Anisazi Heritage of America

Who are the Indigenous Peoples to America of Anisazi Heritage?

The Indigenous America Peoples of Anisazi Heritage are the direct- descendants born from the females for the race of Indigenous or original peoples by blood to America originally, ethnically identified as the Anisazi peoples or Amerindians.

SINCE 1705, the female population of the Anisazi race and their Nations of descendants” are ethnically classified by the colonial United States as, “Negro” or “black” Americans. In 1868, a civil rights treaty was adopted to stop the commerce in human trafficking (commonly known as slavery) of Anisazi females and their children with Anisazi men called American Indians. The United States created a Trust named the (Public land Trust) to claim control over all their inheritance to America belonging to the Anisazi race females in exchange for not supporting the continuation of the lucrative commerce in the human trafficking of Anisazi females. The 14th Amendment was added to the United States constitution co-opting of the heritage race of Anisazi people of America into the United States, creating the United States of America.

Since 1868 the Anisazi men called American Indians (as free people) belonging to the original heritage race of people to America, ethnic identity was changed to the Negro Race, and their original ancestral identity of Anisazi along with their cultural heritage civilization legacy built in the Americas, identified as the Mound builders. The Anisazi peoples of America and their heritage civilization is classified as a vanished race of people by the political government of the United States. Over generations of assimilation education, the original ethnic identity of the American Negro peoples as Anisazi People of the Americas became obscured as a result of living under colonial occupation. . Western history omitted the ancestral heritage LIFE inheritance to America belonging to the American Negro people and listed their direct heritage to America as a mysteriously “vanished” race of people that once occupied the Americas, according to the United States government educational institutions.

Unfortunately, for over 200 years Anasazi / Amerindians females and their descendants have lived under the brutal effects of systematic genocide as racism, from colonial occupation narrative “as an undesirable ,enslaved race” of people living in the United States. As a result, keeping their race collectively marginalized living in poverty as refugees brought from Africa to their home on Earth ( North America) as second class citizens of the United States. Since living under the United States occupation of the Anasazi heritage territories, the Anasazi Peoples aka black/Negro American Peoples are deprived by the U.S. to their basic human rights of their ancestral heritage, along with their collective fundamental right to maintain their viability as a race of people still living in their home on Earth , America.. copyright/copyclaim F.I.A.A.H. 2015