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For a limited time, black Americans can become an invested partner in Quantum Leap S.L.C. this opportunity is so unique that most corporations offer this kind of investment incentive only to potentially large monetary contributors. Quantum Leap S.L.C. Publications are now offering this opportunity to our brothers & sisters.

All people who sign up as a distributor will be listed as a representative of all Quantum Leap Publications and products.

The Black American Handbook for Survival thru the 21st Century

$$$$$Distributors Wanted Now$$$$$

What does this mean?
Well it means that you can now purchase the products at the same 40% discount as the Big volume wholesalers buy the products, only you do not have to buy the quantity that larger wholesalers do. You can by on10 items to a million items  at the same  price. This gives you, the distributor, the advantage to sell to re-tail locations, community organizations and churches for fundraising efforts, receive larger profit from direct sales and promotion. Avon dose not offer you this kind of  income potential.

I guess you’re asking, why are we at Quantum Leap S.L.C Publications offering this opportunity?
The truth is- the information contained in these books is so important to the Indigenous/ black America community for our survival in the future. Instead of hording the rewards of sharing this tremendous information selfishly.  We at QLSLC Pub. believe, if there is any prosperity to be gained it should be shared with all the people who are sharing this viable information and returning to re-building our humanity. People who become distributors of Quantum Leap S.L.C. Pub. are not just people who are selling a product, you represent the building of enterprise that can start to rebuild a foundation to sustain us in the future. You now have the power to make a constructive difference and receive monetary wealth while doing it.

Now you are wondering well how much will it cost?
If you are thinking $1,000 or more, Only $500.00. That’s right We are looking to raise $50,000 for the purpose of producing and promoting the many new products for informing and building the consciousness of the Black American People to their stolen Ancestral Legacy, Heritage and birth-right homeland called America.

If you join now,  there is no volume quota to receive this tremendous dis-count. That it in a nutshell.! You will get the same price as Barnes& Nobles. This is a limited time offer. Once we reach our goal, all future distributors will have to work under our original distributors programs.

It is time to stand for change.. Are You Ready

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