Mission of F.I.A.A.H.

Sharing viable knowledge for BUILDING viable solutions for a better future.

To insure the viability of the remaining population belonging to the heritage of America from mass extinction from their Earth inheritance with America by the United States .

To sustain for the future generation our “ Natural( indigenous ) inheritance rights” to live without persecution(racism) in our race home on Earth called America .


To establish International recognition of the Negro/ Amerindian/ Anisazi People living in the U.S, with their fundamental rights to be included as part of the indigenous world community.

To advocate for the enforcement of the International Treaties declared and ratified by United States through the United Nations Geneva Convention, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Convention against Colonialism  and the mandates for Crimes Against Humanity sanctioned by the International Criminal Court.

To sustain for future generations our “natural inheritance rights” to live in peace without persecution of our race home on Earth called America.


To nationally re-establish the first cultural institutions to develop support systems for the production, safeguarding, maintenance and re-creation of the Amerindian/Anisazi peoples traditional cultural heritage.

The preservation of the cultural heritage practices and viable sustainability of the ancestral  heritage culture of America, belonging to Anasazi descendants referred to as black Americans: and

Re-claiming the original race identity as ethnic origins/identity belonging to the Heritage people of America, as the Indigenous people of  North America, and advocating against the destruction of their natural eco-system to sustain the indigenous heritage race of America in America from extinction.

To insure the viability of the remaining population belonging to indigenous heritage of America from United States systematic and institutionalized policies of colonial genocide (racism), resulting in depopulation and ethnocide.

F.I.A.A.H. is dedicated to:

Advocating Internationally for the people of America fundamental and, human rights including their inherited rights for self-determination to sustain the viability needed to continue to live and flourish on their heritage covenant home on Earth called the “Americas”.

Re-establishing the respect and recognition of the original ethnic identity belonging today to people of America aka  Amerindians /Negro /black Americans unconditional right to their ethnic heritage as the continuation of the Anisazi race known as the  Peoples of America by inheritance from their Anisazi grandmothers’ heritage legacy and to the tremendous intangible and tangible cultural contributions to the world.

Education for the heritage people of Americas about the  ancestral heritage traditions in  character development and values that maintained the foundation for collective trust, respect for family, kinship, community, emotional balance, and mental well-being.