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All Yumwija Essentials 4 Life Products are produced from plant communities growing wild at Yumwija Nature Preserve located high in the mountains of West Virginia. .. Indigenous plants growing free retain their original growth patterns, these wildcrafted plants are not cultivated plants so they keep all the original quality derived from thriving with Nature. Plants grown at Yumwija have superior healing abilities than commercially produced products, and offer a superior quality essence to use for supporting the Life blood in all Amerindian heritage people aka Negro still living with our life blood soil as America. Indigenous plants heal by supporting our life bloods ability to re hydrate our organs including the mind. Our indigenous Amerindian heritage healing remedy’s are not available to the public market . Our remedies are created in our old and often forgotten cultural heritage traditions. Traditions our Heritage (mothers) used for thousand of years for viability of ourselves ,children and communities. Larger quantity orders are available while supplies last.

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