Indigenous Living Summit 2020
             August 7th – August 16th 
                             “Embracing  Our Life”                                                                 

                 Remembering  our Heritage

          Amerindian Grandmothers Culture of
                        Unity with Life of Nature
             Returning to  our indigenous ways to live  with                                     
                              “Our Soul of America”
                             “ Back to Life back to reality”
I  pray everyone makes it a point to be at the Summit to re hydrate themselves, there are so many people  that are  very  tired from living in life draining environments.
Over the years, we have watched so many people come to Yumwija just to realize they need time just to get  replenished
                              Reserve Now!!!! call 304-212-2362
   Celebration of Culture Festivities
           Drumming and Dancing
        Friday Aug 14- Aug 16th
Friday, August 16th  @ 3pm- Open to Anisazi members and guest by reservation
 Requirements to attend:: Full Amerindian cultural dress. Admittance of  Amerindians only –
                   NO EXCEPTIONS
Dust to Dawn drumming  and dancing. The evenings will be for fire ceremonies and dancing. Every night is dress up night bring  your drums, music makers. and dancing feet  Everyone  should wear their ancestral dress-  to strut your stuff  around the   outdoor deck and stage that will bring the life back into you. We are going to try again to have our indigenous  trade exchange, in the format of our ancestors.. 

 2020 Workshops
We will still have the workshops for people who sign up for them. We will only have 5 workshops, they will be held every day in the mid afternoon. Breathing   Yoga will be offered in the morning and our annual meeting this year will be held in the forest around the fire, like our ancestors..,
Special Focus!!!   Investing in our Life

 “Celebrating our Nature in our Blood”
Celebrating life with ceremony is an integral and seriously vital part of living with our life  blood , as indigenous people for Centuries  the purpose of  celebration is  for our emotional renewal .
                      Prosperity comes thru our emotions.

Topics Covered
 Principles of Indigenous Unity and community

Indigenous Bonding Intensive-Claiming our emotions-recognizing our truth.
Returning to healing  ourselves . Using ancestral Remedies
                                               Liquid Life

 Introduction to natures supermarket. Lets go shopping.

Calendar of   Events
    AH Indigenous Living Summit 
                        Calendar of   Events
Sunday August -9 th  Opening Ceremonies-  United Nations  International Day of World Indigenous Peoples..  Conversation with Ambassador RaDine America –  Presentation& discussion on International  Legislation   affecting Indigenous peoples of America  . Open to the public 3pn
 Food & Beverage
Monday – – Tuesday  August 10-11 Indigenous Living – Workshops  –  In our cultural tradition, their will  be workshops offered  for people to have hands on learning in Indigenous living skills of house building basics, ,Defense, and  survival skills .Workshop Schedule will  be posted at time of event.
 Wednesday – August  12th- Sacred    Wisdom Gathering for Indigenous  Females and Males
 This year the focus will be on Creating better bonding relationships. Indigenous intimacy. We have been SERIOUSLY CONNED, there is more than SEX. Never settle for Sex again,  This is for  hetero-sexual persons only.  Emotional  healing thru intimacy with no strings attached… learn how to be close  and to give and receive without fear of  exploitation,  or rejection, The secret power  within our bodies and how to use it in our outer world. 
Thursday – August 13th – America Heritage  Registry Initiation Ceremonies –
  Initiation ceremonies for Induction into the  America Heritage Registry  for 2019   Sacred  Ceremonies will be conducted:
Preparation diet –  starts August 8th -16th  Sacred  Earth Sweat-  Sacred Water Ceremonies
Friday – August 14th,    Anisazi Earth Day Festival starts   -Induction  and New Life Dedication Ceremony,   Sacred Circle of Life Induction, Ancestral Prosperity Dinner, Talent Show

Saturday – August 17th: Memorial of the Ancestral Resting Place ,   Evening-Dance Carnival

Sunday – August 18-  Life Ministry and Breakfast with the Elders. FIAAH  Inner Circle Meeting. Overview of what F.I.A.A.H. is currently  implementing  and issues to be resolved.:  Elections of Administrative counsel.  Drafting of new resolution mandate for   creating new guidelines for a host of issues  the foundation is confronted with as we grow

    – 2020 Special  Events –


August TBA-
Ancestral Dinner  Bring a dish for 6  to the table or 10.00 dinner donation

