New Year Address For America

It is time to stand for change

April 1, 2020

Aquechewa Kinfolk, brother , sisters and relations of America.
I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to listen to the Foundation for Indigenous America of Anisazi Heritage
, New Year ADDRESS.
I am Ambassador RaDine America
I hope and pray that our Kinfolk stay Life Enthused to overcome the challenge of this first transition back to the nature
for reality of Life..
Wow, the 2020 New Year for America is coming in with a BANG!!!!!
Change is moving forward- the transition back to Life Reality is in full effect.
The 2020 Address this year is about; Transition –Being Life Enthused
People have known for the last 10 years to prepare for the change.. Now it is happening.
The new Dawn is moving into full effect.
If we are to thrive now and in the future “ We will have to be “Life Enthused” live by the truth of life in reality.
NATURE OF LIFE…. It also means being in AT ONEMENT with our creation in Nature, our function and purpose for being
BEING A LIFE ENTHUSED person is to be who you ARE! To have respect for what you are and value the Blood of life
within you.
A Life Enthused person nurtures , maintains and supports the investments in the building of new Life structures for the
continuation of the BLOOD OF LIFE to move forward.
People, who have an Allegiance to Life and has built up their life energy will be able to take action easily for the
creation of a NEW future. The more Life Enthused you are the more power you receive from Life.
This is the time to create, build a new platform for life of America to Thrive….. with or without Mans living systems..
This is the time you should get out of stagnant behavior, release old prejudices, dysfunctional allegiances, attitudes,
beliefs and addictions that rob your joy in living before it is to late..
This is the time to take action, to transcend from the prejudices, discriminations ,and crimes used against your Life,
Nature and humanity. Go another direction in order to let go and feel free.
This is the time for, Atonement for the past actions committed that caused harm to LIFE and others, and take actions to
create new ways to create positive emotional life structures to grow into the future.
Now, Some people will see these times as restriction because Freedom from being a part of nature, and following its
truth is over. Others will see the time has come for truth of reality and re-creation.
Regardless of our perception, in order to thrive into the future. All people will return to living with life Simply by being
our function, doing our service to nature of life of America for the planet Earth
For over 20 years F.I.A.A.H. has sent the message We the people of America are an integral part of the nature with
America, thru the blood we inherited from their Amerindian/ Negro mothers connection to the soil of America. We are
a part of Earth. All people with the blood of America from females of America only, serve a function to Life in America.
Our Amerindian ancestors knew some facts about Life.

  1. We carry the Life blood of America, united we are the human “Power of Nature” for America
  2. The platform in life for the function we serve is designated to us by our gender. You are ether Feminine or
  3. The emotional force we call Life is the foundation to build upon. It is the foundation we live upon to thrive. It is
    the foundation for continuing the building of emotional structures as LIFE into the future.
  4. Life is a process we live thru and is governed by principles of nature we live from.
    The cultural foundation built by our ancestors over thousands of years to collectively thrive with our Life power is
    almost completely destroyed in America. Our time for hustling life is over, Amerindian people who support the rebuilding of our cultural foundation to support our nature with Earth will be able to live and thrive from our cultural
    foundation into the future.
    Predictions for the year.
    This year will be harder than last year for people to live outside their function thru the ego. Indigenous peoples of
    America unnatural ways of thinking will not have the cushion that give them the sense of security to have life and live
    life under there rules and ideals; from artificial man made systems that support living outside of the life support
    systems of nature.
    The United States will not be able to keep supporting people to live outside of their natural life support structures and
    continue to cushion the consequences from living artificially outside the Emotional Structures for their function with the
    Nature of Life. These artificial support systems will quickly fade away, along with the artificial culture. The Hustle is over
    The United States has over populated the section of America it inhabits, the consequence is the United States will be
    depopulated from all forms of plagues, natural disasters, and the like, until America is brought back to NATURES
    sustainable balance…
    Today, most of the population for America or Negro people as a result of having a allegiance to Man and supporting
    the advancement of Death over Life in our homesoil of America have become a weak, and emotionally dis functional
    collective. They no longer support the life of their nature. IN order for indigenous America to survive thru the transition
    build new emotional life support structures or units of family.
    Indigenous people of America who return to having an allegiance to Life, and let go of in –form-ation, replace it with
    facts of life will become Life Enthused. These people who stop living from hiding behind lies will change the way they
    think and be able to access a different reality that will open a way for them be able to take corrective action to get
    moving forward in the flow of Life’s track. The track that holds your natures function .where you can make life
    connections that allow you to grow and expand like a tree and regain your ability to reach and accomplish your life’s
    destiny .!!!
    F.I.A.A.H represents Indigenous people of America who are Life Enthused like their ancestors….

