Belize Update: December 2017 – April 2018

Aquechewa everyone, Well it’s time for Adventures in Belize.

 I hope everyone is ready for more adventures with me as I  continue   my  journey into the discovery of living with our planet Earth. Living thru our Life Nature.

The travel to Belize by plane is always a grueling experience. I got to Belize on November 30th  in the early afternoon, I missed the 1pm express to Punta Gorda, so I had to take the finale bus to Punta Gorda at 3:30 pm arriving in Punta Gorda by 9 pm. The express bus is  an  old greyhound bus, the bus only stops and pick up people at major junctions. I arrived at night in PG. When I got off the bus someone passed me by and welcomed me back. As I walked I saw people I knew and they greeted me,  warmly welcome back,  I knew I was at my second home.

Let the adventure and learning begin, I checked into the local hotel, I wanted to go to Jammas, a restaurant a brother from Harlem built on his Earth. The place is a masterpiece. He built his restaurant on the third floor of his house complex. The restaurant has a bay leave roof. Which keeps it very cozy, he made swinging tables to eat on, he has  satellite hook up so he gets all the United States and international channels. I love eating there, the food is like fast food finest  only it is in Belize, chicken and vegetarian burgers  with a variety of combinations, home fries, and specialty drinks.

I don’t think there is a place like his anywhere in the country. When I looked at the time it was late and I wasn’t sure they would be open on a Thursday night. So I went to the Chinese’s place and got a order of fried chicken. When I stay again  overnight in PG I will make it a point to go to Jammas.

I was anxious to get home. I got up early ,it was Friday and everybody comes out on Friday to buy fresh produce for the weekend. People in the community also make all kinds of goodies to sell. Mrs Ann my neighbor also sell’s in town on Friday, I did not want to miss her. She makes the best in town tamales’  cooked from scratched the old fashion way , they are cooked in leaves.. She arrives around 7 am  and she is sold out by 10 am. Mrs Ann was waiting to see me, the word had gotten out I was coming so people were expecting me. I was late, they also knew my husband David had just passed, so they were just glad to see me..

The Refrigerator

 Once I  found Mrs Ann, her sister Olive was with her. People here are very close knit, everyone related to the bloodline in Kinfolk. Ms. Olive informed me ,Today is the Black Friday sale.. I was so elated, I was waiting for this sale to come to buy a refrigerator from the states.. I like the refrigerators from the state because they are bigger and they do not frost up.. I knew there was a reason I made sure I got here before December. Mels annual black Friday sale. People  come from villages and towns around, waiting in lines , to catch this once a year event.  Everything you want to use in a house is sold here, everything is used, but in good condition. so the prices are reasonable. In earlier updates, I  wrote about living without a refrigerator, how  I learned  you really don’t need one. You eat only what you need , I learned most of the stuff we refrigerate does not need refrigeration, it last longer if it is not put in the refrigerator,  however, I would like the freshly made watermelon juice to last more than a few hours, putting  it in the refrigerator keeping it chill would be wonderful or keeping the watermelon chilled, until used  would be a nice touch added to paradise. I could buy  bigger  sized fish have them cut into steaks and store the fish steaks in the freezer, allowing me to make Conch fritters, fish panadas,, I can make fresh key lime pie no bake, Wow. .

Olive said  “ It is going on right now, it started at 8am it is now 10:30, you better go  before everything is gone” I asked Ms Ann was she looking for anything special at the sale ,she was interested in washer machines, ok, I will be back an ran off. The line was shorter, but the cashier lines was out the door . People everywhere, I quickly found the refrigerator section  there were only a few left that weren’t sold. There price ranges were from 650 to 1500 bze. There was a  big silver late model two door with the freezer  at the bottom for 1500bze, or 750.00 US. I like others was looking at that one. It was nice, To keep a refrigerator  on hold you had to put a deposit on it. I was ready to give a deposit,  then I thought do I really need something that big,  Now that  I know how to live without a refrigerator, I really don’t need something so big, I really need more freezer capacity.  I also didn’t want to pay  more than 500 US. So , I let it go ,and looked  again at the white double door Kenmore for 750.00 bze or 350.00 US, it was not too big and not too small and not so expensive…So I  bought it before some else did. Wow, what a morning , I came back just in time, I have a new addition to add to the the Luk Makoo complex. I was ready to go home, I caught my unusual bus and went home.

The Status of Luk Makoo

When I arrived home the place was cleared and look very pretty. The house was ok, the drains looked fine as if they were working well.  So far so good. I opened the door and the place  was empty, dusty, but for the most part untouched, I was so elated, to know I am accepted in the community, they did not robb the place. I cleaned the place up , everything I had cleaned and packed away before was  smelly . so I decided instead of washing by hand to take everything to the laundry in PG, to the  cost of 42.00 bze to clean.. I mentioned to  Jada the laundry attendant about the smell. She laughed and explain the smell was the smell of Belize. Everyone complains of the smell, but  you do not smell it when you here, it creeps into everything, even your stored food.. the curtains had spots on them, I found out it is because of the rain. Wow, Nature leaves its mark.

As I am writing this update, I have so much fresh food to eat. Mr Collis the  Agree Culture farmer, brings me fresh coconut water almost everyday. The garden was growing mustards and the Chai Tree has fresh new leaves, I also have two papaya trees growing in my garden and 2 tall okra plants, Wild onions, and two  large squash from the garden was waiting for me. Wow, The tress I planted were still alive, and this year I intend to continue building paradise, I  will expand the vine garden and plant more variety of squash, I will also expand the planting of trees., all in all Life is good here.

Learning to live in Belize is my Life school house, here you learn by doing, being a part of. This is what is missing in the states, people just want to  see then receive. Life does not work that way.  You must be a part of creation to receive creation production. There is an exchange of energy. This is what our people is missing how to work with  Life energy.

Benefits of living in Natural buildings.

Many  sisters and brothers have bad perceptions about living with a Natural building, they think they will be missing something , They never consider they are already missing something a healthier  Life experience.

One of the benefits to Building your own Natural house, is you can fix it, without much problem. You apply more creativity, therefore no one can steal anything from you, you made it once you can make it again.. You have the know how… there is no fear of want and no Mortgage to  keep robbing you…

 I love living in the Luk Makoo house. I sleep better in the natural house than the housed built in the States, I also feel the  beds we use to sleep may not help.

I have noticed the difference. I feel when I am living in West Virginia vs Living in Belize.

West Virginia is very beautiful, the air is fresher and I feel the energy outside, but I do not feel the energy flowing inside the house, I am quite sure it is because of the shape. To facilitate energy flow, I keep all the windows and the doors open. Yet, I feel best on the deck, in a covered location but open.

I love living in West Virginia better than living in the houses in the cities. The houses may look nice, but they do not feel nice. Often times I can’t breath in them.. Hotels are even worst. Sleeping in the states  is like going thru the motions of sleep with out getting any real sleep. Indigenous people are not meant to live in Tombs nor live inside closed boxes. Many people lock themselves in their houses only to find themselves dying in them.

The Luk Makoo House

The house made of Clay in Belize, I feel just as good inside as outside. I have a deeper sleep, My eyes feel better. A few days after sleeping here I  start to feel deeply rested. Calm, relaxed, I  start waking up soon after daybreak and my body shuts down3-4-hours after sundown. My body goes t o sleep giving me a complete 8 hours rest cycle. Currently I am waking around 6am central, I  have found- the best time to build life energy is in the morning and to disperse energy  or exercise in the evening before you rest. I also realize I like living in the Luk Makoo house better than the current houses in West Virginia. I feel better.

