has undergone several transformations in identity, and style. Long before we had the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, the Indian Princess symbolized the New World. Over time the Indian Princess became less Negro “native” and more European. Her skin grew lighter, her features became less “Indian” and her dress was adapted to the mode of the moment.”  The Statue of Liberty represented the power of human consciousness liberation over oppression of mankind..

North and South American Culture Before Discovery

North and South American Culture before discovery:: Earth of the Negro’s The Anasazi people w living in the Americas are considered some of the oldest people on Earth. The people of the forest remaining on the Earth as black Americans today.


Amerindian Lifestyle:


The explorers for mankind realized they discovered, another part of the collective Earth “Peoples” inhabiting the Earth., a part of the Earth peoples race that is older than the Egyptians with a social civilization bigger than anything previously discovered by mankind, and with a population 10x bigger than all of the European nations combined.


President Lincoln coined the civilization in America:

“America is more ancient than Eygpt ,it is considered the parents of the race.”

and comments from James Wilson’s history of Indian America, puts the comparison bluntly:

 “the western hemisphere was larger, richer, and more populous than Europe.” Much of it was freer, too.” 

The population in Europe was a small fraction compared to the people living in this newly discovered part of Earth. The comments go on to say:

“ Before it became the New World, the Western Hemisphere was vastly more populous and sophisticated than has been thought—an altogether more salubrious place to live at the time than, say, Europe.”.

Amerindian character, The Anisazi females over generations developed a culture for Nurturing the nature of the Earth as the absolute expression for Love The allegiance from Anisazi females to nurture life created a culture to support the full experience of the emotional expression from nurturing the nature of life as joy, called LOVE. The Anisazi society developed into a tremendous horticultural civilization named the Mound Builders .


The planetary expression of nature towards the respect for life as love afforded the culture to develop into a highly advanced society. (Example: The Anisazi people lived under a collective consensus for 3000 years and introduced the concept to mankind.)


The cultures females created for nurturing the plants of the Earth , primary focus of productivity was keeping the forest healthy, by working with the soil and plant life forms to help the plants develop their generation ,heal and grow abundantly from the Earth, and keeping the Earths soil systems thriving.. The result for the Anisazi peoples, they could sustain large populations to support the cycle of nature and live in large sedimentary communities and cities.. The Earth of Americas prospered and so did the Earth people living FREE in the Americas. The average life span for the people from the New World was 150-250 years. The average life span of European mankind from the Old World was 36 years.


The Anisazi people practicing their ancestral culture are ageless. It is written: European mankind would dig up their bones and crush them to make potions to ingest in European mankind effort to absorb the remaining Earth essence in the bone marrow of Anisazi people as a elecixeerl to gain the fountain of youth. European mankind during the 1600’s would even capture their young and leech their blood as a way to capture the gift of life longevity with the Anisazi/Negro people for themselves..


The Anisazi Secret

The European diet at time of discovery was a bland diet .,European mankind lived primarily as hunter gathering societies,(Adam&Eve) living by gathering fruits, nuts, and making bread from grass, oats, wheat and rye, fermenting, and hunting. Over time European mankind developed a system for raising and domesticating generations of animals in captivity(pigs, cows, ox and , chickens)


The discovery of the Peoples living in the Americas introduced to European mankind the science of working with the life of plants, this advanced technology used by Anisazi females for developing plants to support Earth health allowed the Anisazi people to live a higher quality of life than the societies developed by European mankind hunter and gathering culture.

Today the ancestral science developed by the females of the Americas use of plants is called botany and the development of the plants is called horticulture and the building of the tress is called permaculture. The Anisazi people diet was main inly eating plants, they developed a tremendous variety of plants allowing them to have a wide variety of choices. Plants used as nutrition today are called vegetables. The plants of the Forest in the Americas was also used for medicine as well as making fabric and was used to create all the needs for comfort for the people. The development of products from plants and Earth was less labor intensive and produced very high yields, without destroying the regenerative ability of the plants, making their science a win win systems for the Earth and the life forms living with in it. Plants for Foods introduced to European mankind from the technology of Anisazi females are: All forms of corn, squash, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, all forms of greens, tobacco pumpkins, rice, hemp, flax, cotton, indigo, ground nuts (peanuts) all forms of beans, watermelons, muskmelons, sugar, maple syrup, chocolate, coffee, cucumbers, all potatoes (white or sweet), bananas, , rice, berries, peanuts, pineapple, avocados, lima, kidney, egg plant, kale, collard greens, turnips, onions, peppers, strawberries, cashew nuts, all herbs, and hundreds of other foods; plants unknown in Europe before the discovery of North America.


90% of all the world commodities of the European financial economy and plants grown to use as food produced in the United States today are the plants developed, cultivated and produced by the ancestral heritage culture of the Black American people today… Mankind uses all the wealth of ancestral knowledge for the mass production of food to support the capitalism of food. . However at one time food was abundant for all indigenous people living in the Americas. The Anisazi females developed a food to meet every thirst or hunger.


