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.All Essential for Life Products produced at Yumwija
dervived from plants communities flourishing here at
Yumwija. Our essentials are made from wildcrafted
plants livng in nature. These wildcrafted plants are not
cultivated plants so they keep all the orginal quality
dervied from thriving with Nature. They have superior
healing abilities than commerical pruduced products..
The plants keep their healing abilites for re hydrating
the organs including the mind for indigenous peoples
because we need organ hydration to stay young and
have good strong health. Our indigenous healing
remedy’s are not commonly available on the market
Why, because it is so readily available around us if
indigenous people returned to using our Earth plants as
our medicine, our progression of illness leading to
death would be halted. Once again the Nature of the
Earth, the will of life would rebound in all of us and we
Liquid Clay
Yumwija Honey
would be free of their death over our life. We forget
we are a partof the creation of Earth ,all species on the
Earth know how to heal themselves.
Life supports Life
Many people today still go to doctors especially Sisters
and take whatever poison they are told. Then complain
about their ill health. If you have any doubts on why
you are losing your health read Medical Apartheid,
Deadly Monopolies both by Harriet A Washington, In
Defense of Food by Michael Pollan . For the last
15years our food sources have become more artificial
and genetically altered foods i .Selling foods that are
genetically altered as organic is even done by Whole
Foods Markets…
In the United States GMO’s have infiltrated over 85%
of the foods available to our people living in the U.S.
alone The Earth currently supports the life of billions of
people. Prophesy of the new world order, claims in
order for the new world order to be successful the
Earth population must be reduced to 500 million
people.( The Georgia Stonehenge proclaims ) Genocide through our
foods is how the new world order will be implemented
as a result There will only be one race of people on our
Earth, it won’t be our people if we do not stop following
the white mans doctrine, we will have a permanent
grave without a future or home on Earth. extinction is
not pretty.
Sisters please stop getting mammograms, they are
cancer causing , if you don’t have breast cancer you
will. Removing our breast is a way of female castration
upon us. If we promote natural breast feeding to our
daughters we would have no form of breast cancer.
Lumps in our breast are natural. I now of 5 Sisters who
were told they had breast cancer and found out they
did not have any form of cancer ,but they tricked into
allowing someone to remove their breast. Living
without your breast is Cancer
Indigenous Remedies for our People
Plantain Tincture – is a concentrated Plantain extract, taken 2x
daily will improve organ functioning of the mucous system in the
body including the liver ,lungs, skin, spleen and intestinal tract.
Price: 1oz 7.00 2oz-12.00
Essence of Mint Tincture is a combination of spearmint,
peppermint, and wild mint to make a comprehensive aide for our
digestive system.
Price :1oz 7.00 2oz 12.00
Horse Chestnut Tincture
It is used internally for circulatory problems, including hardening
of the arteries, stroke, heart attack, varicose veins, phlebitis,
chilblains, hemorrhoids and swelling following trauma
Price: 1oz 12.00 2oz 20.00.
Liver Restore Tincture
The combination energizes the liver to heal itself. You will notice a
difference in the first week.
Price:1oz 14.00 2oz 24.00
Pine Needle Tincture will give flexibility and vigor back to the
Price:1oz7.00 2oz13.00
Poke Root Tinctureis a very powerful rapid anti-cancer agent
and slowly builds in the body to give magical relieve.
Price: 1oz 12.00 2oz 17.00
Black Walnut & Cloves Tincture- stimulates the circulatory
system, clearing the mind and reducing mental exhaustion and
fatigue. It has also been used to aid insomnia, memory loss,
anxiety and depression.
Price 1oz12.00 2oz 20.00
Indigenous Life Essential combination Packet: includes
Essential of Mint, Plantain, Liver Restore, Pine Needle and Black

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RaDine is a Scholar an teacher for Indigenous Heritage, Principles and Culture. She currently is the Administrative director and teacher for The Institute for Indigenous America Studies and Internationally for the International Institute for Amerindian Heritage and Culture Studies in Belize CA. She is the author of many books, as well as an International representative for Indigenous peoples of America aka Negro Heritage with the Foundation for Indigenous America of Anasazi Heritage F.I.A.A.H. copyright /copy claim- 5/15/2014- American Heritage Trust, F.I.A.A.H