 So I will build a  Luk Makoo house in West Virginia

 I am amazed again, how the wealth in Life is not in the perception of rich living of the world.

Simply  put “ Primitive is the wealthiest way to go………

Life Loves “ Me”

There was a terrible incident  not to far from Luk Makoo.  I was told about an elderly Maya woman house was robbed and she was cut and raped… the assailants may be from around the area, but nobody knows who….I was informed , “ I should be carefull. The lady lived alone, their may be men in the night looking to rob houses of single ladies. …”

At first it sounded strange, there are no  elderly Maya females living alone. They live with their children around them, but I was alarmed, how far is she from me I asked?

I was told she lived right up the hill, I wondered why Ms Ann did not mention this to me, maybe because I had not seen  Ms Ann yet.

I was told “ I better be on the look out… “

After hearing the news, I felt uneasy, I had to ask myself, what does this mean?

I quickly informed the person telling me this horrible news,, about the police coming here to use my entrance driveway as  a check point, to search cars and trucks for drugs. They come at night without warning, I would not make a good target…

The whole conversation left me feeling concerned… I thought I better stop slacking off on my life rituals and candle burning.. I have not kept up with keeping my candles  lit as I used too.  I  always feel a big difference too..

Then I began to think, I lived here in the bush for over a year and a half now. Last November 2016 I came to a house that was almost completely destroyed and completely flooded with 3 ft of standing water, 8 walls completely missing and 4 badly damage. The site was completely open, I put up my tent, and stayed in the open, yet I knew and felt completely secure  Living under the  Bay leaf roof the house completely disappears at night.. Today the sugarcane has grown over 10ft high, it blocks the complete visibility of the  entrance  to the house from the lower street below.  You would never know the place exist. A completely private paradise……

Would life let someone hurt me, . I never though about this before.  I have travelled all over the world alone, I have lived in other places, I never had fear. I never had duoght Am I doing everything Life wants me to do….

All of a sudden I felt a sense of fear. Fear is a feeling I don’t live with anymore.  Giving into fear breeds  more fear. When you think you will get robbed, then you will  it into creation  an alter reality.

Since I have come to Beleize, I have never had to dear anyone… The Life journey has been filled with new learning experiences and filled with angels along the way. Yes I have had challenges, but I have wanted for nothing. Everything I needed has been provided for. The community has embraced me with open arms. Life has placed me at the perfect spot, to some I am their angel too. So, why would that change? NOW!!! “UUUHmmmmmm “ I pondered. I had Edward my helper  file the machete, I  am learning to use better.

Edward is  clay plastering the walls the recipe we created is make them look smooth, he is doing a nice job with the final touches.

That day I did not workout as planned instead I went to the store, I was coming home from the store, now it was dark and I saw a light running towards me, I was not sure if it was a bike or someone.  I found myself moving to the side, trying to get out of the light, so I ducked into the dark surroundings, thinking the light would no longer expose me, the light would pass me by, to my surprise they saw  where I was standing and stopped. It was a young man running  with a headlight on. He spoke to me. Startalled ,that he saw me, he stated that he saw I was getting out of the light ,  was I scared ,have I heard what happened to the woman on the hill, who lived alone, her house was robbed and she was rape. I should not venture anywhere alone.. I felt  why is he telling me this. I found myself feeling defensive. I told him I will be alright I am not alone.

I tried not to think about it, but all kinds of horrible thoughts ran through my mind…. I went to bed, What would I do?, what would I say? If someone wanted my passport, money or credit cards.

Should I hide my stuff just in case… I also remembered the  last time  I hid my  driver license and credit cards, I forgot where  I hid them. To this day I  do not know where they are. It was more hassle than it was worth having to replace them.

Since then I do not hide stuff so I can’t find them. I remember when my car was broken into. I forgot and left the money in the car. The person broke into the car to get the radio and failed to see the money sitting on the seat… he did not get the radio or the money, just made a mess.. I laugh, I knew he had a wild experience a really bad night….lol

 Anyway, I started to fell perplexed. Life  has always protected me, why stop now. Life loves me . I need to learn what really happened. I got my prayer book. And said the 23rd indigenous psalm, I was tired now, my body is shutting down, but my mid was still imagining this terroristic event happening to me. I got up and got the machete and put it by my bed. I realized the house is not that easy to break into, if at all. I built security into the house Once it is closed it is secure, the window bars are built into the house. The only way into the house is to break down the front door and that can’t be done without making a lot of noise, giving me the advantage. I pushed the thoughts out of my mind, said my evening prayer and went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up from a deep sleep hearing the Coucoo birds, natures alarm clock LOL.. Everything is fine..

I gave thanks to mother father Earth. I knew I was protected. I am there baby!!

Edward came around 7:30 am to start the day. He is continuing plastering the walls. I was going to write this update, the morning progressed nicely, when I heard someone talking to Edward. It was one of the school teacher bringing his wife to  see me. I was surprised to see them. In our conservation I asked where they lived, they answered on the Hill, Really,,, We are the big house on the hill with the lights.. I asked did they hear about a woman who was robbed and raped, is she there neighbor. They answered ,they did not know of this incident.

I said: “Really”

 The  teacher laughed, yes there was an incident, it happened at his driveway. The woman was in a cab going  home to San Antonio. The man driving the cab robbed her. He was not from this area, he did not break into her house or rape her. Everything is ok

I said to myself; Life sent them this morning to give me a message.

Life wanted me to know the truth and explain what really happened. I feel elated – to have no doubts and no fear I am protected, as my life ship continues to be steady as she goes……

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine 


Belize Update.. Jan 2017/18

Aquechewa everyone, Well it’s time for Adventures in Belize.

 I hope everyone is ready for more adventures with me as I continue   my journey into the discovery of living with our planet Earth. Living thru our Life Nature  or Emotion

Follow up “ Life loves me”

I want to send thanks to all the people who liked the updates. As far as the robbery and rape incident, I haven’t   though about the incident anymore. I did ,however take it as a warning  for not forgetting as long as I stay being creative I will be alright. When I become a consumer and have  to many things, it will draw theft. Most people look at material things as personal possessions, however this is not true to the logic of emotions, if you did not create it or apply it to be used in a larger process of creating, then it is  considered something expendable.. People with a lot of expendables, often will attract people who will thieve then..

As long as I keep “Luk Makoo simply creative. I should not have any problems. I put some solar lights around the walkway to the front door, where it is completely private and will not draw attention at night.

The solar lights  at night allows the place to look simply elegant


Send more Pics!!

I  will send pics as soon as I get the camera. Unfortunately I left my personal bag   with the camera in it , in the states. LOL I know how can I forget my carry on, but I did, I said to myself , wow this must mean I don’t really need it. I have to create  what I need from the resources available to me  here.  So far I have, I am taking pictures from my phone, I have not learned how to Tran sphere them to the computer. If I learn before I complete this update I will include them if not, maybe next update for sure………

Ethnic Politics……

In Belize like in the states there social politics, an artificial tugawar of attitudes applied to different groups of people  that is the foundation for how  collective dominance or submission is maintained. In Belize  politics are more ethnic than racial. In Belize it appears there is no  racial disharmony, as though most of the people are of color…, However it is through  attitudes towards  different ethnic  heritage (females) that keep the tugawar  between ethnic and gender social dominance in place….. The social culture created by the British caste system is still in full effect today….

The social culture established in Belize is cognate to  passive ethnic genocide. Watching the social  political, dynamics as an outsider is very interesting. Maneuvering around and thru the ethnic and gender politics dynamics, brings quite a few challenges.

In  an earlier update I explained the  dynamics I witnessed between the different  ethnic groups of men.

