Department of America Heritage Registration

Serves as the Bureau of vital records for Amerindian/Anisazi heritage Peoples who are descendants from Amerindian females classified as Amerindian/ Negro population of people still living under the United States.

The Geneva Project is an ongoing campaign established 1998 to collect and document the remaining indigenous descendants from America ‘s heritage females race as Anisazi Peoples ethnically called Amerindians renamed Negro/Black Americans who recognize . their original ancestral ethnic origins as the direct descendants of ancient America or America aka American Indians or Amerindians.

The Geneva Project operates the following registrations:

The America Heritage Databank is a data bank of documented black Americans individual and family claims to their America Indian heritage via mother, grandmothers, great-great grandmothers etc , for recognition as descendants belonging to the indigenous America collective of people still living in the United States territories in North America.

The America Heritage Registry is for recognition of the continuation of descendants of Peoples belonging to Anasazi/ Amerindian/ Negro Heritage as Indigenous America still recognizing their heritage culture, consciousness and purpose as a part of the nature of America.


The registry database will ensure the descendants from the original America race called the “Anisazi peoples” ethnically referred to as the American Indian or Amerindians race population and racially renamed Negro- will be included in the calculation of the remaining indigenous lineages of descendants belonging to the original America heritage race.


People from Americas heritage who register will be eligible to continue to receive protection and benefits from affirmative action, international Human right laws and indigenous rights declarations , as Indigenous Americans,- instead of artificial classification as immigrants descendants to America belonging to female ancestral heritage from Africa . as African Americans living in the United States.

Over the last 50 years the United States has promoted through higher education and Media towards Negro people to change their ethnic identity as Negro of America into a new political category for immigrant’s minorities called African Americans. Today the direct descendants of Anasazi/ Amerindian people ethnically identified by the racial identity of Negro are being falsely re- classified by the United States. as African Americans. The result from this re classification of the Amerindian people as Immergrant minorities to America will remove them from receiving any benefits from treaties, made in the past with the United States and their direct Anisazi/ Negro ancestors. The new classification will also remove all obligations the United States have to continue to honor the direct continuation of “America” population fundemental right to naturalization as a part of America as their heritage home on Earth, and lose their eligibility  for a   claim to their inalienable human and, fundamental rights to Self-determination in America as Indigenous heritage descendants to America . “America” as African Americans, are now defined as belonging to a foreign based ethnic group or immigrant’s minorities. Immigrant’s minorities do not have inalienable rights to belong or live in a section of Earth they do not have an ancestral heritage connection to. Therefore, immigrant minorities have civil privileges extended to them by the hosting governments. Governments can deport the non- indigenous population from the Earth the government have control over to anywhere on the planet.

YES, it is always the people s responsibility to respect their ancestral ethnic identity connection from the females who created them to where their ancestry is connected by heritage blood to the Earth. If a people ignore this serious fact and adopt a artificial identity that places them outside of their ancestral Earth section for LIFE support connection. They will be tricked into forfeiting their fundamental right to life sustaining support from the Earth. In other words if you forget where you belong on the Earth, you can lose your right to belong on the Earth.

The heritage registration insures Anasazi/ Amerindians aka American Indians/Negro/ Black American descendants are NOT classified as immigrant minorities identified as African Americans  by the United America. The registry for Indigenous Heritage Ancestry ensures  people who register their   rights to the enforcements of human rights,   civil rights,   fundamental freedoms as indigenous people, and treaty agreements made originally   with their collective Ancestors,   which guaranteed   access to economic equality, to live and sustain their viability in their home on Earth with the United States in exchange for allowing the  occupation of the Anisazi Heritage section inheritance with  EARTH to be used as land to create a new Nation called The United States of America.  All direct  heritage descendants aka Negro or black Americans can  reclaim their original ethnic ancestral identity inheritance from their ancestors as being a non- extinct peoples living in their home on Earth  called America.  The continuation of the  Anasazi race is viable , release the Artificial racial identity being placed upon us for our extinction by European colonizers,  and correct the ethnic identity for ancestral heritage origins for the descendants with the racial identity of “ Negro”   as African Americans back   to Indigenous Americans.

Black Americans who are descendants from American Indian Heritage unions (Mother-grandmother, great grandmother Indian and Negro father, or Negro grandmother, Negro Father Etc.) _are  considered the direct continuation of the  Indigenous population to America.

 Indigenous people to a section of soil on the planet Earth are directly affected from environmental destruction to the Eco bio-sphere of their  heritage home  for living with  Earth.. When the environment of their home on Earth is stripped, the people directly connected with it (by blood of the mother) will start to die from immune deficiency diseases, they will die along with the environmental destruction. This is a form of  collective genocide. Indigenous people have an unconditional right recognized through all International mandates and conventions to maintain the essential s needed to sustain their viability of their collective heritage population in their home on Earth and oppose any ACTS, Laws aimed to allow environmental destruction, deportation and forced participation in Wars for artificial nation-states as governments.

In order for the United States to be a Nation over the heritage soil America, it has to transfer the Earth inheritance from the people belonging to the soil- to the United States.  Anisazi/ American Indians racially identified as Negro/Black Americans are naturalized into the United States through the issuance of the Birth Certificate. The issuance of the Birth certificate from the United States represents the American Indian heritage inheritance ( soil) claim inheritance belonging to the mother, and child  unknowingly being transferred to the , United States..   Once transferred the Childs Earth inheritance is placed under United States jurisdiction as its citizen and loses their inalienable rights from their “America heritage” inheritance to their soil of America in exchange for  civil privileges  with  the United States. All black America population of  people have the choice to reclaim their “America” inheritance rights from the United States.

