America’s Secret, for HAIR



NO more weaves; wigs; hair extensions, relaxers, Hide your hair no More!!!!!

Discover the secret key to RESTORE OUR HAIR.   It’s time to use the secret for revealing the true beauty of our natural hair.
Learn to use this simple secret for keeping black America’s hair. Restore your damaged Hair, Return to having full, thick, radiant naturally beautiful hair. Stop the damage Rebuild your crown
Love your Nature again.
All it takes is 3 simple steps.
 Step 1.Liquid Life -Hair Restore, put  1 squirt in a 10 oz small to med size spay bottle. spray hair and scalp until damp.
Step 2. Apply America’s Secret- Hair oil to the scalp. Massage damp scalp and hair to the ends with fingers. Start with 3 x a week
Step 3. Take 1 teaspoon  America’s Secret Beauty Restore Hair Nutrient, for added boost take with Liquid Life, every day. Watch what happens
America’s Secret – for Hair Sample Kit:  Includes instructions for different hair conditions, Liquid Life Restore, Restore Hair Oil, and  Restore Hair Nutrient