Now, that more Indigenous people are coming to live in Belize from the States. They come running from the racism they experience in the States, ignoring the social culture functioning in Belize, because of this grave mistake, they often are disappointed   with the outcomes.

To better explain my point……

Last visit I wrote about the young sister from NY who opened a restaurant in town,, when I came back 6 months later, I hoped she still would be open, even though I saw grave mistakes made by ignoring  the dynamics of ethnic politics. Now somewhat disillusioned by  having to fold..

Most brothers and sisters who come from the states see themselves in the  social caste position as being indirectly  the same as the  WHITES              To the Belizeans , yes, we are outsiders, but we are not considered WHITE. We are different Negros than the Negros of Belize( Creol)- but not superior caste as the Whites. And the sane stigmas are applied to Sisters from the states as  with all  Negro females of America…

Here the caste system is –

All whites support whites and a few Chinese.

Mennonites-  Immigrant Germans- these people have nothing to do with the people of color in Belize, they  are socially closed.  Example: they will ride the bus with the other people, but will not sit with them. They use the Belizean people as there consumers only. Merchant class

Spanish mixed-  Descendants of  Spanish Europeans. Merchant class

 Chinese- These people have nothing to do with the people  Merchant class

Negro-Creole- Indigenous male – men who participated in the  British slave trade, but not white or mixed.- work for government

Cooley East Indian- immigrant- descendants of females slaves from the depopulation of India.  (house slaves ). They have  integrated into the merchant class, education and government.

Garifuna-  Indigenous female collective, settled here after the  British invasion of St. Vincent island. But before the establishment of British  Belize- work for government-  consumers

Mestitio Asian —-immigrant descendants from female  slave deposited from Asia – (peasant slaves) local labors, cheap labor.

Then there is the females

 The merchant class females have nothing to do  or say to the females of color..

The east Indian females   feel they are superior to the  other females of color especially the Negro and Garifuna females.  Yet , these females  are always marring Negro or Garifuna   men, when they can’t get their own. And there men are always chasing Negro or Garifuna females.

The Asian females stay to themselves and their men stay with them. But they to will sleep with Negro men. However,  it is regarded as a crime in the community and the females who get pregnant by other races of  men. They are beaten and  expelled from the community.. they are considered  females of no respect or concubines…

The stigma of  no respect or concubine is also applied to Al  females of America. Whether you are Garifuna or Negro,  being from the states, gives you a little more wiggle room.  For the most part the sisters down here go thru the same brutality from prejudice as the sisters in the states. If you carry the blood of America, you are stigmatized, the tugawar is against you. This harsh reality is the same where ever you go.  Everyone know America is ours, and everyone knows our Earth with America is being denied  and robbed from us. Anybody who is living on America, will not do anything to strength the people with America.

When the young sister opened a much need eatery,  with very  tasty and creative dishes,  the Negro community came to visit  when it opened, but  the east Indian community ,  Maya, Garifuna,, merchant class, did not.. the people with the money… they only support whites and their own.

She was left with mainly the  few tourist, . she could not understand why the much larger community did not support her.  2nd Her prices were high, most people do not go out to eat because all the females cook at home. Entertainment is at home..  Dinning or eating outside the home is a European  culture practice. 

 The men eat out  and the  females eat  foods for on the go once in a while

Even so, they will not support a Negro female, that is taboo!!!! She was perplexed  by the social politics ., she found out  about the  allegiance people had to their  female collective power. They will sell to you but not buy  from you. She supports everybody.. she felt everyone should think like her. In contrast our people will support anyone,

 If we want to create a economy we have to support our culture, and supply the  products needed for  our life support ourselves with each other first.. There will not be any extra support from anyone else..  we have no allegiance to know one. As a result no one has one to us

The Hammock Bed.

Well I finally had my bed made. I have been sleeping  on the floor for quite some time now, and believe it or not, really like it. I made a very comfortable bed on the floor. . I think better and have a very restful sleep.  I  heard about the hammock bed, I rest in a hammock every day, hammocks are great to.  These primitive  ways of  sitting are very emotionally calming. I can draw in a hammock and enjoy  the  complexity  of nature in its simplicity. A  Catche man in the village makes all kinds of  furniture including beds.  He told me about the beds  the Maya sleep on, he said they were like hammocks just in a  flat bed shape.

 If I bought the wood  for a fee he would build the bed,, finally I may be able to get the benefits of both worlds. I like being close to the ground but not on the ground. Lets try   a stick hammock bed.  (Include pics).  The bed  frame was wood, but the  inner bed was made out of string. The bed looked very  strong., the strings went in both directions..  to give the bed a added twist he added  a  stick headboard. The first night  sleeping  on the bed I sunk into it, I tried to fit into it.  The bed sank in the middle, like a hammock, so I let my body sink into it. I knew this bed was going to give me problems, My Neck hurt after the first night, my lower back the next night, by the 5th  night every part of my body was in pain.   The strings were taunt but loosening, I knew this bed was going to get looser in a short amount of time.  I have to abandon my idea. THIS IS NOT WORKING.  Well, back to the drawing board. I know sleeping in hammocks is a wonderful experience, I have seen so many people stop sleeping in  flat beds after sleeping in one. I will have to fine a hammock bed that is long enough to comfortably fit me. Until then, my version of  hammock bed will have to be converted into a regular one…….

  It’s Cold

Wow, I was wondering why the weather has been so coooold,  . The sun has not shown for at least 2 weeks, it has been mentioned it is so gloomy. I have come to Belize for years and everyday sun, sun, sun,. even if it rains, for a hour the sun comes out. Not untl  2 years ago, I experienced a day that was completely cloudy, Last year I experienced not only completely cloudy days, but  rainy too. The sun would come  and go, then rain again. Since the last week in December, the weather has been getting worse. First the rain and then the cool  and then the cold. A breeze swept in that  felt  fidget cold. I never felt anything like that before,  Ice cube cold. People who had coats put them on, I know that it can get cold in January down here, but  it only drops to the 60’s, I am ok with that. But this cold felt very different., the air was making my fingers cold. . It was the air, and the breeze kept on coming.  I felt cold.,  I went to check what is going on in the upper half of America.  I saw the storm and I knew it would have an effect down here …. Due to the gloomy  skies, it is effecting people, the minute it looks like the sun will come out and dry everything out , people go a scurrng to get a move on things.  Once the sun leaves, everything slows down. Including  business . It is still more comfortable here than being in 0 to minus 0 weather, but having gloomy weather poses its  challenges too.

I like others pray for the sun again. and look forward to the sunny days…….

Earthquake near Belize

I know by now most of you have heard about the Earthquake in the Caribbean. The 7.6 earthquake sent a tsunami warning throughout the Caribbean sea coast, including the coastal areas of Belize. A radio and phone text was sent   to all coastal towns in Belize, this included Punta Gorda  and neighboring villages,. The message sent  by the prime minister of Belize, told everyone they has less than an hour to move to higher ground, evacuate the coast.

Around 10:30 pm  that night, I was snuggled in my bed, sleeping with rambling thoughts, when I heard  a  sound, it sounded like a bird call, but it wasn’t, I felt it. My senses immediately  became alert, . I said to myself, it is probably nothing, but wait and see, still  physically sleep, I heard it again, my senses made me pop out of the bed and look for my machete. I quickly  quietly started looking to see what happening outside, when I heard car doors slam, then voices, then voices of children. I said to myself HUUUH ok, what’s this?????

I peaked out my window, and then went outside, Outside of my walkway, was a car full of people  a total of 6 people 4 adults and 2 small children.  They were responding to  the tsunami  alert to move  to higher ground.

