Belize Update: December 2019 – May 2020

Belize Update  Dec. 2019 –May 2020


                                                   Luk Makoo

                    The Indigenous Living Experience with Perks

                                                                           “Living in Paradise” Creating in balance with Nature

Well, I’m finally back, I love it here, and eagerly await to experience a new journey of self discovery.

This trip started out very different than the others This year I completely followed my emotions first. . I am moving into a new realm of Creating. The trip leaving the states was very insightful. People in the States live in a state of organic robots. They live with out expression of creation. Most of the people wear very drab and dark expressions they look utilitarian – like human androids with lifeless expression, the living DEAD waiting to be allowed to awaken….

I returned to Luk Makoo to find the house was intact, although it was broken into. It is becoming a recurrent issue. I know that robbery is an effect of an imbalance. I have lived in the States and I have never been robbed. This is so interesting,  I watch what is taken here. So I scaled down on what I keep. Believe it or not, the person who is robbing the house, seems to realize this too. They never take my boots, I finally realized my feet are to big ,to sell them. I wonder how they get in as though the house is fairley secure. Last trip, I put in storage everything I needed, I did not secure my propane tank, and water pump away from the house. I lost them this year. I am quite sure it is someone in the maya community and near by. Arriving by plane in Punta Gorda is a relaxing trip. Punta Gorda seem to be slow, most of the people have left the town to live in the outer community’s . I arrived at Luk Makoo in the late afternoon, my neighbors were glad to see me back, wondered what took me so long, and gave me food. I was excuasted  and seeing the green of the forest released the stress of the trip and relaxed me. Aha, I  was back in my southern  paradise, I could rest and so I did ,aha sleep. The next day I took a good look at the grounds and  to start clean up. I was surprised as people came by to welcome me back ,I was surprised to hear how many people noticed I was not there. From the town to the villages, I am part of the extended community. Something I have never experienced in the States ,some may say your family, for me, my life experience being part of a family is  very superficial.  I look at the  experience in the States I have with my people. It is very different, there is no unity, because people have no values that create trust, their is no regard for life principle, people lack value for the life of themselves,  children, for each other. They feel it is their right to live outside of life’s ethics. They are individuals- meaning to be separate from collective life or Nature. To be  non- functional entities ( serving no life purpose) only living for self-serving gratification. Many of our people were born and raised as children to parents, family, and in communities without care, compassion, or concern for their well being or future. They struggled to survive childhood and struggle as  crippled adults in life as a result of the crimes committed against their happiness in  life ability to create the life of happiness that  was destined for them.  People in the States believe their life is better because they may have more access to material acquisition created  by others, but  they lack the basic knowledge of principles and skills  about how to create with Life anything for themselves nor how to develop their  individual or collective skill ability to create new realities for their lives.

We are all born full of happiness for our creation in Life , it is  the unhappiness condition of the people we are born into that cripples us from growing  with our innersence happiness. People who are creative and can create happiness are happy.  Collectives of people who respect they are a part of  the creation of Life, embrace they serve a vital part to it can experience the full expression of creation. All indigenous people are a Creation in Life. That knowledge alone brings UNITY. Happiness is our gift from living as a being with the  life of creation. I have learned this from Living as my ancestors did, I am always full of  Joy for living. Looking forward to the next day and always grateful for the last…


Well all the trees are making it. I was very elated to see this. I gave all the trees my fertilizer while I was here and it worked all the trees were thriving. Even in the places where the topsoil has been removed. It is harder for them to develop growth, and will take longer, but f they can establish themselves we will have found another way to rebuild the soil fertility again….. The coconut trees are as tall as the house.  The Mahogany tress are doing well too.I am clear I found a way to rebuild the forest, something everybody is going to have to do if they want happiness in health.

