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International representative info.

Ambassador Honorable RaDine A. Harrison-Pitts

Ambassador RaDine A Harrison is the representative for F.I.A.A.H. advocates Internationally with the Organization for American States, United Nations, and other affiliate international bodies for the people of America heritage descendants as Amerindians racially identified as black Americans to receive their human rights to live on their home on Earth with the human dignity to factual ethnic heritage identity recognition, fundamental indigenous and human rights for Indigenous people with representation as part of the Indigenous world community. She travels extensively throughout the Americas investigating in search of the remaining vestiges of Amerindian heritage culture of Earth, while sharing education to Amerindian people living in the Americas about the Declaration for Indigenous Rights.

  • Ambassador RaDine A. Harrison- is on numerous international committees for drafting recommendations and negotiations of international law legislation protecting Indigenous people from ethnic cleansing or genocide… Ambassador. RaDine Harrison has worked with the following international committees. . UN Women’s Environmental Education Caucus, CAIPCD Negotiation committee for the Draft American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights( Geneva) Indigenous Caucus committee- United Nations Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, adopted in 2007 and the United States became signatory in 2011.
  • Southern Caucus of NGOs in Sustainable Development. UN Indigenous Education committee.
  • Ambassador RaDine A. Harrison – continues in negotiating partnerships for FIAAH with the following international organizations; WIPO, UNESCO, UNEP, UN Consultative status with ECOSOC. and DPI.

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