Talent Show- Come share your creativity,  dance, singing, pottery, arts, skits all talent welcome,

Dance Festival   Carnival-  Friday and Saturday Night – Free with admission fee

Dancing is a tradition of our people, this is when we get dressed up in our culture and involve our power., bring your drums, music makers. and dancing feet to dance around the fire circle in our ancestral wear until you pass out or to  the break of dawn.
 Ancestral  Trade Market
Ancestral trade market is a market  for indigenous products made/created by  America. The market  will start on Sunday evening the 11th … Please bring   items for  trade  or Service bartering . Service coupons will be available to use for exchange purposes..  Building  our own economy with or without money.

Suggestions for  Trade exchange, Everything used in creating goods. candles, soaps, material, leather, feathers, beads,  jewelry, clothing, herbs,  household items, books, and  anything you feel  has a trade value.

Sunday, August TBA
Canoeing/ kayaking trips, on New River or Red River about 30.00 per person. children ½ price. Or bring your own boat. Fee-35.00 per person excluding children. fee range  free to 1/2 price
Indigenous Community Living Experience
There is so much to learn and little time to teach it, the quickest way to learn is to live it. Living as a  indigenous community with the Earth for a week  will help everyone to release their fear of change and deepen their  blood roots connection with our siol section of Earth…. America. At the Indigenous Living Summit , you can learn how to  make pottery, wine, clothes, compost, bee-hiving,  gardening in our live and learn garden,  harvesting  herbs, food preserving, and in our leisure, we will canoe, hike, paint and of course dance…..We  also have special  projects for the children
 Hang out with us her at Yumwija and experience living with Our Earth,  Everyone camps outside with the Earth, for People who need to be more modern you can make arrangements to stay a the nearby hotels..  So many people say how much they enjoy the experiences here at Yumwija, .
Kerry wrote “ I opened your email last Sunday and giggled to myself as I read it. In your words, I
can see all the things visually as clearly as you were writing it and I was
immediately transported back. I had such a wonderful time! I see how things grow on your Earth. It was lovely to be a part of everything if only for a couple of days. “ Take a break back to life and become alive again”
The experience has brought them back to life .
“ Back to Life back to reality”
 Come to rejuvenate, eel the fresh air,  and water, Give your eyes a rest, rejuvenate them with the beauty of life in Nature
The Summit will have workshops for people and children to have hands on learning in Indigenous living skills, including house building basics, defense, survival skills and much more  Bring your family and please invite your friends to become a part of Our family.
Indigenous living Skills workshops offered

Survival Basics
Indigenous first aide
How to survive without electricity
Indigenous gardening—how to feed our Earth
Indigenous eating- Traditional Soul Foods.
Identifying edible plants
Indigenous jewelry making
Pine needle basketry
Indigenous dress making and decoration.
 Indigenous Healing classes-
Basics of indigenous healing- how to work with natural elements to power your life?
Reflexology Understanding our bodies thru our feet
 Healing with Sound therapy
Healing with clay.
Children  activities
Arts and crafts
Story telling.
and many more surprises!!
2020 Activities- Preparing to Walk in the  West Indian American ParadeFIAAH is Marching!!!!Activities for our SistersDress/ costume makingCanningCreating with knots-jewelry,headbands,Cooking from Natures super marketMusic Activities for our childrenStory tellingFace paintingdoge-balland much more!!!!!!!Activities for our brothersIntro to clay house buildingWarrior TrekCarnival prep open to all membersWe need drummers – 
Children time
 Activities for children from all ages, sports, swimming, and skills for living with Earth. life skill building workshops for developing feminine and masculine skills, girls; how to care for our natural hair.  hair braiding, males, how to change car tire, basic construction,, basic self defense One night in the forest
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Warrior Trek
Warrior Trek,. Our own wilderness combat area of 10 arches for our men to be males again. now open- See how well you can defend yourself in  real time combat  Two teams will dual it out  for team victory in there quest to return to base without being shot by snipers first. Map Gun, paintball, face protective helmet,  camouflage gear, supplied. Please bring your own gloves,, knee and elbow protectors and shoes,  
 Our Range will be open, call office to reserve .
Cost 10.00 for paintball Amumission  Protective gear set rental. 5.00. admission 10.00 per fill up of amanio
Hang out with us here at Yumwija and experience living with Our Earth
 The donation for the week is 100.00 per adult. Seniors  over 70 is  $ 75.00 for week Children are free.
The registration fee includes includes indigenous dinner and all activities and classes. Community meals  are breakfast and dinner indigenous style.. The original Soul Food cuisine buffet will include vegan and non dairy  dishes..
  Induction Registration 

