Indigenous Competency Certification

Registration Process

The UN Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples now has United States as a signatory. We are actively registering people and families to qualify for these special rights and considerations.. We urge all people who qualify not to hesitate to learn how to live as being Free.

Once the application is accepted an official email notification for application fee and registration into the Indigenous Competency Certification Program with available dates to reserve seating will be sent.

Please understand in order to meet international guidelines for being recognized as a part of Indigenous America, 1st you must be born from an Indigenous America females aka Negro/ black American .2nd a candidate must have Indigenous America consciousness/ awareness abilities.. In other words possess our Indigenous Heritage Traditional Knowledge.

Unfortunately for generations the public school system in the United States has replaced Indigenous America traditional Heritage knowledge developed by them for their culture, with Education that’s assimilates children of indigenous America into domestics or cultivated slaves.

F.I.A.A.H. Institute for Indigenous America Studies is a private learning institution for “indigenous America” dictated to the Cognitive re development in traditional knowledge and practical viability skills needed for the viability and advancement of Indigenous Amerindians, to sustain their viability in their home on Earth America. . The I.I.A.S offers online ,a introductory Indigenous Certification Curriculum designed to meet and exceed the international standard in basic indigenous traditional cultural knowledge and skills .

The Indigenous Competency Certification Curriculum consists of 4 levels of studies in Indigenous consciousness, and culture a person must know before they can be recognized “legally” as a indigenous Person.. Upon completion a person/family is registered with the registry as a viable Indigenous American.

The Indigenous Certification Courses fee of $350 per course level. Or 35.00 per week All courses are online and last 8-10 weeks, for a duration of 3 hours once a week.. A person can take as long as they like to finish the course work, however, no one will be registered without proving competency to represent being an indigenous heritage person,

Courses are as follows:

Intro to Indigenous Fundamentals: Intro to who we are,, what we are, where we belong,

Indigenous Principles , Ethnics and Customs: How we work from the nature of our creation on Earth.

Intro to Civics: This course introduces our people to how the colonel world was created and how we have been socialized into it. Past and present. How to regain your natural socialization

Indigenous Principle vs Law.; What our people need to know when interfacing with the US legal system as a indigenous heritage to America person.

All Registrants are required to come to FIAAH after all coursework is completed located at Yumwija , near Princeton, West Virginia for final processing and Induction graduaton.. Logistics to FIAAH and lodging will be made available ..

The American Heritage Registry accepts applications for registration into the institute for Indigenous America Studies on a first received, first served basis . Please send application without delay to start processing.



P.S To learn more about our indigenous inheritance; check out our YouTube video “ Who are the black Americans Pt,1 &2”.  To find it directly, go to the You Tube search and write in: “”.  Spread the word.!!!

We look forward to seeing you become “FREE “ soon.

In our Ancestral language Aquecheway.