Quantum Leap S.L.C. Publications

Publishers of The Black American Handbook for Survival thru the 21st Century vol. 1 by Rev. RaDine Amen-ra 1st book published in the U.S. on black American heritage in America before European discovery. The information contained in this book is what every family in black AMERICA should know!

Quantum Leap S.L.C. Publications is a sub division of F.I.A.A.H. The purpose of Q.L.S.L.C. Publications is to develop economics for the remaining Amerindian population in the United States to sustain itself through self-education.

Quantum Leap S.L.C. Publications offers educational media for pre-school through post- graduate education. Educational materials are developed from factual information about Amerindian heritage , political, social institutions, culture, language, feelings, religious practices, beliefs, and the economic existence of the Amerindian Peoples in the Americas before European discovery and after European discovery as American Indians and Negros, the factual events implemented by the influence of European ideologies toward the destruction of the Amerindian peoples, heritage culture legacy, civilization, and tremendous wealth as Negro Americans.

Q.L.S.L.C. Publications recognize the importance of knowing ones complete his/her story. It is time for the Amerindian people to start looking at their complete past and generational choices over the last 500 years as Amerindians and as Negro Americans [without prejudice]. The materials produced by Quantum Leap S.L.C. gives Amerindian/Negro/black American peoples a better understanding of our past, our present collective condition and self-determination towards identifying over looked avenues that can be used to create simple viable choices for solutions towards sustaining the Amerindian race of people from extinction in their home on Earth as America in the future.

Currently, Q.L.S.L.C. Publications exclusively publish all media by Rev.RaDine A.America as well as work produced by other Amerindian people. New authors are always welcome.

Q.L.S.L.C. is registered with Dust books, Amazon.com, Borders and Baker & Taylor and Afrikan World Books and many others.