Life Restore Tea

Life Restore Tea’s are formulas used by   Amerindian aka Negro grandmothers of America using plants from the forest.  as remedies for restoring the natural condition of health.  Life Restore Tea works in combination with Liquid Life. Liquid Life replenishes the minerals for use by the blood to process organic proteins.. Life Restore Tea supplements the  Life blood’s ability to have enough available proteins to quickly restore itself.




Life Restore Tea provides the moisture to hydrate the blood.  Restore  Tea is a combination of wild plant leaves and seeds used as a tea to replenish the moisture in the body to stop dehydration of our blood and gives vital nutrients for the viability of the blood,  Life Restore Tea is rich in enzymes, vitamins, and iron. Restore Tea in combination with Liquid Life completely energizes the lifeblood.

Life Restore Tea Formulas;

Female Restore Tea– restores hydration, relieves constipation, Lupus, fibromyalgia, immunity, weight loss, hormone balance, and much more. Restore Tea is not Female Restore.
Male Restore Tea: The Tea is designed specifically for supplying  male nutrient  needs to stop dehydration complications in males as  prostrate malfunctions, joint tendentious,  and much more
Brain  Life Restore & is a combination of plants used to increase moisture to the brain. The formula hydrates the brain and relieves fatigue.  The formula is made of wildcrafted St Johns Wart, and other plants and leaves to create a soothing tea with marvelous benefits. Great for the overactive brain, nervousness, anxiety, emotional imbalance, restlessness, and much more
Smokers  Restore Blend-Works on the lungs breaks up nicotine build up in the
lungs, start to clear mucus from the lungs and opens airways.

Prices: Sample pk-5.00   Reg: 7.50  Large 15.00