   100.00 per person for  Inductees  of America Heritage  Registry and  members  All AHR members must show proof of registration to attend.
Call if the link does not work,or call the office or go to, payment center. 304-212-2362 officeT

Celebration of Amerindian Culture Festivities
Reservation Registration – $25.00 per person   until  August 3th
$35.00  late reservation
Children are free up to ages 12.    Ages. 13-18 1/2 price
The registration fee  Does not  include   special events, canoeing, warrior trek, and defense range, camping tents, or lodging essentials.
Special Note : Warrior Trek 10.00 per person. .
Payment options : Pre- pay- Debt card, credit card or paypal
                              Gate: cash only; No discount for late arrivals.
Payment  lCenter
Volunteer & Participants
F.I.A.A.H. is firmly committed to making Indigenous Living skills accessible to as many Indigenous people of America, who are seeking to connect to their  Life power by practicing and using our Ancestral ways of living with Creation- as one with Our Earth. Yumwija needs volunteers to help us build . if you are considering volunteering as you donation, then you must be here for at least 2-3 weeks before the event. We need volunteers to help prepare for the events. This year we are finishing remolding the deck, installing lights in the forest,, adding another outdoor compost toilet and  a lot more preparations  have to be done. We need hands and brothers who know how to use construction tools  and  if you don’t  come on down early to learn.  
We have openings for more teaches, healers, and volunteers  Let us know what indigenous skills you have to offer. Call the office to get involved
Fee reduction is dependent on service and  at least 4 day participation. Feel free to call the office for financial scholarships while they are available.
Vendors are welcome  in the Ancestral marketplace,  Contact office for more details or 304-212-2362

Teachers, artisans, musicians are welcome

Directions to Yumwija. Yumwija is  located in Oakvale ,West Virginia
  Interstate I- 77 connects to all major interstate . Take I-77 to exit 9  Princeton ,  West Virginia.  Take  Exit 9 to Greasy Ridge rd – West Virginia welcome center.  zip code- 23740
Amtrak/ Cardinal Line- Chicago to New York  Hinton WV. someone will pick you up. Arrives  and leaves Sunday ,Wednesday and Friday

Call  the office to receive further directions 304-212-2362.
Email admin@

Accommodations & Food
Again this year everyone will be staying in a tent, sleeping  with the Earth, for People who need to be more modern you can make arrangements to stay a the nearby hotels 
 Lodging,  and onsite camping   On site camping is free-
To stay in our Yumwija camping tents. 

We have one big tent for single males and one big tent for single females, 10.00 per night

Our complete private tent includes 2 queen size beds,light,pillows sheets blankets, water cooler with ice is 50.00 for the weekend.

 Our 1-4 persons or 9×7 ft- sleeps 4-person tent 25.00 3 days                 no bedding included

Our midsize dome tent sleeps 4-8 people            35.00 3 days                  no bedding included

.Our large family cabins tents  sleeps 6-10 people are 50.00 for 3 days        no bedding included

On-site camping tents are going fast- please book a spot NOW.
Blankets and chairs will be for rent @ 5.00 per night
Hotel lodging is available . call  office for lodging info
 New!!!!  Outdoor Community Kitchen : The Community kitchen will  be open  to our members and guest for this event.  We suggest people bring their own snacks and coolers.
 We have found  camping is the best way to rejuvenate our bodies. We are making several water  wading locations for people to hang out at. We will ask all people to help with chores at the  Summit retreat. This is the quickest way to learn how to live in a community and live with the Earth  Food will be indigenous cuisine and dinner is included in the fee.

Here is the  list of essentials every person should bring to make there experience at Yumwija a wonderful one. Every year people forget to bring essentials  comforts for living with the Earth.