Spot the dog Died……. He was killed by a big cat, I think he missed us….I will miss him



I woke up thinking this morning, WOW, for the last 9 years I’ve been a very busy bee. Time is creation. Time is the process of creation. I’ve come a long way from visiting Belize in 2009, purchasing property in 2010. Developing a vision on it. .  The Luk Makoo ancestral house came to me as a vision. I searched to seek out a house made of clay.  I did find some clay homes, to validate my vision. I just took one step, I kept on going. I now have a 2100 square foot living complex. Their was a lot to learn, I was ridiculed by others especially brothers. Life showed me my helper, and we built the house. The house is beautiful, and as strong as all of the others. The road I bought the property on is now a highway. Last year I finally got the deed to the property from the Belize government. Every year I extended my stay by 2 weeks and now I can stay regularly for 4-5 months working on staying a complete 6 months. Every year  is an adventure , I  learn so much  about what I am in reality,  how  creation of reality  in reality works… Life is creative energy. It is a constantly changing, moving or growing medium. Visions is how life energy in us focuses on its goal. By taking steps towards the visions  you can see the new steps clearly for the creation in reality of the larger desire… Wow. Now, I have a new vision, . I was able to draw it out.  let’s build a above and underground house ,a spacious 4 bedroom 2 bath, open kitchen  at Yumwija.  come and learn the skills you need to build your vision …… by helping to build another.

We are Happiness

We build Unity from sharing the common bond of valuing our happiness for  being a creation in the Nature of living  Life with Earth…..

When we connect with each other, we align ourselves in a energy wave like a zipper. Depending on the focus we share we can open and move forward or we close remain still or move to separate backward. As complete units we can weave thru life universal reality creating new structures of reality to replace the old.

When we have complete union with all of the planets Earth creation, then we have community. A community of creativity, living in unity with our planet Earth. We experience JOY  of Happiness  from living in the collective Nature of Life…

When we have union with each other connected to Nature, we are whole…We experience emotional security. When we align our minds with what lives in our hearts, we experience contentment. Many people say happiness is a state of mind. Happiness is a condition that is created when all components for growth with life can thrive…..


The weather is just how I love it, warm days low 80’s and cool nights. I prefer cool nights, I love breathing in the cool breeze, it is not cool enough for a sweater or a jacket, just enough for a long sleeve tea shirt. A nice blanket on the bed and you will  fall into a deep relaxing sleep like a baby. A few cold fronts have came through, but nothing under 60 degrees at night. I Love it,Love it, love it…… Happiness yea!!

Americas Diet

The Indigenous Diet

Breaking away from euro- colonial addictions is not easy as people make it sound. They come a haunt you time and time again… there are certain truths that pop out of the bag when your guard is down. Whatever food you was raised on ie, bread, sugar, cold cereal, cheese, salt, fried foods, processed foods, white rice, or any form of something you can ingest to stop the suffering from hunger away, is what you refer to when challenges come for eating. We avoid creating new avenues for solution.

Living in paradise changes that-You have to eat from Natures supermarket. Eating from Nature diet have some profound awards. Creating dishes from Natures supermarket is a lot of fun and ohhhhh so GOOOOOD!!

Grits made with fresh coconut milk with refried beans w cilantro &green onion..

CoConut water with Liquid Life

Papaya and Pinapple slices, 2 wild garden eggs pouched, Fresh Sour Sopp Juice

Dinner; Coconut milk boil up

yellow plantain, cassava, lemon grass, garlic, cilantro,

Potato  with Roasted  Pork shank, fresh from the market butcher marinated in Lime roasted in a mud oven covered in leaves.

Love cooking in clay do not know why we stopped. .The food comes out amazing

 Now That’s GOOD EATS

Still no internet

Well, I am in the exact same position I was in when I left. However, I feel better about it. I will try my i best to keep the course going. However I will not compromise my health this trip. The computer crashed, so I had to buy one down here. It is a small dell, but I will work with it. I am bringing the old one back and see if I can have it refurbished. I love the size of it. I really could use a tablet, we will see.

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine – Living in Paradise…….@ luk Makoo


Service needed; Looking for an  Artist for painting a wall boarder = exchange 1 week@ Luk Makoo plus meals. If you want to come and share the experience for a week, let me know its 350.00 a week includes breakfast or dinner. Contact


Well folks, here is more update from Belize, I try to keep them short,  but, sometimes there is so many experences happening that I have to just put in the next one. I want to thank all the people who responded to the updates, it keeps me sharing the experience in self discovery from living like our Ancestors with our soil of America…..

, I am learning to relax more in the flow of life discovery. Paying attention more on sutual actions of events happening around me and the messages life is directing from them.


