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Lectures/ Workshops


In  Since 1999 Rev. RaDine started sharing her tremendous knowledge REVEALING for clarity to Black American people the missing details OMMITTED FROM Early American History   about our Ancestral HERITAGE Legacy in America,  with the lecture series the” Hidden Birth-Right of the American Negro.”

Since that time , she has authored  two books revealing some of her extensive research about the actual identity, heritage and homeland belonging exclusively to today’s Black American People. Several television shows has been produced on Cable T.V. The show., called “SOUL FOOD” on channel 12 in Atlanta GA.   for the last two years is featured twice a week, showing the information from Rev. RaDine lectures, Retreats in the Mountains and ancestral tours. Today she conducts a wide variety of lectures thru the series “Black American survival for the 21st Century”.

Why are Rev. RaDine lectures and presentations so powerful and healing?

Rev. RaDine states: 

The knowledge of where you come from, what was given to you and developed for you to maintain the quality of your life freedom  by God- is one of the gifts of knowledge  given to every  generation from your Elders/ ancestors. . Understanding where you  belong unconditionally, what is your birth- inheritance form the planet and universe, and what was developed over the centuries from the inheritance for you to maintain the quality of your life from your Ancestors , gives a person/collective the ability to identify distortion of truth and maintain a conscious resolve to maintain there God Given right to living in total freedom and self determination towards the development of their humanity. The knowledge of these facts  gives a person/collective their sense of self worth, self-esteem, race dignity, and collective respect towards maintaining the viability of their  Ethnic-cultural community. It allows a group of people to find clarity in life, enables a person to understand and make choices to stop their victimization.

Viable knowledge for viable choices in the 21st Century

Why is Viable knowledge important?

Rev. RaDine states: 

This powerful knowledge will raise the conscious awareness of today’s Black American people, allowing then to effectively address issues that confront them, identify distorted information, implement changes in attitudes, actions that put a stop to their victimization from racism, and maintain the conscious resolve towards their self determination and survival into the future. Ignorance of these precious pearls of knowledge severely cripples the Black American collective from being able to  maintain a conscious resolve to make viable choices to stop the perpetuation of  institutionalized  genocide as a result from exploitation, dehumanization of their humanity with-in there lives and deprives the future generations from recognizing their collective worth, self esteem,   respect for LIFE and maintaining the viability of the future generations.

It is time to rebuild Black America with our ancestral Heritage!!

Rev RaDine Amen-ra  ” Black American Survival for the 21 Century”  lectures/ workshops, seminars, and courses cover a large variety of topics – pertaining to our Heritage and How the ignorance of such education has allowed the devastation from dehumanization towards our humanity   Black American people experience today. All lectures or presentations are from 1-4 hours. most include  video and overhead documentation. Week-end seminars are  very comprehensive. Presentations can be detailed to a group , organization or Church specific interest.

All presentations/lectures/courses are designed to educate Black American people from all walks of life about “OUR” HERITAGE & HISTORY FROM OUR ANCESTRAL POINT OF VIEW.  All presentations will give participants a clear understanding of discussion topics.

Lecture Series A – Black American Survival for the 21st Century

Black American survival for the 21st Century

The Hidden & Ignored truth behind Racism in America

Part I-  Why is it a matter of color ?What is Racism? What is the Hidden identity of the Negro,  Where is the ” homeland” for today’s Black Americans?  What happened to  the  race of original American Indians.? Did they vanish or just be killed off their God  given lands. Intro to Black American  ancestral civilizations, heritage and world contributions? Conclusion

Part 2. Understanding Slavery? Why, how. and when did slavery start in America ?  Why must Black Americans be kept under Control in the United States ? Racism =  Genocide . What is institutionalized racism? Conclusion

Part 3 What are the spiritual lessons to be learned from the Black American holocaust? What are the spiritual advantages received as a result of the enslavement experience? Natural Law vs. Mans Law? Karma, How does it work? Conclusion.

Part 4.   Rebuilding our roots -Options available to the Black American people; The Geneva Project,  The U.N. Bill of Human Rights. Attitudes and actions to reclaim the  freedom towards self determination of our lives and future generations.

Lecture Series B – Seminars for Soulful Living

Consisting of four lectures to teach the participant valuable American ancestral consciousness concepts  towards life ( Spirit)  that are the tools necessary to allow the participant to use their power to re-create their lives and fulfill there LIFE PURPOSE EASILY AND EFFECTIVELY.( any part of the series can be used individually.)

Part I.  Understanding Natural Law- What is the United States  paradigm?

What part do Black Americans play in it? Learn the key elements to Natural laws that govern the universe and life. Learn how ignoring these rules  keep Black American people enslaved and life a struggle instead of a joy.

Part II. What ever happened to Black Love and Unity?  Paying the price for individualism :The European treat and the Black American trick.

Part III. How to follow our Spiritual Nature? Understanding ceremony.

Part IV. Returning to wholeness -Loving Life over Death.

Children’s Presentation

The Ancestral Heritage of

Today’s Black Americans

-Embracing our Ancestral Roots

Who are the Black American Ancestors, Where is the Homeland for today’s Black American people, What is the  Ancestral civilization, concepts,  heritage, and world contributions belonging to Black American ancestors. . Why is this knowledge so important to every Black American person. (  From the Book of Heritage. VOL 2

What People are Saying About the Lectures and Presentations

Rev. RaDine’s lectures and retreats are the only events on the market today that re-connects our people to something that is totally ours, Our Ancestral identity, our heritage, but most of all this knowledge heals the pain from feeling lost and displaced with humanity…. God’s Grace is with you… Thank You

 Judith Kebbe, Atlanta Georgia

Rev. RaDine’s Lectures are profound, unique and filled with life changing information.

Thank You, Robin Morgan- Atlanta, Georgia



For more information and To schedule lectures and presentations

contact F.IA.A.H. at or 304.212.2362