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We are America- U.N. Statement

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We are America Petition
America lives matter!!!

We are America Petition<br> America lives matter!!!

Stand by your heritage stop the United States agenda towards  the ethnic cleansing of America by forcing the children of America to abandon their identity on paper, before forcing them to leave the nation, is a supreme form of hostility. It’s the destruction of an identity wholesale, not solely within one’s borders. But it’s so genteel that few people get up in arms about it in the same way as other forms of ethnic cleansing. Yet the pain and dislocation is doubly poignant thanks to this bureaucratic slight, as becomes apparent when one hears the words of those stripped of their identities and still facing the uncertain specter of deportation, and who knows what other indignities:


Amerindian Therapy for Health Restoration Program


Amerindian Therapy for chronic Illnesses Program is for all the people indigenous to America aka Negro only. Who desire to return to wellness. NO more surgeries, No more toxic drugs, No more side effects... The program is for people ready for a change from pain and suffering who are ready to HEAL using  Natural therapy for reversing malfunctions in the emotional body causing disease, rebuilding the blood, recharging the Life force, and restore the life body back to balance.

In order to achieve the reversal of any disease condition the therapy will take 6 consecutive weeks to allow the nature of the body to correct any condition that is destructive to its LIFE..  Once the body has regained its ability to keep its balance. The person can continue rebuilding their health with new vigor and make corrections in one’s lifestyle for sustaining life longevity.  The  program includes room and board, meals and progressive therapy for 6 weeks,
  This will be our 3rd year, in this regard,  WE will accept 8 people with chronic illness up to stage 4 cancer, who are ready to allow our ancestral Amerindian therapy to restore them back to health at our West Virginia location Yumwija  Nature Preserve. People in need of detoxification of heavy metals and radiation poisoning from radiation and chemo. treatments. should attend therapy at our Belize, Central America location Luk Makoo Paradise Retreat. Natural Chemo using  fresh Soursop is available there

To Qualify.
The person must be willing to regain their well being with nature, learn how to correctly keep their physical health for life, and give others awareness of an alternative method to wellness, which is a non- intrusive and destructive way of treatment. Amerindian Treatment accelerates one's health, quality of living, and rob from our people from their ability to regain physical health with Life for continuing their Life journey to reach their destiny... 

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The Black America Flag for Human Dignity

The Black America Flag for Human Dignity

The Black America Flag for Human Dignity represents the ancestral ethnic identity for millions of people of America heritage  being deprived by the United States of their human dignity to factual ethnic heritage, as the original people for America and their fundamental human right to be recognized as a viable race of people still living with their home on Earth. The Black America Flag for Human Dignity  of Anisazi Heritage also represents the Negro peoples original ancestral ethnic identity for their Earth race  population in America as the “ Anisazi” peoples before European Discovery... and to their unconditional ordained by Earth.. planetary placement inheritance to live in their home with Earth of America

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