In Belize, I have watched how duality relationships works among the different cultures. Luk Makoo is located in a east Indian village established in the 1950’s Luk Makoo is next door to a elementary school, where every year I go to the Christmas program to watch the children preform and see the creativity used in making the production.. In this village almost everyone is coupled. There are only 3 people without union. My next door neighbor, the bar owner ( who is now a widow) across the street and me(a widow also).I have just passed the 2 year mark in October since my husband David transitioned. Lately, I’ve had some interesting conversations with my neighbor Mrs Ann and friends. They have asked me; how am I doing emotionally since being disconnected from my husband? Most of the people her have been in Union  forn30-40 years. They connected when they were young and grew with each other. Union  is Natural it is a critical part of the process for Life growth. All males know their prosperity and longevity is connected to their union with   the females of their group. Once a male connects to a female, all the males help him  develop and the females do the same thing. There are no fatherless children here. The family community supports the relationship here. Everybody supports the unions with respect, it is easy to see the collective weaving of network thru union here. It is quite beautiful. Mrs Ann asked; am I interested in Union with a Belizean man?

Now, thinking about the answer I gave in retrospect. I was not really seeing myself in Union with a Belizean man. I am not a Belizean cook. One of the many purposes we provide to the union relationship is Nourishment  as a vital part of nurturing our husbands. Belizean men are very good cooks for making their Belizean dishes of cock stew, pigtale or chicken foot soup, dishes I can’t get my head around to eat, let alone make. Cooking a  enjoyable  traditional meal is very important to the relationship. Creating dishes we can connect to strengthen the relationship Union. Most males do not really need much to keep them happy. Food security is one of them. In the States everything needed to make and  keep happiness in a relationship is non-important or considered an inconvenience . Most people only consider what they want, never what to give in exchange. Here all union is based on basic exchange of fulling a purpose in the union. Females provide all forms of nourishment, men provide the meat, females cook it.. The males provide  and maintain the shelter, and all forms of security. In other words, the female domain is Nourishment., males protection and structure…. No  exceptions… I already have shelter and protection. Mr Carlos and Noberto have for the last 4 years been my masculine support. But now, I am starting to see things changing. They are becoming more distant, they to are mentioning to me about me making a new union. As if they are preparing for it. I will miss their support, the 2 of them have encased me with protection and security. Now, my cocoon is opening up. I  am stating to feel a sense of insecurity, a part of me feels like crying. My son is in the states protecting   Yumwija.  Mrs. Ann asked me, “What am I going to do?” I answered “ I have no idea?” All I do know is I will finish developing Luk Makoo into an educational indigenous living community, I will stay open and watch what happens…..

Mrs Ann suggested me getting a younger Belizean man.  I have had a relationship with one. Many white girls here get younger men to live with them. I am not really interested in real young men. I am ok with a male closer to my age and maturity. I actually prefer it. We have more in common, like being ok with simplicity and a good night sleep. I’m not a night person anymore. I am content with the life I am living. Yet I do feel something is different. Changing as transformation is coming?

Creative Sustainable Beauty

Many people look at living with nature as living from an inferior, indecent, dirty, and having something to fear. Once they try it,  they quickly find that it not that bad, our bodies react positively to nature, its like our bodies were made to connect with Nature. Our life time seems to grow, there is plenty of time. Creating the Luk Makoo house has given me a chance to learn  what books will never tell you Life learning is an experience. The skills I have learned for living with the soil of nature, could never be attained by reading a book. Once magnetized back to life. I found myself wanting to stay within it realm. I found my fear diminished. I wake up every morning feeling stronger, blossoming-being filled with happiness, awaiting to see what insight life will show me today.

I never built a house before, and never thought of building a place so simple yet grand. All I know is I was to come to Belize, I was to build a space ,a house, a community the way our ancestors lived. I had my failures, the wall fell 3 times before I got it right, but life quickly lifted me up. I discovered new aspects, made adjustments and move forward from dealing with adversity. Today, I look at challenges as learning opportunities…… I do not have fear to tackle, I look at the perceptional reality as a step for transformation…. The question is “ what will the transforming of perception create”. I find that most first impressions look worst than they really are…..

Mining the Soil of America

Mr. Carlos brought to my attention a article  as verification of what we have  saw happening to the people. We talk about the  destruction of the soil. The food people are eating is seriously mineral deficient. It is the minerals in the soil that  are the building blocks of life. It is the minerals found in the soil and water that are the foundation on which all life blood is created  on the planet Earth. All components for keeping life start here.. the fact they are being extracted from the soil, kills the Life in the soil. Kling the soil is like slowly kill the SOUL of Life itself….