They  informed me of the quake and the tsunami alert.  My phone did not ring, I live in the Maya Mountains, my house did not shake. I felt nothing…

I thought wow!!! How wonderful  it is having Life as your  guardian. When I was looking at  Earth spots in Belize. I was told by Life consciousness not to be on the coast or directly next to a river.. The location I have is Perfect. Luk Makoo is  depending on the direction 11 to 18 miles from the coast, as though water does not follow mans direction, I am at lease 11 miles from the  direct coast.  . when I found this spot of Earth. I was told I should also   use it as a shelter, a place where people could  come to get out of harms way. The house is elevated, but there is an higher spot about 100 feet above the house that would be where a shelter could be built. Since then I have looked at the  lay of the Earth where I am located. I realized,  My neighbors and I are nestled on top of high hills, while the village is actually below us..

The people got out of there car and everybody piled in. this is the first group of people to bunk up here. The outside is done, but the interior is still under construction. .

I  didn’t realized I was in my night  shirt., I was basically still asleep,  my brain was shut down.. My hair was not neat, I had started to take out my corn rolls, when I got tired and went to bed. As though no one lives with me. Appearance is not a big concern. I looked  quite  interesting to be nice  I do not use modern conveniences  here,  I collect everything my body makes,  there is no waste, except for plastic goods, and I do not accumulate plastic  to much. Once a week, I take the plastic I accumulate and take it to the dump. Living in Brazil taught me  not to make waste. A whole family of 5 would not make  enough waste to fill a Walmart shopping bag. Everything organic goes back to be recycled into life. All non organics is used to facilitate life process. There I saw what a beautiful and purpose filled the process of  life  really is. When I came back to the states, I saw the opposite, how we are constantly being influenced to collect inorganic  waste.  I found when I stopped going to the supermarket, inorganic waste almost completely disappeared.

Now, I have the refrigerator, filled with juice and  fruit waters.  That’s all I had to offer as though I  am just starting to make cooked food in bulk. I am finding ways to completely become an Earth enthused eater.  Creating food from what is available to me from nature. Nature is my supermarket…

The first thing we did was check the internet for weather updates, but there was none, However, I did not feel we were in jeopardy,  I took the experience as a wake up call to be  prepared  for when it does happen. They asked could they spend the night. At first glance I don’t   have accommodations for them. And then I though of  how we could make do. Low and behold.  I pulled out the queen size air mattress, then I though a couple could sleep in the Loft on the twin  foam cushion bed, the hammock, the lounge chairs, . I had one blanket, they brought a blanket and pillow. 

Next thing I knew, we had figured out how everyone could sleep, crude but  safe.. I realized  the next time I come  I  should bring down some extra airbeds and blankets, I already have a tent here . We did it, everyone   made it thru the night. Now , how am I going to feed them.  I got some GRITS,  .sardines fish and okra on the vine. Crude but filling. 

The next morning, we saw everything was fine.  Actually  , the alert was cancelled by the time they arrived at my house.  Wow, the power of perception, they could have went home, but instead they got over there fear of the bush and bunked out in the Maya mountains. I thanked them for coming and being the first guest at the Luk Makoo house. Don’t hesitate to stop by again. Hopefully under better circumstances. LOL

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine 


Belize update Jan 2017*18

Aquechewa again everyone.,  I heard how tough  the weather has been, I  can imagine how stressful it has been.  I know that you are persevering  with the changes , the weather has been crazy here too.  I hope everyone is ready for more adventures with me as I continue   my journey into the discovery of living with our planet Earth. Living thru our Life Nature  or Emotion.

Relationships in Belize

I am often amazed at the family  relationships I see every day here.

Mothers loving there daughters,  mothers training their daughters in nurturing the families they too  will one day  have.

My neighbor has the only community store in Mafredi, the shop sells items needed  in everyday use, example eggs, lighters,  shortening, flour, sugar, salt. Etc.  When I first came to Mafredi I met he mother, she minded the store everyday,  The daughter and grandchildren helped ,I started to notice over the next 3 years that the mother was in the store but not running the store anymore, the transition was so seamless,

I  started to see the daughter more and more behind the counter. I noticed the mother was slowing down. So the daughter automatically took up the slack. When the mother started  slowing down , the daughter started filling in.. The mother died last year in January. I was surprised when  she passed as though I spoke to  her the evening before she died. I found it fascinating how  the daughter had completely taken over the responsibility of  the store , and insuring   the substance income to the family from the store will continue. When the mother died every thing was alright. The Paton has successfully passed, life of the blood will go on. She could go now. It has been a year now  since she passed, the year memorial was last weekend., her grave site was cleaned, she was buried right behind the house.  Food was cooked for an all night party in her honor and memory. . Since the mother died I noticed  I see more of the granddaughter  working the store, she watches quietly everything the mother does, she is in training,  I never see her upset  over watching the store, Her mother started a dinner for the truckers that travel the road,   so while her mother is cooking at the dinner she  fills the  orders that might come into the store. I  always see her ready to jump in and do whatever  needs to be done.  She is now in the position her mother once was in. I see pride in her from taking this grown up responsibility. She likes makeup and would like to pursue cosmology, but not at the expenses  of the family security.

Over the years I have watched the girls in the community grow. The girls standing with their  mothers helping their mothers.  In this regard I will share this story

 I  walked in one day to see if she restocked, instead of buying eggs from town I give my support to the store. I buy what I can from them. I saw the mother with the assistance of her daughter making donuts to sell to the children after school. They worked with each other so smoothly, no attitudes, daughter fully engaged,  Working in unity understanding the store is their (females) livelihood. It is through the  store, that allows her mother to pay for her to continue  school to finish high school.

Another neighbor has six daughters, I watch every day the girls carrying clay jugs of water for cooking and drinking from the fresh water  stream we share to their house ,on their heads. It looks like a step latter from the  oldest to the youngest who is about six.

All the mothers show the daughters everything they do as females for the nurturing of their families. They know how to   create what they need directly from the Earth around them. They can cook with the fire heart, t o making diapers for the baby out of leaves.

The females here  value themselves as females and  so they value themselves as mothers, as a result they have and show care compassion and concern, for their daughters.

Talking as a mother to another mother, I am amazed how I don’t hear any contempt, anger, resentment . Most of the females raise the children as families with or without the father present. In the states this would be called single motherhood.

The biggest difference here is, if the mothers do not live in the shelter provide by the fathers, then they live with their families at home. The piece of  Earth belonging to there family…

Most families here have a piece of Earth to live with. The mothers bring their children back HOME. Their  is no talk of illegitimate, legitimate children.. Most females have children by more than one father.

Motherhood starts at the normal times here, most girls will be mothers before they are 20 years old. They are grandmothers by the time they are 40 years old. This is the norm… In most countries people are proud of the fact their bloodline life is flourishing into the future. They are proud grandmothers,  even though daughters come home with children…

When that happens the daughter  starts  to take the lead responsibility from the mother as though  the mother trained her well. The mother can now start to step back and lends a hand of support.

Watching the different generations co-exist in one house. I never hear of  their being a problem of the daughter having to leave with the children.

The daughter knows what is their mothers will be theirs one day and if life willing be passed down to the next  generations..

 I found this interesting how keeping these principles keep security of the family strong and value for  belonging to a network of bloodlines.