Example: the watermelon for thousands of years was grown as a forest fruit to quench ones thirst. Today many people quench their thirst by drinking a soda.


Anisazi aka Negro females children was stigmatized by Europeans mankind over their love for watermelon. Negative effigyes created by Europeans in Cartoons and advertisements portraying the love Anisazi children had for watermelon . Unfortunately for generations every contribution develop by the Anisazi female race knowledge of working with the plant life forms has been robbed from her and used by mankind to created ways to destroy life instead of building life for Earth or the life of the Anisazi people in America.    


Today the Watermelon is no longer stigmatized by whites because it is now a treat for European mankind children and the stigmatisms of watermelon being the trade mark of the Negro people has been replaced by pictures of little white girls eating watermelon.


Once the development of plant crops were established for mankind in Europe ,his lifespan and population increased.   

Amerindian Nation in the United States

Amerindian Nation in the United States: the Anasazi people population did not consider themselves as tribes, because their families were all interlocked by blood and intermarriage over thousands of years. The Anisaz people populated vast regions of America and consisted of thousands of Nations. Most people have heard of the Cherokee people. And most black Americans will speak of their Cherokee connection from their grandmother. The Cherokee nation at one time was called the Yumwija Nation, meaning the principle peoples and consisted , of over 600 states , which included Apache, Chickasaw, Yamasse, Choctaws and others;


All of the United States belongs to the Anisazi heritage of people aka the Children of America aka the Negro. To learn more about the ancestral legacy belonging to the people of America (black) read The black American handbook for survival through the 21st Century by RaDine Amen-ra/Americas.


Americas civilizations Americas prymids or mounds were underground houses and temples/ Memphis Tennessee has thousands of mounds indigenous people today live on top of.


Ancestral technology , the Stonehenge in north America, carbon dating of charcoal pits at the site provided dates from 2000 BC to 173 BC,. In archaeological chronology, this places the building of the site by Anisazi people of America into either the Late Archaic or the Early Woodland time periods. America’s Stonehenge was built by Anasazi people over 4000 years ago, the Stonehenge in America is 200 years older than the Stonehendge built in England. The Anisazi people were well versed in astronomy and stone construction. It has been determined that the site is an accurate astronomical calendar. It was, and still can be, used to determine specific solar and lunar   events of the year. The architecture of the Anisazi people is as old as that of Egypt. The Anisazi people built great pyramids, the monuments built in America in the Mississippi are larger than anything ever built by mankind. The construction of the Pyramids in America resemble the pyramids in Eygpt however they are made of earthen clay and the continents of the America’s are filled with earthen pyramids from Canada to Peru. It is estimated that 250thousand mounds and Anisazi architecture still exist today. Most of us have seen a pyramid , but we overlook the structure as a part of the natural landscape today. It is written the great pyramid of America at Cahokia Ohio is greater in extent than at Gizeh, in Egypt. Well into the 1700’s, the Anasazi people-Natchez, Yumwija, Muskogee, Caddo – were still building mounds of this sort.. Anisazi people work with mathematics and astral geometry and work with the Earth from far distances. Aniszi people in America had mastered geomancy and build vastly larger and scrupulously defined circular, octagon, hexagon buildings. The information written is just a very brief view of all the wonderful works created by Our Anisazi/American ancestors. To find out more courses are offered At The Institute for Indigenous America Studies.


The purpose of exploration by European mankind- it is a hidden truth , the purpose of the Columbus mission was to find the origins of where Earth people originally developed from in the Earth for mankind to conquest or exterminate them. Once the place where Earth people originally started their development with the Earth was found, the location would be called India.

Today we have generations of Indigenous people who are confused  about who they are, where they belong, and ignorant about their Ancestral blood heritage with America . Everybody of Negro origin can speak of their Indian Grandmother, but her heritage is ignored as an American Indian, she is only spoken of as a slave. We educate our children about her rape but never her glory. Children who are taught their complete heritage Gain a respect for their culture, belonging to LIFE, world contributions of their collective of people and consider themselves a viable part of the Earth . They take pride in who they are and are not a self destructive, they are easier to teach and do not have a resistance to being a part of their productive collective.


If you are an educator,, it is about time  to stop being used as a vehicle to promote the physiological destruction from the mis-education from Public education about our Origins to the youth. Give the future a chance and re-build the esteem of our people by sharing the facts about the Wonderful heritage of our Ancestors. It is up to us as the new direct peoples of America to seek the truth about what really happened to our ancestors to create he conditions we live with today  Respect ourselves enough to listen to our grandmothers , who never stopped saying their truth, WE HAVE INDIAN BLOOD” It is time we look for ourselves at the actual documentation in orginal Early American writtings to define our truth. It is time to Stop, Look and Listen. To learn more about this injustice to Black American humanity  Read, ” The Hidden Ancestral Identity of the American Negro”


To learn how you can stop the Mentacide/ Genocide of the Anisazi People aka Negro/black Americans. Register yourself and family with the America Heritage