The Black America Flag for Human Dignity

What does the Flag Represent?

The Black America Flag for Human Dignity represents the ancestral ethnic identity for millions of people of America heritage being deprived by the United States of their human dignity to factual ethnic heritage, as the original people for America and their fundamental human right to be recognized as a viable race of people still living with their home on Earth. The Black America Flag for Human Dignity of Anisazi Heritage also represents the Negro peoples original ancestral ethnic identity for their Earth race population in America as the “ Anisazi” peoples before European Discovery… and to their unconditional ordained by Earth.. planetary placement inheritance to live in their home with Earth of America.

The American Negro Original Ethnic Identity of Anisazi, The Original Indians of America

Black American Claim of Human Dignity

We the people called Negro/ Black Americans today recognize; we are the direct descendants for the continuation of the original Heritage race Lineages belonging to America as the Anisazi people. We are the first and only indigenous race of people with America living in North America for over 7000 years. We represent the direct descendants to the creators of the Moundbuilders civilization, the eastern and western woodland people encompassing the 1600 nation living as a democracy for over 3000 years in North America… We are the original /only children with the blood heritage of America, belonging to the section with Earth called America direct from our Anisazi/ Indian/ Negro mothers connection to the eco-bio system: sovereign by planetary inheritance from the Cosmic Creator/ Earth.

Anisazi People: Symbols of the flag represent ONE-BLOOD, OF ONE HEART, AND OF ONE SPIRIT


BROWN – for the planet earth and the original habitants.
YELLOW – for the power of the spirit over physical illusion.
GREEN – for the forces of human and planetary life.


ANKH – for the new generation of the unity and of Life
PYRAMID – for the strength and duration of the race and planet
FEATHER – the heart, the free-spirit of the people.