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“There are few instances in our lives when we meet a person who is truly Divine. Rev RaDine Amen-ra/ America is one such person”

Antonio Green-Rolling Out Magazine

Rev. RaDine Amen-ra/America collection of books are the first books published in the United States, educating black American people about their original ethnic identity,  ancestral heritage legacy, traditions, culture, language and home on Earth origins in America, before slavery.

Rev. RaDine Amen-ra/ America was appointed Ambassador by the Anasazi Covenant Council in 2003 to advocate for the heritage children for Americas with the Foundation for Indigenous Americans of Anisazi Heritage. F.I.A.A.H. F.I.A.A.H. is a IPO advocating on behalf of the people of America heritage descendants racially identified as Negro/black” Americans”, to receive their collective fundamental HUMAN rights to be recognized as a viable race of people still living in their home on Earth, with the human dignity to be respected for their actual ethnic heritage identity to America, human rights, Indigenous rights and included in representation as part of the planetary Indigenous community in the International arenas.

As Ambassador for F.I.A.A.H Rev. RaDine Amen-ra/ America is advocating internationally for the peoples of America aka black Americans to insure they be included to receive human and civil rights protection from Indigenous Rights Legislation currently in negations to become international law. As a representative for the people of America , she advocates to the global community the direct/ current descendants of America as black Americans still recognize their indigenous connection to America thru their American Indian Heritage ( great-grand-mothers) and should be respected as a viable race of people still living in their home with Earth, and should be included in International support towards implementing solutions for addressing the collective issues effecting the race of people of America aka black American abilities to sustain their collective viability in their home with Earth. i.e., poverty, education, health , ect.)

Amb.. RaDine America is on numerous international negotiation committees for drafting international law legislation and implementation of Indigenous rights protecting Indigenous people from ethnic genocide.. Amb.RaDine America has a seat on the following international committees. Negotiation committee for the Draft American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights( Geneva) Indigenous Caucus committee- United Nations Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People , Commission for Sustainable Development- Women’s Caucus, Indigenous Caucus, and Human Rights Caucus. UN Women’s Environmental Education Caucus, , Southern Caucus of NGOs in Sustainable Development and the UN Indigenous Education committee.

Amb. RaDine America is currently negotiating partnerships for F.I.A.A.H. with the following international organizations; WIPO, UNESCO, UNEP, UN Consultative status with ECOSOC. and DPI. Amb. RaDine America has made several interventions and presentations on behalf of the people of “America” racially identified as black Americans to the global community..

Amb. RaDine America launched in 1999 the Geneva Project to actively document the remaining lineages of Negro people to their original ethnic identity for their Heritage as descendants belonging to the peoples of North America. The America Heritage Registry is a database for representation of the currently living People of America who recognize their heritage traditions and, responsibilities as a part of America and should be recognized as a viable collective still living in America..

On Dec 17th, 2003 Amb. RaDine. Amen-ra requested from the High Office for the Commission on Human Rights in Geneva Switzerland, for the urgency to place the peoples of America Amerindians identified as black American under human rights watch and protection from the Homeland Security laws including laws which support environmental destruction of their section of Earth and imminent domain over their inheritance rights to soil, being enacted by the United States towards ethnocide against the humanity of the Indigenous people belonging to North America

Amb RaDine America published her first book as a pamphlet in 2000 titled “ The Hidden Ancestral Identity of the American Negro “ The truth Euro – America dare not tell. Currently a book

The book series titled “ The Black American Handbook for Survival thru the 21st Century,
Volume 1 – The Forgotten truth behind Racism in America, complete with American Indian tribal registry for Negro surnames was published in 2001. These books are the 1st book registered in the U.S for black “American” Heritage Legacy in America before slavery.

Amb RaDine America since 1995 has researching early American history from the 1500-1800’s investigating the American Indian heritage connection with the people racially identified as Negro.. What factually happened to exterminate/ vanishes a race of 140 million + people belonging to American Indian heritage and how did the Europeans influence the people of America into adopting / implementing colonial systems that exterminated all the people of America as American Indians off their God given inheritance to Earth while importing 20+ million people from the continent of Africa at the same time to America. Amb. RaDine America investigation revealed the race of American Indian people belonging to America did not vanishes, nor was a race of people imported to America from Africa. The factual racial identity for all people born from the blood inheritance to America is Negro/ black. Today’s ,black Americans represent the continuation of the direct descendants for the race of Anasazi people ethnically identified as American Indians by heritage, racially identified as Negro people. Black Americans represent the continuation of the race of people for America, North American Indians, black Americans belong to America ,they represent the indigenous people of North America, who heritage humanity is being oppressed to live with self determination on their section of Earth called America.

Since 1999 Amb. RaDine America lecture series” The Hidden Ancestral Identity and Birthright of the American Negro” has helped hundreds of black American people release the confusion and gain a clear understanding of their ancestral grandmothers ethnic identity of American Indian heritage. connection to the Negro racial identity .

Today she is the founder and administrative director for the Institute for Indigenous America Studies. The institute is a private institution for the heritage people of America. The institute has a variety of educational curriculum’s , and offers lectures , workshops, retreats and seminars to target all age groups to address issues concerning the ancestral ethnic identity, teaching of traditional heritage culture,Earth consciousness, and traditional skills of the ancestors belonging to Black American people,. Currently the Lecture series Our Time “ is a power point presentation to clarify with facts the reason for racism and discrimination against black Americans and for black Americans to release the conflict and emotional confusion the humanity of black Americans suffer with as a result from the distortion about their heritage, planetary inheritance to a home with Earth, America.

Using her understanding about the consequences resulting from the lack of conscious awareness created in the psyche of the children of America/ black American people from generations of destructive- education, her lectures are extensive in their breath and scope.


Amb.. RaDine America formally known as “Rev” was born to parents from America in New York. She is a full blooded Indigenous female with America. Her mothers heritage is Chickasaw and fathers heritage is Yamasse, both from the Cherokee Nation, eastern woodlands linage..

Amb. RaDine America- N.D L.M.T. C.T. has over 20 years of experience in the field of human resource development and holistic health. She is an ordained interfaith theologian, practitioner of traditional indigenous remedy, researcher, lecturer, teacher, and life counselor.

Amb.. RaDine Amen-ra is a Doctor of Naturopathy 1987, License Massage and Colon therapist 1989 and is a ordained Interfaith Minster of Theology 1995 and is a scholar in Indigenous America heritage and history Studies… Amb RaDine America since 1995 conducts sacred ceremonial retreats in the Mountains for emotional healing of the heart, cleansing and experiencing the ancestral connection from our DNA to our home on Earth.

Amb.RaDine America understands: “It is time for the children of America aka black Americans to rise from the bondage of unconsciousness and recognize the profound grace LIFE has for them as a people and to respect who they are to our planet,, their collective humanity, recognize what they represent to the global humanity and take their rightful seat as a viable part of the planetary community.’ This profound grace of knowledge alone has made it clear why her life and all the heritage descendants of America race ,called Negro people must not allow themselves to perish in America., is so important to the viability of the global humanity to Earth. She joyfully accepts the purpose for her life towards assisting in the healing of her people, which will assist in the healing of all the children of the Earth

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