 In contrast ,when I think about our people, most of our females have no respect for the bloodline they carry ,  or see themselves as serving a greater purpose , and even less for their children. We  as females of America  living in the States do not teach  our children how to nurture each other, or support them in developing values of self respect for  the mothers bloodline to the children, most sisters tell there children nothing about their bloodline, who are they, where do our children belong on the Earth. Most people look at the females before then as  animals who lack the intelligence to know basics about their nature and self respect. We are quick to trash our heritage in favor of the lies told by the men who’s blood can not give Life.  Instead  families stigmatize their young females for  continuing the life of their bloodline   and abandoned them when they have children and we despise them if they come home. Witnessing the mother daughter relationships here exposes the  horrible  emotional corruption of our nature. And gives me validation to  support  the change of our  attitudes towards relationships with each other in order   to  save our bloodlines save our life with Earth….

Follow up  “ The  Hammock Bed”

In the last update. I shared the beautiful  hand made bed I had built  made of hammock strings.. Well, the bed is not giving me the  enough body support. I woke up  after a few nights in  pain, I am not used to not sleeping well, boy, you really lose the steam you need to accomplish  your goals of the day.  Feeling slugest is no joy!!!. Well I am going to transform the bed into a platform bed, I ‘ll keep you posted….

 Earth Cleansing: The. power of Water.

Well as you know ,  it has rained here a awful lot, and at times hard, keeping the temps low and the place damp. The  stream and pond  situated in the back of the property  is in continuous flux of fast  moving muddy water. Well , I was finally able to get down to see it, and to wash my hair, To my surprise, the floor of the stream was completely clear of debris, Even the large  tree logs that were lying at the bottom of the stream completely gone. All  there was left was sand and small snail shells, and I mean a lot of them.  The logs were removed from the stream and were laying on the  top side of the embankment ,at least 3-5 feet higher than they were in the stream. The water was silky and clear.   Even the rocks were clean. As I looked around, I did not see any  dead tree limbs hanging around, , they were gone too.  I don’t know how the logs were moved by the water, but the stream was completely cleansed of debris including  my mat, soap and bucket. However, the bucket that had my clothes to wash in it was still there. I prayed and asked the water not to take my things, I was ready to expect the worst, but to my joyful surprise the bucket was still there. I don’t know how the steam was cleansed of the heavy trees, but not my bucket. It was like the maid came to clean up,  the place was fresh with green leaves, it looked like a section of paradise with a bucket.. As I said my prayer in the water. I wondered to myself di the water get my message about the clothes.  Wow I chuckled , I gave it a kiss for not  taking the bucket.

 Productive Living vs Living for entertainment

 Living through emotion is very different than  living  for entertainment. You wake in the morning with ideas of how to create.  “ that is if you get a  restful night sleep”, the day is full of movement , building into a peak energy  flow, then it starts to wither  down, to a point of idling. I find that during the day  energy generation flows fastest  in early morning – to about 12 pm, after 12pm you should take a break to regenerate for at least 3 hours and continue thru dusk.  I find after 1 pm energy draws down,  active creativity does to. Mental activity may still be active, but emotional energy to implement  mental energy is  slow.  You forget what you are doing and  multitasking focus becomes harder.

However, being aware of  how energy flows can  take a lot of stress from living, I find I rest more. The mind is always going, thinking and I am realizing this is not good. Our intellect ( computer) needs to shut down too. That’s where entertainment comes in, I find if I stay on the computer to long, when I rest, my mind does not, it rambles on and on and on. I am afraid  many people are going to have brain dehydration, they think to much,  instead or creating. I made my clay mix for making  clay ware. I found when I did it. My mind stops rambling.  Unfortunately I have been ingesting a smoking blend I created, this time I added lose tobacco   . I found I was smoking it a lot, my nicotine   addiction kicked right in,  Next thing I knew I could not stop the rambling of the  brain.,  I knew I have to stop smoking but the addiction now in full  emotional effect  was  triggering me  to continually smoke  more.  I soon felt my emotional energy drain, I stopped building energy, instead I started   watching entertainment, living thru watching  artificial  enactments of  other people  emotional lives.  I found time, that was once under my control now passing.. Time is actually a measurement of emotional usage.  The more emotionally creative you are being productive the less time you use, the more time you have. The more intellectual time  you use without action, the more emotional  energy you use so time  moves faster, You lose time when you are  using the  intellect  without emotional  movement-creation.. I have seen this for quite a while. I have many testimonies about stopping time individually or collectively, Time is a power. Entertainment drains it. I know elders here that will not watch movies, When they told me that at first ,I  asked why?, they respond  I don’t have time to give to it. At first I thought , ok, they don’t have the attention span to sit through one. But they do watch tv,  but they also are moving and doing something, it is never there primary focus use of time.   As I go thru learning how emotions work they are right, All forms of entertainment that do not include movement drain your emotions not build them. Emotions is power.  Entertainment is a form of CONTROL.

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine 

 February 2017/18

Aquechewa again everyone  I hope everyone is ready for more adventures with me as I continue   my journey into the discovery of living with our planet Earth. Living thru our Life Nature  or Emotion.    These writings I share are unedited for the most part, I find if I get into writing as a production, it takes me out of focus and uses a lot of time . So, I prefer to stay in the flow… of  discovery and  experience of adventure….

Living in Paradise

Many people have mentioned to me , Why has it taken a long time to build and complete the Luk Makoo house? I ask myself this question also, then I  see why.

Every year life shows me more details  of what it is to  actually build Earth Life , how building is more than  creating a  physical structure, “Building in Life” is an important element for creating the  foundation for a people’s ability toward self- preservation,   shared unity,  and self- determination, it is the foundation for the Masculine aspect of  Power.

 The journey to Belize embarked on learning how to rebuild paradise, it  starts with building the Luk Makoo House. Creating shelter is the first steps, the shelter is the constant anchor needed for  use in the nurturing of the Life systems living around you. It is the base.. Nurturing and building the living systems around us is our exchange with the life of the Planet Earth.  The masculine aspect  is the foundational base that supports, secure and protects the living systems so thy can flourish and grow..

Every year paradise becomes more present to me, I learn more skills and gain  more insights about how life duality actually works and I see how we have become the people who no longer serve  the purpose  for nature in our paradise of America today.

Returning to the knowledge of creating thru nature is a living process. It cannot be learned in books or watching a video. It is an experience, the more diverse the experiences you have the more life skill you acquire.  The  educational system we use today removes us from our  natural growth process…

 The  learning process  is slow in the beginning.  Yet, the practice I have gotten, gives me a sense of accomplishment in the skills I inadvertently acquired, giving me  an  experiential knowledge base.

Now I am learning the interior development of building. The people disappeared after the outer  walls completion, the interior was plastered, the drains secured  for the most part the house is  secure, safe and comfortable to live in.

Since the last week in December, the building journey came to a halt. I realized the development of the building has outgrown the level of development with the men helping me . The men knew this, they did not see a need for then, so they disappeared, but left me ok… it was very subtle how the energy shifted. The men I knew have met the needs I had. The needs I have now are on another level. They never spoke a word. I have grown fond of my brothers. I felt like a princess under a protective shield of feathers on wings. Seeing them almost everyday, giving me advice, sharing their knowledge experience, exposed the hidden process of building life physically thru intellect.

Now, I am on another level,   since I have started this project,  the principle of the  primary school next door principle Nolberto has   watch and helped in  the process of the building. He is the head foreman   quietly  behind scenes.  Principle Nolberto is a master builder himself, he has  a very high level of developed skills. The  more skills men develop from  building, the more they grow in their ability to create what they need.. Nolberto is skilled as  a carpenter , electrician, Cement , some pluming ,and furniture builder just to name a few.  I have come to trust his  guidance.

Since I have arrived back, people have steadily come to visit.   The exterior of the house and grounds look beautiful. But the interior is incomplete. Feeling stuck, I started to mudd the  interior walls myself.  The emotional flow within me, was not supporting the actions, so I stopped. This is the year I am only following what my emotions  guide me to do.