The registry will allow  the population of  America to fight to stop the United States from removing the people of America from their  fundamental human, indigenous rights and treaty responsibilities belonging to them as direct continuation of America population and create viable solutions for Black Americans to save their remaining Earth as Earth as  land inheritances. .

The registry will allow the currently living population of  America To reclaim the correct and factual ethnic identity belonging to the Heritage of America population of people, as the indigenous race to America of Anasazi people  with America, originally called the American Indians, as a result allowing the children of American to have collective  respect towards  belonging to their race population, and to reconnect to their allegiance to life and fundamental right to LOVE for their people.

To insure people of   America  right to affirmative action towards economic equality.

Give the factual leverage people of America needs to demand Reparations for stolen wealth from industry and the  heritage cultural civilization of their ancestral heritage collective humanity.

  To prevent the United States from erasing   the children of “America”     unconditional right from heritage to live in America as indigenous America or  Naturalized Americans. 

Stop efforts by the United States to remove U.S.citizenship for children of America, under the artificial classification of African  immigrants to the United States in America from deportation to countries in Africa open for refugees from the United States to Africa  through using ” Homeland Security Laws” now and   for our future generations.

Implement the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, and the United Nations  Declaration for Indigenous Rights” 2007, for the protection of civilian populations in circumstances of emergency and armed conflict, and stop recruitment of indigenous individuals against their will (draft) into the armed forces.

Stop the intervention by the U.S towards illegal and internationally  recognized crimes against humanity of  removing the  young children belonging to  females of  America and   families from their home and   extended family community thru U.S Human Service   public policy laws into foster care  for adoption by   people outside their race(including homosexuals)  .

  Indigenous people of  America identified as black America   today can hold United States accountable to International law mandates ratified by the United States that protect collectives of people from National agendas, laws and programs that institute crimes against the humanity of people called GENOCIDE.

To give a strong platform to the people of America to advocate for the implementation of international laws, to monitor, stop, and prevent the continuation of the destruction of the environmental bio-sphere that is needed to sustain the viability of the race of indigenous American heritage, called Black Americans today into the future

AND A lot More…

The record documentation will correct and stop the false classification of American Indians descendants (Black Americans) as immigrant minorities identified as African Americans from disqualification to their inalienable rights for receiving the billions of dollars owed to them from the United States for the use of their natural resources from their homeland…

The record will recognize the actual population, allowing factual self calculation of indigenous heritage linage living in America and help recognize the effects of the implementation of U/S. Policy laws and how they have been used towards undermining the fundamental rights to self determination and freedom to protect America from destruction and consumption.

It allows Black American people as a collective to advocate     for protection to implement your rights for enforcement of International laws and mandates relating to fundamental rights and freedoms afforded to people who are the original inheritors to the planet Earth section called America.

The record will   give the correct recognition to people who have been miss- represented as African Americans the correct focus   for a remedy to stop the extinction of the race and  their home on Earth.

Over the last seven generations, the Negro leadership focus has been to abandon individual accountability to be productive and collective responsibility to protect the viability of their heritage race future generations in America . Instead the focus agenda  (thru the  Negro Christian church and U.S. higher educational system) – is  the assimilation( re-conditioning) of the females of America and their future generations into a position of “consumers” of their home on Earth instead of “producers” from their home on Earth, and to live  corrupting their lives for personal indulgences. The result has undermined the viability of the future generations for the Anisazi race to exist independently in their home on Earth of America.

The direction started by the American Indian men supporting slavery of the females for america in the United States lost the civil war ,the American Indian men promoting themselves as Negro/     leadership in the 1868’s, –   supported  the Civil Rights treaty allowing civil Privileges to American Indian men as Negros in the U,S. in exchange for cloaking the factual ethnic identity  of the females with america  along with dismantling their ancient culture and civilization.. The  promotion for changing the Ethnic heritage identity belonging to the heritage of America from Negro to African Americans   thru Pan-Africanism has, helped   the United States systems   for ethnic cleansing or genocide ( racism) using institutionalized systems of   exploitation and discrimination against the descendants of the heritage of America in its   attempts   to stop the perpetuation     of original America heritage race (Negro) belonging to the Earth section called America : and erase their ethnic identity connection to America, heritage culture, human dignity, generational sustainability from the   natural environment (tree’s)   with America. 

The promotion of ethnic identity change for U.S. benefits has changed the focus of the Negro people   to sustain their collective self-determination and   has allowed the systems needed to maintain the viability of the future generation of   America/ Negro/ Black  people and the extended environment to sustain them to be systematically attacked and destroyed   to create   national wealth   for the United States at the expense of the people of America termed Negro people and their future generations.

Once registered, the claim guarantees peoples indigenous to America/Negro/black their Human Rights to indigenous ethnic identity recognition as a part of the continuation of the living- direct lineages from the original race for American Indian heritage, creating the original Nations of Anisazi people in North, Central and South America who developed the advanced Mound builders civilization of the New World. The Life claims will acknowledge to the U.S and the world community, the fact,  people of indigenous America still have a cognitive awareness about their indigenous ancestral planetary  connection to America and recognize they are the factual descendants belonging to America heritage as Amerindians   The race of Anisazi people who are t classified as Negro’s are not completely unconscious to their connection to their planetary Earth soil placement belonging to America and still acknowledge the verbal identity given to them from their grandmothers as the original race inhabitants called American Indians. All people of America who claim their life heritage recognition will be recognized as the full-blooded lineages from the only heritage race  in North America. These people will represent the continuation of the original lineages of the sovereign people with unconditional rights to fundamental freedom towards self determination to sustain the environment for the viability of the race in their heritage inheritance from the planet Earth, called America.

Claim your Right to life. Claim your Humanity, Claim your   Human Dignity to Ethnic Identity today!!!!!