Intervention OAS

Organization of American States

Working Group to Prepare the Draft American Declaration on the

Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Americans of Anisazi Heritage Response to the United States Statement of Principles and Facts on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

The Foundation for Indigenous Americans of Anisazi Heritage represents Indigenous American people born from Anisazi Women, ethnically identified as American Indian women-renamed by the English as American Negro’s since 1706.

The Foundation would like to give clarity on statements presented by the United States as Principles of the United States on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and facts about the U.S relations with their designated U.S Federally Recognized Tribes, representing the U.S long standing policy’s of good will towards the Indigenous American Peoples.

The Foundation is compelled to clarify the difference between Native Americans for the United States and the race of Indigenous Americans living in the U.S..

We find the blatant mis- representation of Indigenous Americans as federally recognized tribes a deceitful maneuver to mislead the International Community and cover up the systematic racism and human rights violations being committed against the race of Indigenous Americans living within the U.S.

The United States Federal Tribal recognition is based on family groups of people who are descendants of Indigenous American men with non indigenous women. The U.S policy since 1912 towards the status of Native American is: a person should consist of no more than 16% indigenous blood, a person with a stronger connection to indigenous American heritage are considered Negro/black Americans, this is not the international definition for indigenous persons or collectives.

Federal recognized tribes represents small minority groups of non-indigenous or multiethnic peoples who the U.S have chosen to be allowed to live- some on reservations and claim the indigenous ancestral American identities and culture. The U.S has used semantics with the English words Native American and American Indians words technically used to represent the indigenous race of Americans and has applied them to European heritage groups of people the U.S selects, while placing all person born from indigenous woman as Negro. Currently the U.S public education policy teaches children from indigenous American women, they are considered Africans and descendants of immigrant slaves from Africa.

The blatant mis-use of the terminology for the ethnic identity “American Indian “being applied to U.S. federally recognized Indian tribes, allows any group of people with the status of “ tribe”, to have the status of federally recognized tribe today and can lose the status to become extinct tomorrow depending on how the U.S chooses to use the lands and resources the federally recognized tribe has been allowed to have stewardship over. The tribe will be subject to the limitations of domestic law solely for the purpose of securing the implementation of the rights and freedoms of corporate interest, which will have president over the general welfare, and privileges promoted as rights granted to the U.S. federally recognized tribe status.

In addition, the people born from indigenous American women are automatically naturalized as U.S. citizens and placed under the artificial identity of Negro Americans.

Since 1868 the U.S has controlled the land Trust consisting of 700 million acres of land belonging to the Indigenous American race of people from the collective inheritance belonging to the indigenous American Indian women placed under the identity of Negro, known as the Public Land Trust, in effect placed indigenous Americans as domestic dependants/ subjects under U.S. domestic policy and law.

As naturalized (subjects ) citizens for the United States, the indigenous American Indians are allowed the privilege to vote, while being denied their basic human rights, and fundamental inherited right to self determination,, self sufficiency, culture, language, spirituality, education, social welfare, family development and relations, land , resources, collective wealth, while the U.S implements policy’s to undermining there collective means to develop and maintain their collective wealth as a way of means to stop their collective poverty.

However, a small percentage of American Indians as Negro individuals have attained as public citizens, jobs as positions with the U.S government in local, state and federal agencies, government funded assimilation programs and educational institutions , or as entertainers like Michael Jackson or athletes like Michael Jordon. However, the larger collective of Indigenous Americans live below the minimum standard for survival, dignity, and wellbeing, as the collective condition of life in their homeland America under U.S Jurisdiction.

Dr. Martin Luther King made reference to his indigenous American heritage and the frustration of his subjugation from his artificial citizenship with the United States in his historic speech “I have a Dream.” He states:” One hundred years later, the Negro is still languished in the corners of American society and finds himself in exile in his own land. So we have come here today to dramatize a shameful condition.

The U.S disingenuous attempts to apply policies towards federally recognized tribes as representing U.S. policies towards Indigenous Americans if accepted by the international community will allow the U.S to maintain the invisibility and domestic subject status the U.S has placed on 36 million Indigenous Americans and eliminate their fundamental human rights under all international declarations, conventions, and resolutions and treaties.



Respectfully submitted by Dr. RaDine A. Harrison