 The article written in the county newspaper the Amandala Press Belize, December 20th,2019 by Bill Lindo

Agriculture in the American System/School – Mixed Economy explains in good detail the ethos behind the United States agenda towards America. How following the American ethos will result in  the destruction of all people bound to America ability to sustain a independent self sustaining future in America.  Following the American way will kill the fertility in the soil of Belize.  As though the people here are not aware of Rome and it extermination agenda of human populations from their soil, as Con –Quest meaning “ to sow the land with salt, so no nation can ever live and thrive there… is the Roman occupation  process of extinction used in North Alkebulan to the Carthusians  renamed Egyptian genocide. I was pleasantly surprised to read Mr Lindo exposure of all the mechanisms being used by United States against  all people outside the Corporate structure of the United States. The fact that the people of Belize was able to see the larger picture was a breath of fresh air. The fact that I  may have  and is working on the solution, with proof  in results was more illuminating. My experiments with working with the soil and waste have shown me some spectacular results. I have learned we the people of the Earth life systems who look like the soil are directly intertwined and serve a powerful purpose to the soil. This knowledge alone has taken years to unravel. This  secret knowledge is another part we can use to ensure the survival of our planet and our bloodlines….

Here is a brief overview of some of the points in the  article I found wonderful.

. 1.The article identifies, the major concepts of the American system of political economy that distinguish their version of Capitalism from the British school. I found his overview very on point. Here are a few of the points.

  1. American –exploiting nature rather than man.
  2. American view of the soil fertility and its horticultural productivity as a commodity of Capital investment, NOT NATURE but human interventions. Science is the way to solve the problems created from mining the soil. [Advancement of the roman conquest paradigm for “sowing the Earth with salt.”]
  3. Tariff Protection of local agriculture and manufacturing as FREE TRADE has always benefited the strong at the expense of the weak.
  4. Government intervention in an economy ‘ Government as the “brain” must put a bridle on corporate bodies, and must establish “ the pursuit of happiness as a natural right of its CITIZENS not citizens.


One of the most important points Mr. Lindo made- is the American view towards the soil and nature. Soil fertility and its horticultural productivity as a commodity of Capital investment, NOT NATURE but human interventions. Science is the way to solve the problems created from mining the soil. “Mining the soil” means: taking out the minerals that are contained in the soil and not replacing them in the correct quantiles, or not replacing them at all. The average soil contains about eighty (80) minerals. In the 1950’s the agricultural schools and petro-chemical corporations only though 3 minerals need to be replaced. Today research has shown at least 80 minerals are necessary for a healthy plant, a healthy animal, and healthy human.  Readers need to understand “every living creation”- human, animal, insects, including marine creatures need ENERGY.

NO ENERGY no life.

The American rent and trade policy is based on the British theory that assumed the addition of fertilizers replaced the basic minerals to the soil from mining the soil used in agriculture was of no consequence. When the soil no longer could produce ,they just move to untouched soil or  conquered more foreign lands to  create more plantations for export agriculture.

Education in agricultural schools-subservience to giant petro-chemical(Monsanto) chemical (Dupont)  only teach chemistry as it applies to agriculture. Students are not taught the life components of plants relationships in Nature as horticulture. They are not taught how in nature the relationship between plants and insects work. Insects are the garbage collectors to destroy crops that are not fit for human or animal consumption and the weeds are caretakers. The natural defense system for the soil is under attack by the agricultural system of fertilizers being thrown at them. “ to mine the minerals out of the soil.”. The fertilizer adds more poisons, the insects attacks- the pesticides attack the insects. A cycle of exploitation is begun by the giant chemical companies. The giant petro-chemical company’s sell – you the farmer the explosives as fertilizer, then when the insects come to do their job, they sell you  more poisons as plant protection. The result is sick plants, low yields, and sickly individuals, huge profits for jobs with the corporations. [who don’t employ minorities that their products in directly kill]

 The cycle of destruction as Genocide continues. The war against the nature of America continues

“ In Belize, as previously in the US ,corporate interest along with politicians are closing out  family farmer.”

This statement validates the removal of the food belt of black American farmers  in the south and 12-50 million acres of soil acquisitioned  by the petro-chemical corporations. The US passed laws to stop  the enterprise of black America farmers in their commercial food system.  Today healthy food from nature is outlawed. Millions of people in the US who live in cities are in Concentration camps  of Death. All their problems  with their health stem from the results of the war against the soil, and the ingestion of plants as food that have poor magnetic energy and little to no amounts of necessary life supporting minerals.