This year temps are in the upper 70’s – lower 80’s mild showers.,cool nights upper 60’s- lower 60’s


                                                               The Tent –

                                                    The importance of the Tent
A tent is a portable shelter- until permanent shelter can be secured. It is your modern day Teepee. It is your  home/ shelter with Earth.
All members must have  an tent/teepee and sleeping comfort, needed to live with Earth. at any time.  People who do not invest their inorganic money to help rebuild the support system needed for organic comfort will live in what they invest.
Camping  sites – there is plenty of camping sites for all sizes of tents,
Tents– there are tents available at the site, on first reserve basis contact office for reservation.
The list as as follows
Camping Tents: the best time to purchase camping tents is around and after July 4th, they go on sale places to consider is Walmart, Cosco, Sams, Sears,  and kmart.  If just for one person get a 4 person tent, this tent will allow you enough room to comfortably fit a double bed , your clothing trunk and a little extra wiggle room place a night light on a crate, You can have your tent shipped directly to Yumwija and it will be here waiting for you, and for a small tip someone will put it up for you.
 Tents Please note we do not  commune in our tents as we do in our houses
There are two different forms of camping tents,
Camping cabins : These are portable cottages,  they include standing height walls, a person can walk around in them, set it up as a mini house, some even have porches,, they an fit a queen or even a king size bed or multiple airbeds, the screened porch can be used as the  eating area  or a extra room.
They come in different sizes and start around 100.00
Dome tents; These tents are semi circle with the highest standing point in the middle of the tent the sleeping areas or on the sides. These are cheaper than Cabin Tents and are great for  people with children. They usually have 3 compartments. Smaller domes tents have  one big space, excellent for  singles and cozy for couples.
Tent  lighting,: We recommend  the Brooklyn lamp give enormous light.
Bedding: We recommend airbeds  full or Queen, blankets, pillows, bed sheets, please make yourself comfortable.
Food: Ice chest coolers. There is no refrigeration for tents; please keep your personal food in your coolers, We recommend coolers that keep food cold  for 5 days Recommendation: Rubbermaid
Showers:  for hot showers ; Wal-Mart sells solar shower bags( note-less than 10.00)
Camping chair Portable folding chair 
Clothing:: please bring flip flops, light shoe , bathing suit. tea shirts,  towel, socks, shawl, or jacket, warn clothes , night can get cool due to the high oxygen level,   for workshop clothes to get dirty in or for painting Please do not wear heavy high top shoes  or sneakers, accidents will happen.
Extras, sitting mat or pillow,, we sit on the ground.
That’s it,
Rules and Regulations
Rules and Regulations
Yumwija is a Nature conservancy and is our Home with Earth for the Foundation for Indigenous America of Anisazi Heritage.
We welcome all of our kinfolk to come and commune, heal, learn and build at Yumwija
In this regard to keep our home on Earth flourishing, we ask all kinfolk and their guest to respect our principles of Community…. 
                                                Indigenous Principle
Everything created by Earth serves a purpose to Earth
In this regard, please do not kill the plants, insects, turtles, birds, we deter them but we are not at war with LIFE.
All children within the community will be maintained and supervised by all adults in the community.
Respect should be honored and stay within boundaries of truth and trust…
At Yumwija everyone lives peacefully and does not permit harm to life with  our Earth….
The following actions are not permitted
No selling of services or products without permission of Yumwija office
No Cell phones on premises, all electronic property must be stored or charged in personal space (Car)
NO littering , including cigarette butts.
NO Cigarette smoking in public areas
NO Alcohol drinking excluding wine in public areas
NO pot smoking in public areas
NO sneakers or heavy shoes on off road areas.
No stealing
NO sexual solicitation, promiscuity ,homosexual behavior. of any kind .

No destruction  of property.            !!!!!!! Penalty!!!!!!!Permenant explusion from Yumwija

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RaDine America aka Wisdom Keeper-

RaDine is a Scholar an teacher for Indigenous Heritage, Principles and Culture. She currently is the Administrative director and teacher for The Institute for Indigenous America Studies and Internationally for the International Institute for Amerindian Heritage and Culture Studies in Belize CA. She is the author of many books, as well as an International representative for Indigenous peoples of America aka Negro Heritage with the Foundation for Indigenous America of Anasazi Heritage F.I.A.A.H. copyright /copy claim- 5/15/2014- American Heritage Trust, F.I.A.A.H