Liquid Life

Save Your health Restore your Quality of Life.

Take your Life back, Live your life journey, Reach your destiny

Today in the U.S millions of  people in black America are becoming sick and acceptable to, all kinds of diseases, Viruses, and cancers resulting in premature Death, due to  ingesting demineralized   food  produced from . genetic mutation or hybrid  trees and plants that are used and  sold as ‘Natural’ fresh foods along with pasteurized, processed  meats, and products sold as artificial forms of  FOOD. Today, even “Natural” foods are artificial foods, as a result  indigenous people  as black “America” are STARVING  there LIFE BLOOD to DEATH. In contrast, the soil of the planet Earth currently supports the life of millions of species in its nature without disease.  Disease is not a part of the nature of Life. Then why are we dying from them?

The Love of Nature with Life  gives us  a solution. Liquid Life is here!!!!!


What is Liquid Life??

Liquid Life is an ancestral grandmothers of America Indian aka Negro formula, made from mixing a combination of clay’s in America

How does it work? does it work?

Liquid Life supplies the blood with all the missing minerals from Nature needed for our life blood to make body building nutrients, that will super boost the immune system, neutralize all acidic conditions and stop dehydrating imbalances in the body if taken properly. Liquid Life can be used by black America for quick relief of pain , suffering from Illnesses, physical and mental breakdown of the body, and allow healing from all forms of illness including all forms of Cancer.

Liquid Life Is our savor from Nature to stop the weakening that leads to destruction of the Blood of Life within US, that has the power to regenerate, and sustain the LIFE blood of black ‘America’ against difficult times ahead.

Using Liquid Life with our Life Restore products and tinctures will give you your health back quickly. Watch and see.

Here are just a few Uses for Liquid Life:

Blood Detoxifier ,

Immune system Builder,

Skin Beautifier,

Hair loss,

Kills pain,




Kidney and bladder


Weight Loss

Colon trouble

Brittle bones.

Sinus trouble


Pneumonia & chest colds – with life restore hearbal tea.

High Blood Pressure

Wounds, Factures, Injuries

Burns, Scalds,



Tumor Growth,



Liver problems


All forms of acidic conditions,

All forms of cancer,

Organ restoration,


Type 2 Diabetes,


Colon trouble,

Painful menstruation,


and so much more

Liquid Life – Clay remove heavy metals, detoxify the body, restores energy levels, and rebuilds the immune system, all act to restore the body to a level to where it is able to have the ability to defeat the illness and rid itself of the illness. Using Liquid Life with our Life Restore products and tinctures will give you your health back quickly. Watch and see.

Drink Liquid Life -Take back your Life, Restore your Health

Liquid Life is easy to use , 3 types of Formulas:

Liquid Life Basic, Can be used by everyone including children, animals.

Liquid Life Males – Specially formulated to meet the needs of Males

Liquid Life Females – Specially formulated to meet the needs of females

SIZES: 2 week trial size – 10.00

1 month supply 20.00

3 month supply 50.00

Family concentrate supply 100.00