In Belize, like else where the farmers have been mining their soils to the obedience of the petro-chemical corporations. They to have been tricked into killing the soil of their prosperity, the same trick used against our ancestors .

“ The real world of nature is holistic- the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Life is not linear and everything including the universe is not entropic.”

I agree.  The  Roman patriarchal, linear way of thinking will be our genocide and is creating our poverty and robbing us of our life happiness.

I loved this article because it validated the mission of F.I.A.A.H. statement: that we must change our way of thinking for sustaining our life in the present to have a future NOW…..

I also found this statement the most interesting:

“Belizeans, little by little our country is being pushed in the direction of a fascist state with a democratic veneer, where the big boys gobble up everything and turn the rest of us into modern slaves”

I agree, this is already happening all over the globe. A global extinction of humanity is in full force. The United States is a fascist country. Yet most minorities in United States  lack the education of what is fascism  to identify how they participate in it and the consequences to them for being involved with it.

In conclusion; The points in the article were clear to the Belizean people. Belizeans like so many other peoples are waking up to what’s in store for them if they continue to follow the influence of the United States. I hope they can be a wake up call to the Amerindians in the states, WE can stop this massive death cycle. Here is How!!!


  1. Stop supporting attitudes, prejudices, and self centered perspectives that hide the crimes of the past. It is time to expose the people playing the game.. stop hiding behind their lies…
  2. Start embracing the solutions nature is giving us. Example: buying Liquid Life to keep your health and build our own support economy
  3. Help build new communities and rebuild OUR SOIL- one piece at a time.
  4. Return to growing our own food for our communities- its time to let their system goooooo….

                                              Become a creator again, Save our Planet, Save our NATURE




 Life sent an Angel

The retreat is located in a small east Indian village called Mafredi. Many people here wonder how I can stay in  the house all by myself. Mr. Roy is my neighbor down the road, he has a wonderfull location  for a commercial property. His property is located at the intersection for 4 major Belize attractions. I have  toldl him for years to hold on to his property, he is sitting on a gold mine of potential prosperity… He  has a community bar, It is not like bars in the states. The bar mainly sells beers and soda. Mr. Roy has lived there with his wife for years. His wife passed about 2 years ago.. He closed down sold the furniture, then left for a while and recently came back. He lives there now with his son. His son redecorated the bar and reopened it. Mr. Roy opened a small corner convenient store on  one side of the bar, people who want soda and snacks can go to without entering the bar. Great idea.. I ‘ve had many interesting conversations over the years with Mr. Roy. I stopped by Sunday to say hello on my way home from Mrs. Ann, it was still early evening. Mr. Roy was  working the convenient store, I noticed he lost weight and he look a lot better than he did while his wife was alive. I admired him for standing by and taking care of her thru her sickness. He was married for over 40 years. We both being widows, he asked “ if I would consider getting married again”. I told him of course, you live longer with a companion especially at our ages. He laughed,” you live alone, how do you do it”?  I answered “ I’m lucky, I have a vision to fulfill, I have a focus , a service of purpose for my Life. I love the purpose I serve to life and experiencing my life journey.”  He then stated “ he was content with life too. From listening to all the foreigners that come from the states he has no desire to go there”.  I explained” I love being in West Virginia when it is  alive , but I appreciate the south in the winter when West Virginia goes to sleep and gets very cold.  Living indoors is not healthy for me. I am living the way of my ancestors” He laughed, and stated he was happy living in paradise here in Marfredi. Some people came by and his son started to play Belizean music, which has a nice beat and includes native drumming. It makes you move and to my surprise Mr. Roy started dancing, and boy did he have a nice rhythm, he got SOUL. The music was nice so I started to move my hips to the dance steps rhythm. He was shocked to see I had the spark of rhythm in me too. Just because we are older doesn’t mean we have lost al of our magnetic energy. I have quite a good amount of magnetic energy (Nature) still in me, and constantly doing exercises to keep myself charged. It just in a dormant state…. Lol. I left Mr. Roy, but I told him to stop by and see the completed house. To my surprise, Mr. Roy came by  Monday morn. Valentino the worker came earlier that morning to complete building a cover for the outdoor kitchen area. I greeted Mr. Roy and showed him around. He started looking at what Valentino was doing, and asked me” did I tell him to do it that way, it’s wrong.” I answered “no, the job was to build an outdoor cover” Mr. Roy responded He said Valentino knew better. The height of the cover is to low, it will catch on fire and burn my house down. I was shocked. He then ordered Valentino to stop and put the rafters much  higher so the outdoor fire will not catch the rafters on fire, it would be safe. Valentino was just starting to secure the too short rafters, Mr. Roy presence was  right on time to stop a disaster in the making.  Mr. Roy  questioned and scolded Valentino for mis- directing me. Valentino will have to cut and install new  longer rafters. Valentino attitude changed quickly once he knew  there was another man of higher standing watching him………he completed the work quickly for Mr. Roy inspection…….. wow, Mr. Roy timing was perfect. Life sent Mr. Roy to be  Luk Makoo and I angel. Thank you Life for sending Mr. Roy