  • The Indigenous people of America lives at F.IA.A.H. WE are the family of Life Enthused people. The question we all
    should be asking is, What do we mean by family.
    Traditionally, family- represents the people who are directly related by blood of the parents. Family is the foundation
    for emotional life support structure all people are born into regardless of the condition of the emotional life support
    structure itself. People do not chose who they are born through or the circumstances they are born into.
    Today most people of America are connected to seriously dysfunctional emotional relationship structures for family.
    Millions of the people of America are born in life into weak ,or without the support structure that holds the emotional
    support for building, nurturing and protecting new life. . Most were born into artificial emotional structures for family
    that trap people into emotional slavery. A form of slavery that pillages their life happiness from birth to death In other
    words they were born into a empty house, or a burning house , they were born into bankrupt emotional structures that
    did not build or support the natural purpose of family.
    Family is also used as a word to represent people connected by emotion to the heart of the person Emotionally, family
    are the people who value your existence as part of the life blood of the same people, who have respect for your being,
    they are the people you can trust the well being of your life with. The people that will not cause you harm and have
    care , concern and compassion towards you accomplishing your life journey towards your destiny. . Family should be the
    people who are LIFE ENTHUSED about your life,, who can love you being a part of LIFE .Family are the people who LOVE
    YOU,. Anything less may be connected to you by blood ,but they are not your emotional family. , if the person does not
    free themselves from the bondage of the dysfunctional family, their life power will be pillaged and they live a life of
    It’s time for Building Healthy Family- Life enthused emotional life support structures- with the same focus. Building life
    so they can continue to thrive with Life….
    People who are related by blood to you, but don’t have value of you as a member are your blood relatives, but not your
    family of LOVE. . People connected to people by blood but lack emotional connection are considered Relative. The
    larger collective are called kinfolk
    We have to start creating healthy emotional relationships for family. Family can be with Anyone from our blood
    kinfolk tree, that is Life Enthused. We are all family…
    Thru unity of focus in building Life thru its nature(how Life works), following the principles of nature that guide it – we
    will prevail and thrive. In this regard we have the Book of Life and the Book of Principle.
    We as family must never forget to teach our children of the future- What LIFE as a force is ? and for them to keep
    happiness in living , they must always continue the force by servicing our gender purpose. We must always be in unity.
    They must never stop building new natural emotional structures for living life. They must never forget the importance
    for keeping the cultural foundation built for life viability of our people alive, in order to keep happiness and prosperity in
    the experience of living Life.
    . We must never stop life from GROWING thru America- thru US..
    Days of Living on Life instead of with Life are OVER-
    – Letting the old parasitic paradigm – GOOOOOOOOOOO
    People following the Parasitic ways of thinking- are JOY KILLERS, they are emotionally SICK. They are not Life
    Enthused, they live in KARMA, from lies, manipulations, artificial illusions and perceptions about reality. They are
    narcissistic , egotistical, self indulgent, selfish people , who have lost their enthusiasm for being a part of the living.
    They are people who are not willing to serve their function embrace their emotional nature responsibilities, to nurture
    life, build emotionally vibrant and strong life structures. These people will not be able to thrive and will barely survive.
    We are ready. . The F.I.A.A.H family thru unity of focus for building Life structure will prevail and thrive
    Our Allegiance is to Life ( find the Allegiance to Life affirmations in the Indigenous People of the Earth book of
    Goal of this year: Implementing Function-Being Family “ Building new life support Ships”
    All indigenous people of America must return to doing our primary function. Males must implement Masculine function.
    Females must implement feminine function All abilities and talents are to be used to serve the whole life flow for
    staying life enthused and moving forward.
    All males and females must get connected and on the same focus. Building Life structures (emotional and physical)
    Example; to make a working boat you need three major different parts. A body , and the sail. The paddle or rutter is the
    focus, the body is the male and the sail is the female. In Unity they can navigate with the ocean flow of Life.
    Actions- Creating Safe Spaces for family.
    Investing in Ourselves.
    People who invest in Life structure- Life creates opportunity for them, if we want to thrive, there are no Excuses.
    Money- Money should be used to invest in building Life support structures, everything we do must have a dual
    function. It can serve you and serve towards future sustainability
    People who are always broke and never invest their energy to help create opportunity with life, will always be broke.
    People who do not invest in creating life support. NO ONE IS OBIGATED TO SHARE THE FRUITS OF THERE INVESTMENT
    from life with them…People who have nothing to invest, to build life support, have NOTHING to receive….. people who
    are living just to survive will never thrive…
    People who have a piece of soil inheritance in there families, better keep it and build your family communities upon it.
    This is the time to unite combine your financial resources to build your life support structures. All able bodied have to
    invest service.
    Investing in our Health
    Health is determined by how enthused you are in reality with LIFE. All indigenous blooded people can regain their
    health using indigenous remedies. People who do not take responsibility for keeping their blood health , will lose their
    health and conventional doctors will not help them get it back. The virus is just one of many opportunities that will be
    used to help get rid of parasitic people. The message from Nature is clear all over the world. People will have to take
    responsibility for what they need to keep their collective lives strong. In that regard FIAAH offers a variety of powerful
    indigenous ancestral remedies to use for keeping the blood of life strong…
    Liqud Life is our ancestral foundation to build upon to regain and keep ones health strong..
    Investing in building indigenous Economy
    Well folks, we have a few products to share to help support an economic engine and help thousands of people. In
    order to build jobs for ourselves, we with must spend our money buying products we need from each other, this is what
    creates an economy cycle. It is up to our people to support buying products that will help them. The economic engine is
    there, it is up to all of us to feed it. The online Amerindian Market will open in May. People who
    have indigenous products can apply to be vendors
    This year the separation of life enthused people from people of the ego is happening.
    If you are alive and have always known in your heart, you wanted to change, well times have changed, this is your
    opportunity to do it. Start building emotional relationships that are LIFE ENTHUSED, let go of people who are not with
    you. Every one will find their own boat. People who do not serve their function are parasites, We will let go.
    In this regard F.I.A.A.H. family members who want to return but owe for past years dues, and have not caused HARM.
    Can come back if they bring this year current before August 2020. Start with a clean slate. You can become a part of
    Yumwija again.
    The new dawn has begun. It’s a new year. Hope to see family soon
    Ambassodor RaDine America
    Representative for Indigenous America (U.S. territories) F.I.A.A.H.
    P.S. The Yumwija activities are available at, they will be unveiled on April 12, Let’s Set the Record
    Straight Show…..