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America Heritage Earth Preservation Trust

What is the America Heritage Earth Preservation Trust?

The America Heritage Earth Preservation Trust is a contract that creates an collective organization similar in some ways to a foundation or a corporation. This form of organization also know as an entity can hold title to a piece of Earth as land in perpetuity for as long as the entity exists and the by laws are not violated. The entity exists as a state that is completely separate from its creators and as a result the creators have no ownership of it, unlike a corporation. This form of entity in the purest state with a fiduciary relationship (one on behalf of another)in contract is called a Trust . The fiduciary can be an individual, group, or another entity. This form of trust is far more effective than a domestic or statutory trust because it utilizes international human rights and indigenous covenants in addition to domestic ones(USA in this case).

The America Heritage Earth Preservation Trust was developed for the sustaining and preservation of the Earth belonging to the indigenous people of America- originally as the Anisazi people, ethnically identified as Amerindians racially termed Negro or black American people residing under the occupation by the United States, in North America .

Why do the people Indigenous to America need a Heritage Earth Trust?

There are many reasons why people indigenous to the soil of America need a heritage preservation  Earth Trust

1. To legally have ways to protect their legal rights to live with their Earth in the US and international judicial court system.

2. Self preservation of our life sustaining section with our planet Earth..

3. To stop the exposure of liability from personal , corporate as well as other agencies manipulation to remove our rights to live on our Earth.

4. To ensure that future generations have access and can pass it on with out outside influence (such as probate court and others), .

What are the requirements to be in the Indigenous Land Trust?

There are only 3 requirements to become a part of the America Heritage Earth Preservation Trust

1. You must be registered as an Indigenous American. 

2 . Property ownership ,  individually, jointly, or through a community organization that can be freely transferable to the America Heritage Earth Preservation Trust. 

3. You must be willing to take an oath to protect and preserve the heritage inheritance from Our planet Earth to America and follow the by laws of the trust. 

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