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine – Living in Paradise…….@ luk Makoo



Well folks, here is more update from Belize, I try to keep them short,  but, sometimes there  are so  many experiences happening that I have to put some of them in the next one. I want to thank all the people who respond to the updates, it keeps me sharing the experience in self discovery from living like our Ancestors with our soil of America…..

Ok, with the last update, I sent some current pics and this is name for the sign

 Institute for Indigenous America Studies

                             Luk Makoo  

Private Guest House,   Community & Campus

                                  Indigenous Living  Experience  in paradise with Perks

Send comments ; I am accepting people for March and April; Southwest has the best fares.


A New Chapter Begins

Now, that the house is Created, it is GOOD. I am feeling the sense for creating the  living expression of Life within. I am having dreams of  drawing a inner sanctuary scene on the walls. I do not draw but lately I have drawn some interesting symbols, I am starting to see how 3 dimensions is created on paper. Wow, I see movement of life flow. I am ready to develop the skills of transition of  nature into other forms. This art is under the feminine arts.  For years I’ve been drawn to pottery  and looming or cloth making,  and macramé. These arts are the foundation  for creating the duality  for  structural building, which is the masculine duality. I have found their process is similar Example building with clay is just like cooking  bread. Add the ingredients, blend, water, kneed,  and sit.  Wellaa, you have made  mud putty, or dough , shape into building structure then cook or let it cure. You have just created a new form structure..  When I was very young before 6, my mother created clothes, my father designed structure , I was exposed to their creative expression. This imprint on my have stayed with me all my life. Even though my creative ability was nor  developed  nor was I  taught the skills to implement the creative expression  within me.  I have been searching for someone to teach me the ancient ways of creating cloth from plants,  also known as the ancient art of looming.   Cloth with out a machine. I am so excited !!!!!!.  I may have found someone., I’ll let you know how it goes.


 The Garden – Living in oneness with Nature lemon grass plant

 The  Gardens  are growing nicely, most of the trees planted are making it, even the Moranga, it is struggling, but it is still alive, a little crippled, but I will keep feeding it. The trees have not gotten there height yet, but they are starting to tower,   the Noni tree planted 5 years ago is over 10 ft , trees grow like children do. Even the mango tree is shooting straight up and starting to fill out.  Most of the trees are bearing yet.   I have another papaya tree in the house garden that is doing well, with 10 fruits.  I started a section of papaya trees,  coconut, cassava, lime, molly apple, custard apple, guava  and Star fruit.  Noni Tree Medicinal trees are growing good to, Noni, Cersei, sour sop and cedar.

The Cotton Trees

I  started growing last season baby Cotton trees. I planted the seedlings in my fertilizer to see how they would grow. They quickly became strong, the test is will they withstand the drought season with out tending. I came back to find only 3 perished ,I had 14  strong and tall  cotton tress ready for transplanting. Cotton tress are a canopy tree they grow from 100 – 200 feet tall. The are part of the membrane structure that covers the fruit trees and  plants living below. They filter the drying rays of the sun from drying out the soil system below them. The cotton tree is called the cotton tree because it seed are surround by a white wooly fiber that is used for making cotton fabric.    The seeds are collected below the trees and spun into  thread. Like you I never heard of cotton being grown  from trees.  But I have seen it with my own eyes, to my amazement it looks just like the seeded cotton shown in the States.  Well, in the tropics cotton comes from trees. Growing trees in an art of creation. Knowing how to build nature is a major skill needed in helping life rebuild  our nature so we can continue to thrive with our planet life. Nature heals…..