I have learned when my intellect over rides the emotional flow  message. I  will have made a mistake if I take action, and  experience loss as the consequences.. it never fails  I am pretty secure in the understanding if the emotional flows are not supporting the intellect, it is not time, there is more hidden details to it… Moving slower has enabled me to see different levels of details clearer and stop a lot of  waste of money in mistakes. Whenever I jump the gun, I lose, I have learned  living in Belize to really live with patience.

 For the last 5 weeks it has been rainy and cool to cold, with only a few days of sun. Now completely frustrated  on the brink of tears… I shared with Nolberto my frustration over the urgency to finish the interior, for more and more people are coming to  visit me and the house. . I  shipped café lights and rope lights down from the States to add  soft  ambiance to the interior. The café lights for the outdoor dining area, and the rope lights for the interior living room area. .   I Now, the house always had the basic electricity, but  was not complete with the convenience of  lighting fixtures and out lets conveniently available . I still needed someone to  finish the house., make it showcase ready.  I realized, I am entering another but higher level of building development. One I really have no frame of reference for. Nolberto came and installed most of the light fixtures and  outlets.. However ,the floors have to be polished  and much more.  I have noticed that the Spanish men have  more comprehensive  building skills and competency .  However, most of them come from Guatemala and speak Spanish in which I am not fluent.

 After Nolberto   finished putting in the lights and the outlets. The added lights enhances the place  from simple to a little more complex. I realize I have to be careful to keep the simple character of the building,  to make sure  I do not ruin the simplicity of the  creation.   Nolberto, suggested he knew some people , if available could work for me, but they were not available, then he suggested a Spanish man who I could  contract to do the work,  however, he does not speak  English, but Nolberto does and he would supervise the project.  I said to myself Ah haaa, life had me bring my Rosetta Stone  language learning software   for  Latin Spanish.  I needed someone to talk to in Spanish, now I do!!! I  really have a reason  to  focus to learn this language, the emotions of it and get the house interior done.. Since then I have  ran into two more Spanish speaking men who are builders, but now they can speak some English too.

Wow, I have my homework from life. I have no excuse but to learn Spanish….. When life opens the doors for new experiences- it pours !

I am ready!!!!!!!.

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, Come on down for a ride in the experience.

I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine 

February 2017/18

Aquechewa again everyone  I hope everyone is ready for more adventures with me as I continue   my journey into the discovery of living with our planet Earth. Living thru our Life Nature  or Emotion.   

Natural Health- the gift of natural health, knowing how to  crate what you need from natures pharmacy. Here in Belize, the dry season is coming, so the weather is getting warmer and the soil is dryer. The  plants are  settling in for  the dry season. I got an ear infection from scratching  in my ear. At first I though I had something bite me in my ear, so I went into my natures  way of doing things, I love these challenges, because I have to put the knowledge to work on myself.  I drank my liquid life water, and got some Moraga leaves, they are great to eat as well as to make a tea out of. The Noni tree has  some nice size fruit I can also make medicine with  , I noticed there was a plant calling my attention, I know any plants that grow around you is life way of  giving you the medicine you need. I saw the plant , the emotion in me was  telling me to eat it. A friend came by, so I inquired about what they knew about the plant.  They informed me they do not eat the plant, but it is good for medicine. Ok, that’s all I needed to know, I  picked some leaves and made some tea. And drank it. Wow!!!. I sleeped great, the swelling went down, I have had no pain, so in the morning I continued the Liquid Life.  I examined the ear,  the inner ear was scratched and raw. Yes something  did bite me, my ear closed up and my face swelling went down ,but did not stay down. For some reason I still hold the notion, that natural remedies should make it go away instantly,  but when healing is done thru nature it is always a process. So it takes time,  I continued the applications, I found as long as I drank the tea, the ear   inflammation went down,  then when it wore off the swelling would slowly come back. But I had no pain.., I liked the tea combination,, I always went to sleep and got a good rest, then I would feel so great. I need to slow down and find time to write. I feel  the charge in the air, the moon is new and full, It is planting time for the gardens . when the charge is in the air,is also a good  time to continue the completion of old projects and the start of new ones. My neighbor is the natural farmer, has a  garden right across from me where he is growing sweet potatoes on a tree, it looks like  the living story of Jack and the bean stalk Everything he makes with his machete


Wow so much to do  that requires me to focus even more if I am to accomplished them. I want to learn Spanish and play my guitar,  make pottery, and draw. I know this is too much. I realize it is not too much when we live a life full of creating our own entertainment, We grew more time. A day seemed like a life time.  So I too will grow more time. Time to create emotion. The Luk Makoo house is just about finish and more beautiful than my wildest dreams. Our ancestors lived a  emotionally gratifying life. We can too, if we take the time to learn change and grow……..

 Living in the bush, I more I see the extent of the damage done to our Earth. The destruction of our paradise. Our Life support system our fertility!!!! I see how our fertility works from the soil, how it builds and the consequence’s we future generations will pay for the ancestors squandering it, To see Life is to see Paradise

Here are some pics- enjoy

Welcome to the Luk Makoo Sustainable Living House. Living like our ancestors


The view from our mountain

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, Come on down for a ride in the experience.

I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine 





 March 2017/18

Well we are at that time again, now that my focus is changing I see I am mentally tired, so forgive me for not sending the update as usual, I needed some down time.  I find that living in  the natural elements, you tend to be more creative, or at least think more about creating. Making a doll or  where  should a chair go.  Intellectual day dreaming can derail the best of  creative pursuits because  your intellect uses energy too. All creativity takes  energy focus which  consumes time. . I am creating all kinds of dishes using only what is available to me,   sautéed onions green peppers ,garlic , with young okra , Jew fish and  grits, side of hot water corn bread,. The dish was great,  after eating the delight, I went to the computer, there I lost all my time. Its like when I made the delights I had plenty of time, the minute I get on the computer, I lose time, I can slow the loss down if I do  my  complete morning routine of my Life  allegiance, meditation and  exercises. If I complete my morning routine I do not lose so much time so quickly, but I have to take breaks and eat to replenish my ability to make more time.  There is a part of me that wants to just be simple , yet I know I would get bored , I am addicted to intellectual stimulation.  I will need to connect. So I am trying to listen to more music instead of reading on the computer. Lets see how it goes. Living in the present of Life today is not easy with modern technology.  It keeps us hooked.

 I intend to retire from the  artificial world  in a few years. I want to use my time for developing  children, making them strong for the future. The new life that is being created has so many wonderful opportunities  to use what is good from the old and transform it into something better. All of our young people will have new horizons to   create,    rebuilding Earth for Earth…

No more pics

I went to take a pic of an small birds nest nestled on a coconut tree branch, right in front of my front door. With 2 baby birds in it. , I was elated  to see the nest, because it is a sign that your energy is  in harmony with the nature around you..   and the other life forms that share  nature with you feels safe around your energy. When I went to take a picture the camera went dead, the battery needs to be recharged,  I went to recharge the camera battery, and realize I do not have the camera battery charger, so there are no more pictures this trip.

Building an Rain water collection tower.

