Registration Instructions for America Heritage Registry and Family Heritage Identity Recognition Database

Note: Original birth Certificates and Blood type verification must be presented before or by the end of Indigenous Competency Certification Program for completion of claim. I.e.; medical records, blood donor card, etc. New! Blood verification service at indigenous registration class, Fee$20

Indigenous Competency Certification Program- is  designed to give a person a fundamentals(a full) understanding of Indigenous consciousness, while bringing a person up to date on indigenous issues affecting our people at large and on our Earth. All people over 17 are required to complete this basic program. Upon class completion registration All remaining documentation requirements must be submitted at this time.

Senior Citizen Registration: People over the age of 65 are not required to take the Indigenous Certification class, family members can assist elders to complete AHR registration requirements and once completed, can register their families into the data base.

Special Services: Qualified mothers can request live birth certificates for children born at home.