This trip there will be another harvest of yellow ginger and NEW Sugar Cane.

Sugar Cane- Real Sugar

.  I tasted real sugar when I lived in Brazil  for 6 months in 2008. What is real sugar? Real sugar is the juice extracted from  a wild grass called cane.  In Brazil (Brazul) fresh sugar cane is called the elixzer from the Gods. The line of people is very long waiting over an hour to get just a shot glass full of this juice.  I didn’t want to wait that long , so I never tasted it.

There is  about 1 acre  growing wild and standing strong here. I asked if I could mill it. There is a sugar cane mill not to far from me. Mr. Caliz set it up to be harvested, it is taking over where I want  canopy tress to grow. Every cottage built here will have tress around them for magnetic energy, shade, and moisture..  This is very important for community life viability. Canopy tress grow as high as 100-200 feet high, they are the support structure covering the forest of fruit and nut tress below them.

This is the first  time I will experience  sugar in its natural state, made into juice, then syrup, then as a solid that includes the fiber . The man from the sugar mill came by to ask could he continue to harvest my cane, he milled some and it was very good.  I was given a gallon of syrup and a gallon of juice and some hard sugar. I  drank a glass of the juice,  I first felt warm all over, it gave me a lot of energy, then I wanted to listen to dance music and dance, so I did, then the next day I felt frisky. It tasted good but not sweet like the sugar we are used to.  I decided to use it as  sugar and WOW, the oatmeal banana  bread came out wonderful. On Sunday the man from the mill came again, he is a older man, he looked very healthy. He too does not use any form of unnatural medicine, he was 67 and like me he had no grey hair. I informed him of the experiments I am doing. I am drink the liquid life with a little bit of sugar in it to see what it does. He informed me that  organic sugar is used  in combination with all the super healing herbs as a medicine.  He told me to look in the mirror. I don’t look as drawn  I looked and he was right  the fullness in my face was coming back. He informed me of a remedy  to get rid of diabetes.  I realized that natural sugar  hydrates the body and replenishes muscle building nutrients. I am going to continue to use it in different ways, will keep everyone updated. Just made Noni  juice drink, taste great!!!

I have included pics of all the different forms of natural sugar. Check out its color…… Brown is the color of Life…..  Wow, that is  the secret of sugar, I also found out sugar we buy in the stores is cut with lime to make it white, the lime changes it into an acidic  compound, it kills its rejuvenative qualities he taught me a lot about the hidden secret about sugar cane. Life again has shown me  the importance of  the wild cane, it is something I should have in paradise.  So I can continue to build Paradise.


We are accepting applications for people to enroll in the 2020 season  for Amerindian Healing Therapy. First season starts in May. Have any questions or for application: email

Turtle  for Dinner anyone.

My neighbor Vanessa husband Darrel bought a live turtle from the many hunters living here in Mafredi. The turtle was of a good size, big enough to feed a small family. Vanessa invited me over to taste turtle meat, she was cooking the next day for dinner. The next morning they killed and removed the body of the turtle from its shell. I was told it was a daunting task, it took her husband Darrel with the assistance of Vanessa 2 hours to do it. Once separated from the shell,  she cleaned out its insides and cooked it for 2 hours. The meat was very tender and believe it or not , it tasted pretty good, like across between fish and chicken. Chicken meat consistency with a fresh water fish taste cooked in yellow ginger. I found it very delightful served with fresh mash potatoes. I asked for the shell to put with my other mementoes of  natural wonder. Sorry folks the camera died on me ,so no pics.

  Belize – Its life under ATTACK.

People in the United States have little knowledge about how they are constantly under attack, how their children lives are being robbed and ability to live with  nature corrupted. Most people have in the states are forced to watch people living  life styles  that do not support or uplift any form of living with Life. Well in Belize, the people are fighting back. They are not willing to passively kill there  population thru their children or collectively accept lifestyles that do not support the cycles of nature .

The United states government has for the last few years pressuring Belize to change their constitution to allow LBGT rights as a constitutional right, teach homogeneity is a part of nature to their children. and promote homosexual marriage instead of heterosexual marriage.  The people are up in arms about it.  They are clear if permitted to spread it is a societal cancer that is a form of death to a population   or genocide  of their children as well as killing their ability to  live as a population in the future..