 Finally , the rain water collection tower is being built, and like everything else with this project it came with new challenges  to over come . Building a platform strong enough to with stand over 500 pounds, I used rocks secured in cement. The water collector can hold 350 gallons, it must be connected to an overflow drain. This one is not connected to the roof because we have a bayleaf roof, as a result we have to make a completely separate water collection  roof.  And put the  collector underneath the roof, We decided to make  4 cement posts 8 ft high and use  2×3’s for the roofing joists, and metal roofing  to collect the water  to flow into the gutters that will  direct the water flow  into the water collection tank.. I really want to build this because the skills from building this structure can be  use in the states  as an independent way  for people to keep water if   digging a well is not available. .. Out here in the bush, there isn’t any water service, everyone ether collects their water or go to the  fresh water streams. I love bathing in the fresh water stream and pond at Luk Makoo.  I love it so much, I  haven’t  pressured myself to  complete the plumbing system. .

Once  the plumbing  for the water catchment is operational, I will have two ways to get fresh water. The water is delicious here just like at Yumwija. . Most people here do not use wells. There is only one well in the whole village, I don’t drink from it because the water taste so bad. The water that comes from the spring taste very very good and oh so refreshing.

Making Potts

I miss cooking in clay pots, so I decided to make my own fast version of one, the shape of the pot was ok and deep enough to put my chicken and rice inside, I lined  the pot with chia greens, seasoned with onion, peppers, garlic and tamaric.  I wanted to experiment on how cooking is done without modern cookware.  Everything looks good, however the pot broke in the oven, but the ingredients inside did not come out.  Making the pot  is a lot of fun and pretty quick  to make, once you get the hang of the process. Discovering how to cook with the  soil of the Earth is amazing   and the food is so tender and taste out of this world. Got to go!!!!! For more GOOD EATS. Just Remember

Life is a very complex organism we posses, learning  how to work with it is the education of our existence. Mastering ones Life is the key to reaching our destiny…….

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, Come on down for a ride in the experience.

I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine 



Aquechewa everyone, happy new year.  The new year came in with a BANG!!!. I was very excited about this year, being filled with new beginnings. Last year was the Year of Clearing Karma, and getting out the way of the karma sequences  of other people.   I gave thanks for the Luk Makoo house and the wonderful learning experience I am receiving living in Belize, the wonderful relationships I have been able to forge and what I have learned about our universal nature as being human. The process has helped me see, we as a collective are not very different that most collectives of people, in every collective  their  main focus is on the mundane necessities and comfort. I have learned the small mindedness of females leads  to collective small mindedness and selfishness. If the females are creative, enterprising , resourceful,  and principled, the generations they produce will have more  emotional development in these qualities.  At one time our people lived from these qualities, over the last 200 years we have went to sleep on what is within us. I am so glad to be alive to see and create the change needed to wake up again.  

 The next Step

Well , the house is just about complete, Principle Nolberto came and finished the electrical in the bedroom, and the water tank is installed for rainwater catchment, the shower stall is complete and the compost toilet is complete. I must say the place looks very creative. , the café lights over the outdoor dinning room looks divine and relaxing. All in all I am happy with the accomplishment. Now  whats next?

Rebuilding the Forest

Luk Makoo  sits on 4  arcers,  within these boundaries are a variety  of terrains. We have a mountain plateau, a waterway, half acker plateau ,  and flatland. I realized how lucky I am, each area makes for a special experience. I was told in a dream a few years ago to grow bamboo, to put a 50×60 foot  high rise building on the mountain plateau, consisting of 4 – 12x 25 studio apartments with the middle are a lounge for  mingling and eating, overlooking the village below.  The flat area is about one acre  and  could hold at least 10  cottages 20×30 nestled under the trees with a community kitchen/ room in the middle .   The remaining acreage is used  for planting food  trees , bamboo for wood, and bay leaf for  roofing..    Mr Burton the Agreefarmer, is elated that I cherish trees and when the rainy season come I hope he will have planted the trees. I have gotten some tress started,   I have learned  how the soil makes a big difference on how fast the trees will grow. Building the forest means rebuilding the soil,  I call it bringing the SOUL back to life, I am clear if we are successful here. This will be  a big step our people can do towards healing our planet again and receiving our planets favor. Returning to be Earth Keepers is  not just a label  it is a way of Life…

 Making Medicine

The Noni tree  I planted 3 years ago, is big now and produced its first fruit. I made Noni juice with Lime. It tastes fabulous. Noni  fruit has a pungent smell,  and can be a turn off to many people, but its medicinal properties are great. I made Noni tincture, the noni  smell goes away once soaked   in water and left in the sun for a day. I learned about the Noni juice drink, from a Belizean, when he offered it at his restaurant, I was shocked because Noni juice is not a usual  drink, I came upon him making it and asked how to make it, He told me what to do so when I got home  I tried it , the drink was so good. I drank the whole pitcher. Now, I have another exotic drink to quench my thirst with.

Maringa tea in the morning is delightful, I wanted to bring 5lbs of dried leaves back with me, but to my dismay the WEEWEE Ants attacked the tree and left it bare.   The Maringa  tree is a huge and tall tree . The tree looks like it could be the Tree of Life soaring in the air, 150 feet or more , with branches  standing tall and strong stretching to the sky.  It is strange to see a naked tree after being stripped by the WEWEE Ants. When I first witnessed this phenomena of the WEWE eating the leaves off of a complete tree in just 2 days . I  was afraid the Ants killed the plant or Tree, . Over time I realized the Ants attack weak plants or  trees, The plants and tress respond by growing stronger leaves. And more abundant. I don’t particularly like the WeeWEEs, but I have grown to respect what they do. They are like a b-12 shot from nature to the trees and plants. I planted 10  Maringa trees sticks and they were taking root. If everything goes well there will be lots of Maringa next year.

The power of Emotional knowledge.

Well as you know, I left my personal bag with my health supports  essentials , my skin wash, lotion,  and my clay in the States. As I have previously written, I took this as a challenge  test from life to see How I would fare without  the support for my regular routine. The last 4 months have revealed a wealth of secrets to me about how to strengthen the emotions of Life and identify my weakness in emotional development ability. In this regard, I was strong on some and weak in others, As a result, I had a hard time with keeping a strong energy flow. I really had to keep focus. Life  emotion is a cycle, and when you keep it moving forward, you see the forward movement, when the same scenario presents itself again. I took different actions to move the situation forward and the correct actions created a positive outcome. I realize often time the emotional flow is stuck due to intellectual ability to process another frame of reference to perception, as though the intellect is always  working to keep(box)  emotional reality in its perception.

The Test

Example; Edward the Helper. I am fond of Edward, We work well with each other, I remember when I first saw him, I did not hire him after I let him go, I felt I made a big mistake. Uh shucks, I knew I made the wrong choice, so I let the events play themselves out, this last for just one week, when I was looking for help again. I  meet so many people looking for work, so I did not take his name.  I told Mr. Burton needed a worker, and Edward showed up again along with others, but this time I hired him. I felt a release in emotion. I did not why life wanted me to work with him, but I am glad I did, Edward has grown on me and I on him. He is like a son to me. Edward is now 23,  he has been with me for  over 3 trips to Belize, as though the trips are about 5 months each, a year and a half.  Everyday of creating with the Lik Makoo  project has been a journey. We see another detail and embark on accomplishing it  taking one  larger step at a time in its creation Everyday something is accomplished Edward has  masculine knowledge of working with the Earth. he is well  trained in  skills for the ability to build, secure, support, himself and  a family completely from the environment around him, he needs no expensive tools, just a Machete, All the males here have these basic skills, this is there education from the older males  to the new generation of young males. However, Edward do bring challenges, every year Edward disappears after xmas season, he always tell me he will be working but does not show up. This year was no different even though I asked him not to lie to me., he showed up for 1 day, and fixed the drain and other details around the house. He told me he would be working the next week, and was a no show for weeks. I finally had to ask around for a worker as though my time to  complete the house was running out. Even though I prefer Edward because I don’t have to train him, he knows where everything is and watch everything he does, because he is more careful not to make mistakes that make our work more difficult than it has to be. So I waited, but he was gone for over a month. In the meantime, I got the Spanish man to reseal the cement foundation so the floor would be nice. The floors actually took a week. After the floor dried, it still looks poor, but at least it is the color of clay,   I still will have to put a glaze over it, to make it look  polished. Edward is no where to be found.  Where is Edward?? So I put out feelers for another worker to my mentor Nolberto about the situation.  Nolberto found someone who could step in. The morning the man came to work with Nolberto, Edward shows up, as if he is coming to work,. I was angry, I realized if I send the man home. I would never get another worker, so I told Edward he could only work if the New Man did not want the job. There I was Edward and the new man, he came ready to work. Edward left, but came the next morning to help digging the drain for the shower, the pipe that were installed was not long enough to take the flow of the water down hill, so we had to extend it 50 ft. We had to build the water catchment platform, and it had to be strong enough to hold over 500 pounds without cracking  at the base of the water container. The water stand has to be high enough to give pressure for the water flow into the pump. I let Edward work for one day, it was clear  to everyone, this was his job.  But I did not let the man go. The next week the man took off a few days, Edward got his job back, I was happy having Edward back, but Edward needed to know that I will replace him.   Working here is a good job.  Being boss is not easy, developing a good work team is a process. Now that Edward is back, I see he is happy. I must have passed the test. I can move around better.

