Welcome to America Heritage Outreach Ministry

The ministry for America’s Heritage-Saving the Life of the people, serving our purpose with LIFE.

Rebuilding our Relationship with Life of  America, each other, and community and Our Planet Earth.

Returning to the reality of Life, as our Ancestors,   living in the creation, as part of the living expression of reality with Our Planet Earth.

The ministry for the people of the Soul  of Earth.  The ministry for the love of ” life”.

Release the Consciousness of Man and give the power of Life within you a chance,  Ask the force of Life to heal you.  Help ” Life” continue to prosper again. Support Life Ministries, with a donation for prosperity. Help life grow again, when you support the building of Life abundance—Life supports you with prosperity and abundance.

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To start the building of  the life force with  in You. Use the The Indigenous Book of Prayer- See Life Grow!!!!