Harvest Time
Aquechewa KInfolk,
WE here at Yumwija hope you had a joyful summer like we experienced here at Yumwija. The update will be short, there is so much going on, we just wanted to drop a word or two to keep everybody informed.
As many of you know the summer events experience was exciting and joyful. We all experienced the power of our Nature, to rejuvenate our blood with the Earth.  People still have time to rejuvenate their blood before the 2014 summer season is complete. Yumwija will close on Nov 1st, and reopen May 22nd 2015.If you miss the experience make sure you catch it next year. Some of the family members have suggested we combine some projects with the events ,so the family can stay together longer, however all indigenous family can stay as long as they choose during the summer season here at Yumwija, bring a tent or stay in one of ours, it all good.!!!!!To view our summer pictorial go to our channel: FIAAH@ YUMWIJAYumwija Project 2014
Smoke Signals Magazine  will be ready soon so look for it.
black American Survival Lecture Series
” Its our Time” Sept 28th, 2014 to October 19th, 2014@ 3 PM-6PM- Free
There will be a online lecture series for all F.I.A.A.H members  and guest  from Ambassador RaDine Amen-0ra Harrison . There will be series of 4 lectures discussing  the following topics: Opening our perceptions to life. Getting out of the system, Saving our Children is Saving Ourselves,  The New World Order “Where do we fit.?. these lectures will clear the confusion our people internalize about their life in this wold we find ourselves living in.  Give life a chance FIAAH has 
 solutions for our family to create the Life we need for us to thrive and prosper. 
Don’t MISS IT !!!!
Harvest Celebration November 2nd 
Our Harvest festival is our ancestral thanksgiving, for thousand of years our ancestors celebrated the abundance they created as a result from supporting the life systems on Earth. our ritual is to share the fruits of our labor with life and to rejoice and give praise thru dance to the Earth that made all of the fruits from our labor possible.
This year we are requesting all our indigenous family to take the time to show support of our life and Earth by having a celebration of life at there home with family and friends. Celebrate the original purpose of thanksgiving by remembering the life we have and the struggle we have endured and the future we will strive to keep alive. There will be a special program Sunday Nov 2nd @3pm  online for all of us to celebrate collectively and share consciousness as a community. We have developed a packet of prayers to use and share with our family at our time of celebration, email the office for a packet @admin@fiaah.org
Yumwija Essentials for Life
As our indigenous family all ready knows , here at Yumwija  we have produced indigenous remedies for the last 7 years, Essentials made at Yumwija this year  are ready.All Products  produced come from plants we found to have superior healing abilities for us. The plants heal by re hydrating the organs including the mind.
 Here is our catalog  link to Yumwija Essentials 4 Life.
This year we have added a few new products. All essences and are available while supplies last. Last order date November  13th   Making order list now to be shipped by Nov. 14th.. Yumwija closes on October 31st
Plantain Tincture                                                                        Horse Chestnut Tincture
Liver Restorer Tincture                                                                
Pine Needle tincture
Mint Extract                                                                        
Poke Root Tincture
Black Walnut &Cloves Tincture                                              
Black Walnut Tincture
Roots of life Tonic
Female Restore
Male Restore
Indigenous Beauty Restore
The American Heritage Preservation Trust Stewardship Inaitive./Online meeting Sun-11/09 @3 pm
American Heritage Preservation Trust Getting out of Debt Slavery: Our Plan F.I.A.A.H. has started an Earth recovery fund with the American Heritage Preservation Trust to help get our people into stable life conditions. The American Heritage Preservation Trust Stewardship Initiative. Is a function of the AHPT set up to acquire earth for the development of sustainable housing for indigenous registered members. The program will assist our community members in acquiring property without occurring long term dept. Once the requirements are completed the person will have a property that is dept free they will be required to maintain the county taxes on the property. Some of these homes may need to be fixed up. However they will be mortgage free.
This year house available 3 bedroom 2 bath located in a indigenous community in West Virginia mountains  on 1.4 acres ,  next to a live fresh water  fishing stream.
     For more pictures look in Smoke Signals Magazine.    .
 We are the solution 
 Most of our people feel trapped and are experiencing great personal and collective despair; and are being forced to Look and search for what is real about life. They are realizing they lack knowledge about life ( traditional knowledge) to use toward consciously helping  themselves work with the Life blood that keeps their life. The knowledge F.I.A.A.H offers about the truth of what is real about life will be the life line we share with our people. It is Our Time…  It is time to let go of information that does not empower us.  Knowledge is power, information  without knowledge keeps one powerless… supporting F.I.A.A.H. helps us Help you!
Those who use knowledge will be the ones to lead those who are ready to get out of the burning building back to life..  With knowledge we don’t need others to give us a way to live on our Earth we can make our own jobs helping our people. If you are interested we have many ways to help you get started.

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RaDine America aka Wisdom Keeper-

RaDine is a Scholar an teacher for Indigenous Heritage, Principles and Culture. She currently is the Administrative director and teacher for The Institute for Indigenous America Studies and Internationally for the International Institute for Amerindian Heritage and Culture Studies in Belize CA. She is the author of many books, as well as an International representative for Indigenous peoples of America aka Negro Heritage with the Foundation for Indigenous America of Anasazi Heritage F.I.A.A.H. copyright /copy claim- 5/15/2014- American Heritage Trust, F.I.A.A.H admin@fiaah.org