Registration to Family Data Base

Registration for Family Heritage Identity Recognition Database.

To qualify for family data base list, one member must complete American Heritage registration. Once completed registrant can list all immediate family members. All family members must be descendants from maternal and paternal unions only.

All females racially identified as Negro born before 1950 can register all immediate family members including all grandchildren and great grandchildren born from their offspring only. Example: Grandmother has 5 children, her five children have three children each, and 4 of the grandchildren have 4 children each. All of them can be listed regardless of age as long as they are from Negro unions. Children born from mothers outside of the American Negro race do not qualify!!!!! i.e. European,  African , Arab, Spanish and any others.

Please register complete your family bloodline. Every birth member of you family should be accounted for. This is very important, include all children and babies. Don’t leave anyone out. * Note- Family members do not need birth certificate documentation to be listed. Family members can be listed regardless of life issues i.e., incarceration, foster care, army etc. However to be eligible to receive indigenous recognition all member over the age of 18 will have to complete indigenous registration. The database will verify their ancestral claim to indigenous heritage in the future.

All children under 18 are listed free. Listings in data base for people over 18- Database fee 3.00 per person.

Petition instructions:

Make as many copies as your family needs.

As soon as they are filled up send it to the same address listed above including 3.00- fee per person listed on registry, for processing, and you will receive confirmation and docket number.

All families should appoint a family contact person, and keep copies of petitions.

If you have more than one contact person, please state their info on the petition or send it with a new completed petition sheet. We can not send confirmations to everyone on the petition; we will send the confirmations with docket number to the family representative on the petition only.

The family representative should make copies and give them to each adult family member for their records.

For more information call 1- 877-571-9788 or  you can also email us

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