Trust makes  big difference

 Now that Edward is back I can move around better and leave the house, I do not have to babysit Edward, he gets upset when I do.

One Friday, I almost missed the bus to town and left my purse, I got the bus to  stop and let me run to get my purse. I ran in the house got the money I needed and by mistake left the rest of the money on the desk.

I have disciplined myself to live off of $125.00 US a week I only go to the bank once a week to withdraw money, the money has to pay all my expenses including salary. When I noticed the money I accidently left behind on the desk was gone. I was left in a dilemma, I was not sure what to think, I would know if Edward shows up for work on Monday. I hoped  he shows to work. When Monday came Edward walks up happy as a lark ( it could be he got it good last night from his girlfriend, he had a lot of Hickes all over him LOL) I calmly aske him did he see the money before he left. He pulled out of his pocket the money and said I saw it on the desk and did not want to leave it out like that while you was gone, and took it with him. I was so happy, I gave him a big hug, and gave him his pay that was part of the money. I knew then Edward decided he was going to stay and be  our permanent care taker of Luk Makoo complex. He too was excited for being here when people start coming to stay to lean and experience living first hand with the Earth…

Where are we now?

 Now the time has come for me to return to the States. Edward pleaded with me to stay longer, Nolberto and Mr. Burton did not want me to leave so soon. But I have to go and complete the transition at Yumwija.

I now have everyone in place to build the living Earth community in Belize. Since coming to Belize, I always spoke and kept David up to date. Everyone  has spoken to David. Everyone knew I was married  and David was ill. This gave me a masculine connection, I was not alone, I was not looking for a man. I always stayed in my position, so I had no wife drama from the females in the community. When David passed, I did not know who would be the masculine guardian. So Edward saw himself as my house husband( caretaker). Now that David was gone Mr. Nolberto, Mr. Burton and Edward were there to make sure everything is alright.  I realized life had already provided me with 3 guardians, who I love like brothers. I also realized each served a long term purpose in the growth of the Lul MaKoo complex.  

Mr. Nolberto- develops and secures the building of the houses and buildings

Mr. Burton- oversees the planning of trees

Edward is the care taker for the house and grounds of the Luk Makoo house.  I also realized any new male that comes in has to be a  male that they could respect for his ability. Or I would lose my team…

He has to be a Master developer.

We sat down an finished visualizing the plans for Luk Makoo.

Luk Makoo has space for 10  30×20  1o 2 bedroom cottages nestled between trees and garden space, and on the mountain top overlooking the village a 60×40 building elevated 10ft off the ground- housing 4 studio apartments. The remaining acreage will be a Bamboo plantation, sell bamboo wood. This will bring enough income to all our investors to secure a long dividend for everyone involved.

Investment opportunities will be sent later. I left Belize feeling the Luk Makoo project is ready for the next chapter.

 The Meeting

 The trip back was grueling and left me exhausted, I flew into Atlanta as my final flight destination. Feeling pretty good about the accomplishment of Luk Makoo. I wondered who life would send to fill the void left by David. As though most men in the States do not have  developed masculine skills, and the few I did know operate from a serious mentality dysfunction  of patriarchy. with that in mind chances of it being a Amerindian male raised in the states is a long shot to null . as I waited for lazar my son to pick me up. I started to feel tired a part of me was ready to retire. I know I have more to accomplish before I retire and I started to wonder was I really up for it. David, as the masculine energy was gone and I have allot to do to move forward. I know I will  give my best and all, but the males of FIAAH will have to step up and help keep Yumwija balanced and protected. As I pondered the dynamics of Yumwija and Belize, I started to feel my knees buckling, so I went to lean against the wall, now I could use a cigarette. It has been a long time since I smoked and I was quite proud of myself for not giving in. Another hour had passed, I was getting weary, I would periodically  look at the incoming traffic. I got someone to call lazar. He was stuck in traffic and was about 30 mins away, he was coming from Florida. I saw older brothers, they nodded at me and I nodded back, I was feeling weaker and did not want to faint here on the sidewalk. I mustered some more energy to look one more time. I saw another brother  walking briskly pass me, he stopped looked at me and moved on. I continued to walk to the curve to look at the incoming traffic.When I turned around to muster back to the wall I stumbled and there he was, I fell into his chest. I was so weak, tired and hungry, his body braced me in that moment.  Embarrassed I apologized for stumbling into him and explained  I have been here standing for a very long time, but my son is coming. He quickly replied not to worry he was there. He’s  a Bamma Boy. I found this odd. I’m from Alabama , I’m a real man. He knew their was something about me. At that moment the only thing about me was I was holding on so I would not faint. Instantly  stronger now, our conversation  became more interesting. As though I have never met an Alabama man from the country, I started to inquire about what exactly does this mean? After a few inquiring questions referring to masculine skills. Like “ You know how to shoot?He said ,yea , and gave reference to his grandfather teaching him all of the masculine skills. He could do everything I inquired about. Completely taken back, I was not sure he was serious. We’re here at the airport in ATl any kind of bullshit could do. As the conversation continued I realized he may be telling the truth, so I opened up and told him a little about my feminine skills background. So what do you do? Ans: I am a builder of military installation’s, underground and above. “ SAY WHAT?”

 I told him about our Earthen building projects and asked could we stay in touch. I also told him I’m a widow from a marriage of over 10 years. ( so he will not think I am hitting on him) He gave me his number, and asked could we meet in Atl. I said we will see if I can. His ride came and he left, less than 5 minutes later Lazar drove up. Wow did this just happen. I was no longer faint, but still extremely exhausted . “ WAS THIS KISSMET “   

 Well, we will see, I will keep ya informed.

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, Come on down for a ride in the experience.

I will check in soon to fill you in on the NEW adventures with RaDine 

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RaDine is a Scholar an teacher for Indigenous Heritage, Principles and Culture. She currently is the Administrative director and teacher for The Institute for Indigenous America Studies and Internationally for the International Institute for Amerindian Heritage and Culture Studies in Belize CA. She is the author of many books, as well as an International representative for Indigenous peoples of America aka Negro Heritage with the Foundation for Indigenous America of Anasazi Heritage F.I.A.A.H. copyright /copy claim- 5/15/2014- American Heritage Trust, F.I.A.A.H