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Registration Qualifications

How can you qualify for the Heritage of America Claim of Life?

To qualify for the Geneva Project,  as a person indigenous to America with a America Heritage Claim of Life, you must be a person identified today as Black American, who cannot trace direct ancestry for 3 or more generations to any African country, tribe or any European country within their direct bloodline. You must be a descendant from woman an men of blood line heritage being Negro/ Black American only.

If you are an offspring of a  Negro/Black American Woman, with Negro Father linage, you can apply for the registry. Having a European last name does not mean you have European relation. If you  traced  your Ancestors into a port or  colony, this does not mean you are of  African decent. It means your Ancestor was captured somewhere in America, removed from their original ancestral location in America and transported  to a different section of   America into a European colony and processed as a slave., If you do not know the origins of your “kinfolk” and you are a person who   has brown skin, curly to nappy hair, not white or a mixed person ( meaning a person who appears and can pass for white), assume you have no European bloodline relation. If you can say, ” My Grandmother mother is Indian and Black”, “My great grand daddy is Indian and he was married to a Black/Negro woman” or ” My mother told me my grandmother is Black foot Choctaw” etc, you may assume you are a  direct descendant from the  Anasazi heritage of Indigenous Americans.  Simply put, If you cannot find or verify any other identity group  other than American Negro, Congratulations You qualify!!. You are a direct descendant from the bloodlines of the Original race of American people call Anasazi, the creators of the Nations of American Indians, Mound builders civilization as the planet keepers of America. WELCOME HOME!!!!!

Who does not qualify for registration?

All people who are not direct descendants of Negro woman:

  • if any other race or mix-blood group  recognizes your family connection to them, .

  • if your grandmother/ mother is of European decent and married a Negro/ Black American =American Indian/ indigenous man, you do not qualify as a full-blooded Anasazi or a person who has the blood inheritance to America as their unconditional homeland, You are considered a Native American to the United States.

However, you may qualify as a mix blood of the Anasazi Heritage/ heritance if you meet the following criteria:
To qualify as mix blood : You must have no more than 1/25 European/African blood or you must be three (3) generations removed from the European / Indigenous union.  People of  European Heritage/Negro fathers are part of the Native Americans for the United States. They are not a part of the original race of people living in America before Columbus called Indigenous Americans. Please understand the difference.