Sacred Journeys Retreats: Ancestral Ceremonies for Healing of the Heart

Reconnecting to the Sacred Life force of our Ancestral Grandmother

Embracing today’s black” America” Hidden Ancestral Heritage

Experience your natural connection to your Planetary Ancestral home with Earth in the Mountains of West Virginia

Witness the grace that Life of Earth has for all the children of America

Release the shackles of the past.

Cleanse, renew and nourish your Spirit.

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Sacred Journey’s Healing of the Heart Retreats
Sacred Ceremonies

 What is a Sacred Journey of the Spirit?        

A Sacred Journey of the spirit is ceremonial initiations that will connect civilized/black peoples for America to their mothers ancestral Heritage, home with the descendants of Anisazi people, who are the original inhabitants- called Indians of north, central and south America. 

What happens at a Sacred Journey of the Spirit?     

Sacred Journey Retreats starts the healing process for reconnecting the psyche and heart. This allows people of black America to recognize their ancestral Anisazi bloodline , home with the planet Earth in America, reclaim, embrace the natural spiritual-healing power with-in our intimate nature and DNA. These Sacred ceremonies of our Ancestors quickly starts the healing of the family bloodlines from the traumas of the past, allowing a person/family to clarify, understand, change the feelings and behavioral conditioning that  perpetuates, fear, abandonment, separation, inner fragmentation, dis-illusionment, and pain.

The Retreat will awaken the power with-in that is needed to regain your mental and spiritual balance to flow with :LIFE and spread your life given wings to fly!!

Why is it important to Connect with your Ancestral Heritage?

The connection with your Ancestral Heritage gives you the imvaluable knowledge of Who you are and place of belonging on this planet ( Birth- Right).Understanding your heritage gives you the knowledge that will allow you to embrace and invoke the spiritual power with-in you to  re-create harmony and balance for life and break all conditions of fear and oppression.

What are the Sacred Ceremonies?   

The Sacred Ceremonies are initiations that will Allow Black American people to see and experience how the environment supports the life force of the inhabitants who are indigenous to the land. The Ceremonies are: Sacred Sweat Lodge , Sacred Fire, Sacred Water. Ceremonies of the Four Winds.

Ceremonial Descriptions

All Ceremonies will start the process to build the life power with in you to accomplish your highest good and achieve your best results in this life. You will move towards production in life and help enable you to free your mind of bad feeling, conditions, and habits.

Sacred Sweat Lodge

A Sweat Lodge is located in a Earthen Mound ,representing the womb or belly where internal life lives,Returning to the womb of Earth, .  RETURNING TO THE SOURCE.
allows a person to reconnect to the womb of life , which is the Earth.. The purpose of the Sacred sweat is to reconnect to the planetary rhythm, universal ethers,  and energy source of the human life.

RESULTS from this ceremony are profound insight, broaden awareness to perceive expanded cognitive consciousness, solutions to re-occurring problems , soul vision and prosperity..

Sacred Fire!

Sacred Fire is a collection of ceremonies that invoke the ancestral memories and opens the heart. The purpose of ceremonies is to heal the family bloodlines, re charge the heart to the psyche, ALLOWS ONE TO LISTEN TO THEIR HEART..
RESULTS releases fear of change, heal emotional trauma, Atone for past mistakes   Powerful, Powerful.

Sacred Water

Sacred Water is one of the most powerful Ancestral Initiations that dates back before Jesus. It is an initiation that has been done for thousands of years by all the bloodlines of Indigenous people of the fertile crescent or 12 tribes of Israel, called Nubians, Hebrews, Indians, Negro’s/ Black Americans today.

The purpose of this powerful initiation is to bring forward all suppressed issues that are deep in the psyche that need to be released in order to return to the wholeness that was yours at birth.  This ceremony will cleanse and remove blockages in the psyche that hinder harmony and foward movement towards one soul’s purpose for this life.

RESULTS:: brings clarity and strength to ones understanding of their life ,   and allows a person to embrace with understanding their soul’s purpose for serving humanity..

Ancestral Tours of the Mounds

Visit different ancestral sites of our Heritage. Learn more about your ancestral heritage civilization in America. Visit hidden Ancestral Locations that exhibit the Black American Ancestral heritage in America before slavery, plus more

What can I look forward to as a result of experiencing this Retreat?

Recognizing your place of belonging on this planet and birth-right given to you by God. Releasing anger and fear. Recognizing your importance to life ,  and re-connect to your ancestral conscious awareness.

How often can I come to a retreat?

As often as you  need to for ancestral power to break thru bad conditioning, fear, make viable choices, create intimate relationships,  strengthen your personal resolve  for inner growth, also to received your real heart desires in their highest light.

How often are they held? Once a month in the summer and  there is a annual reunion the last weekend in October.

How many retreats are there?

There are three levels of retreats. Sacred Journey of the Spirit- Introduction to the Anizasi American Heritage and home with Earth.

Dreamwalk– second level of Sacred Heart healing work, experience the collective mind. Sookhomaha retreat for parents and children ages 5-17.

Where are the Retreats held?   The retreats are held all over the Southern region of the Appalachian Mountains at different locations, depending on the time of year.

Who conducts the Ceremonial retreats?

The ceremonies are conducted by members of the Anisazi culture ministry council lead by Ambassador RaDine . Amb. RaDine is a Anisazi (Healer) who has over 25 years experience in ancestral knowledge and living application.. She has dedicated her life service towards connecting and healing the life force being robbed from the lost  descendants of the Nations of Anisazi people of the Americas to their Ancestral birth-right heritage culture, which contains the ancestral power to correct the wrongs of the past and save the  descendants of the real indigenous race of peoples of America and the planet from extinction. The retreats she conducts give Black American  people today a direct experience of their indigenous emotional connection to America,  and helps explains what is happening to them and why.

The experience from the retreats returns a deep respect for their ancestors, culture, and race heritage, but most of all  re- educate Black American people about their ancestral planetary concepts towards fertility, sexuality and all life forms which made our Ancestors the most advanced people on the planet.   For more info go to  the author.

Sacred Journey’s of the Heart 

Mountain Retreat 

 20017 Calendar(Registration Deadline)
 Retreat opens Dates: May 26th-Msay 29th  Opening Ceremonies

June 16rd-18th
July 1st -4th

Aug 1ith-20th Indigenous living summit
September 29-October 1
Harvest Festival October 28th-October 31st     

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RaDine America aka Wisdom Keeper-

RaDine is a Scholar an teacher for Indigenous Heritage, Principles and Culture. She currently is the Administrative director and teacher for The Institute for Indigenous America Studies and Internationally for the International Institute for Amerindian Heritage and Culture Studies in Belize CA. She is the author of many books, as well as an International representative for Indigenous peoples of America aka Negro Heritage with the Foundation for Indigenous America of Anasazi Heritage F.I.A.A.H. copyright /copy claim- 5/15/2014- American Heritage Trust, F.I.A.A.H