Conversations with Ambassador RaDine

Ambassador RaDine will have private dialogue  and fireside conversations for sharing insightful knowledge that will not be revealed to the general public,  About how the Earth  Peoples  of America can return to living with their Earth power as a part of  its organic life essence (Nature)-instead of inorganic living on the Earth  living only to die.
She will share how to empower ourselves  by clearing Karma of the past , answers questions, and share her insight from 20 years of research and life travels living with other indigenous peoples still living by the principles of nature with the Earth. After Each chat,   Evening  festivities “LOVE   Dance”.


All Events  Fee’s include:  camping permit , Cultural dance, Dinner $10 per plate  Saturday only

Extra meals breakfast/ lunch/ brunch 10.00 per meal. All meals are indigenous America SOUL food  cuisine .


Jul 19 - 20 2021


All Day




Princeton, West Virginia