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The Foundation for Indigenous Americans of Anisazi Heritage

Re: Bureaucratic Ethnic Cleansing by the United States of the indigenous population of America – through legislation for the erasing the identity used for 500 years to represent the children of America by heritage as American Indians and Negro’s from United States citizenry , federal recognition and United States history

U.S. Census policy (FRDOC-2015-12140 and HR.4238 passed into law on May 20th, 2016 , to remove the colonial Ethnic identity of American Indian( man) or Negro (female) for the population of people who are the direct descendants for the continuation of the Indigenous population to “America” born from Amerindian females in the Unites States of America. The law would erase people of America heritage completely from existence and place them — as people with immigrant heritage origins being from the continent of Africa as African Americans

F.I.A.A.H. is writing to express our condemnation towards the United States policy to remove the colonial racial ethnic identity of American Indian and Negro used to identify the indigenous population of America born from descendants of females indigenous to America in the Census and imposing a ethnic racial identity change upon 42 million people with birth certificates under the racial ethnic classification of Negro to be rewritten using a new racial ethnic identity for refugee immigrants with their heritage being from the continent of Africa instead of their home with Earth America. .

The Foundation for Indigenous Americans of Anisazi Heritage finds serious Ethic and grave violations towards the fundamental human and indigenous rights of the “Indigenous people of America” living within their territories under the Public Trust as the United States. The United States may be an immigrant nation recently developed on soil of America, but the American Indian or Negro people’s represent the indigenous people with America born from direct ancestral heritage females belonging to America commonly referred to as (American Indian grandmothers). We were here when Europeans came, this is an historically documented fact.

Many Negro people still remember their blood origins to America and will never accept identities that make them foreigners to their own home with Earth. The racial classification has been applied to the indigenous peoples living in America by colonial systems since the 1700’s .The Indigenous race population with America identified themselves originally as the Anisazi race of Peoples before Colonial classifications were used, and have had different artificial identities placed upon them over the generations by the colonial establishment creating the United States. The first European term for the race indigenous to America was Amerindians, our males retained the identity of American Indians until 1865, and our females were renamed Negro since 1705. The second major collective reclassification came in the 1800’s when our race was re-named from American Indian to Negro and soon after the American Indian race became classified as “ extinct”.

In the “American Dictionary of the English Language Noah Webster 1828” the definition of American is defined as “A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored (light-dark brown skinned) races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America.”

Since the 1868 Treaty after the Civil War that led to the creation of the United States of America, the U.S has controlled the collective Earth Inheritance, known as the Public Land Trust consisting of 770 million acres belonging to the heritage population of America females placed under the identity of Negro.” In addition, as naturalized citizens into the United States, gives the United States the administrative powers over the collective of females to America Earth inheritance of America,( the public land trust) in return the indigenous People to America as Negro and as trustees for the trust, are allowed the civil privilege to vote, while being denied and undermined through integration; their basic human rights, fundamental inherited right to self-determination, self-sufficiency, culture, language, spirituality, education, social welfare, family development and relations, and compensation for the economic use of America’s natural resources, as collective wealth, to develop and maintain a way of means to stop their collective genocide and poverty.

Negro Nations of peoples are not immigrants to America. The term African American does not apply.

Now our generational, political identity of American Indian and Negro for people of America born from the heritage females indigenous to America is out of the census and federal classification. Again, erasing “America” offspring/descendants legitimate existence as the Negro race and connection to the Public Land Trust from federal and state records as of 2020 and forcing the new descendants for the America race of people, legally, into a tenuous, liminal space of homelessness..

In addition, erasing of the colonial ethnic identity of Negro removes the population placed under this identity and their future generations from all treaties, political history, cultural heritage belonging to the American Indians as Negroes and federal and state civil laws written to protect the American Indians as “Negroes” (voting privilege act, affirmative action, equal opportunity just to name a few…)

Replacing the Ethnic identity for the current race for America population with African American will assimilate “indigenous America” into “ethnic Africans” as minority immigrants.’

Reclassifying the people of America from Negro to African American erroneously changes our race origins from America to Africa. It is a form of genocide as political “ethnic cleansing” a means to erases a population from current and continued existence as Living on Earth, in this case the United States against America.

The issue at hand is not to change the citizenship of any individuals, but to accurately categorize the ethnicity and race of the individuals having origins to the Americas as stated in the Declaration on Indigenous Rights. If a separate category is not added to the U. S. Census, the consequence of this action, will force millions of people under the racial identity of Negro who are indigenous to America, but have been denied their ethnic affiliations no recourse for correct self-identification on the United States Census.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. reference in his historic 1964 speech “I have a Dream,” He states, “One hundred years later, the Negro is still languished in the corners of American society and finds himself in exile in his own land. So we have come here today to dramatize a shameful condition.” We add to this statement ; Fifty years later after Dr. King’s death, Negro People still languished in the corners of American society and finds themselves being exiled from their own home on Earth.

If this horrible crime against the humanity of America as the Negro population is accepted, as of 2020 the race of America Negroes would have vanished from the United States historical record like their ancestors labelled American Indians before them. Leaving the current population of Negro peoples and their descendants to be permanently identified as immigrants to this country and refugees to their home on Earth; As a result, opening the avenues for legal deportation of indigenous Americans aka Negroes as “African Americans” to be deposited anywhere in any country in Africa will accept them as refugees from the United States. Removing an indigenous/political ethnic identity for a race population of people from the census allows the government to perpetuate their relentless campaign to Ethnically cleanse the indigenous population from the heritage of America race originally known as Anisazi People, colonially classified as American Indian – termed black aka Negro People without publicly lifting a gun.

We the “children of America population petition is an request international help in finding a remedy to justify this violation to the children of America fundamental right to live without prejudice with there home on Earth America WE are requesting a investigation into United States policy and remedy for the indigenous people with America to be recognized as a racial category with the United States

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