I am very proud of the Belizean people , to stand in natural principle.  They are a stronger society and still live by the natural culture than the people trapped in the States…Homo anything goes against the nature of Life with our planet Earth.  They are protecting their right over their life cycles to LIVE. They are protesting in the streets. Teachers will not teach the curriculums  given to them by the United States to the children. They are writing about the genocide agenda in the paper. Everyone knows this is not natural behavior.

The United States is pressuring all governments who want its aid to passively kill their populations  by  introducing and promoting homogeneity. It   is clear the United States agenda is to kill  everything  that is in the Nature of life with the planet Earth.  The question becomes are you for Life and the living or are you for killing- living as the dammed. The people here are standing for the nature and the principles that govern it. Homogeneity is not a part of the cycle of life. Everything that is created as a part of the living system  for the planet Earth   works as a duality of two DIFFERENT PARTS  OF THE SAME.

I am so glad to see, it is white organizations  coming to corrupt the Belizian people. The Belizian people are seeing this too. Conquest is done thru influence against natural principle.

The time has come where people can no longer sit on the sidelines and ignore how the government is directing them to kill the blood life of the people. Could the sleeping giant that can stop our destruction of us as a species be as simple as the Nature of the people of Earth standing up one by one for their right to be  alive  . It looks like the people who will have a future will only be the people who stand for it.


Indigenous  culture did not accept homosexuality. It is regarded as a weakness of  nature constitution within a person. A person who lacks confidence in themselves as the gender they were born to. A person who reduces themselves to  homosexual behavior lack the strength to stand for their purpose to Life.

While I was writing this update ,Edward  the Mayan who helped me build Luk Makoo stopped by to tell me he is going to build him a house like Luk MaKoo, could I give him pointers. He has found the materials and he is ready to go. Wow, what a compliment.

   Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine – Living in Paradise…….@ luk Makoo


February 1019/20

Well folks, here is more update from Belize, I try to keep them short,  but, sometimes there  are so  many experiences happening that I have to put some of them in the next one. I want to thank all the people who respond to the updates, it keeps me sharing the experience in self discovery from living like our Ancestors with our soil of America….. Living with the  Nature of Life in paradise.

The new challenges begins.

Well, the pure sugar syrup is a real  powerhouse.  My magnetic  energy has increase substantially. I am taking it with my Liquid Life. I like the combination, my body is rebuilding muscle content, believe it or not I think I look younger, I feel younger, more playful. I am starting to see why it was called the elixir of the Gods.

The mill owner came to see me about harvesting the rest of the cane and continuing to grow more cane. Do to climate change, the regions  which were used to grow sugar  cane are collapsing  . Real cane (wild)  is in short supply. The cane I have here is very good quality with very high potency. He would like to sell it. In the old days sugar cane syrup was used as a medicinal for many ailments and to put strength back into the body. However it does not have a long shelf life. Mr. Caliz wants to sell the juice. The juice is very potent to. It just takes a little bit to feel its effects. Both ways have very beautiful organ restoration benefits. This is wonderful, what a surprise. I am going to bring 10 8oz jars back with me. You take about 2 teaspoons  with water or Liquid Life. It is ok for people with diabetes.  It actually has more fructose content than sugar. We only have 10 gallons. I will have  fresh syrup to go back.  The syrup can stay fresh for up to 6 months. The juice much shorter. I will not bring back any juice.

I will be taking orders now its 30.00 per jar. If I can bring back more I will try. Just email me to put you on the list at admin@

Mr. Caliz commented to me , that I was entering into the realm of being a plantation owner. I already have 2 marketable crops.  Really , I responded . Silently I was thinking This is beyond my wildest dreams.


Raising Roseanne

Mrs. Ann granddaughter Roseanne is 4 years old. Here in Belize the mothers are teachers for their children, it is the mothers who teach the children how to sustain their basic needs with Life.

I came by one afternoon ,Roseanne  mother Vanessa was teaching Roseanne how masa is used to make panadas . Roseanne was helping her prepare them for cooking for lunch..everyday of school ,Roseanne comes home for lunch. Roseanne was to place the plastic sheet on top of the tortieas machine, and then place a masa ball on top, cover with another piece of plastic sheet, and then close the machine and press. Her mother stood by to guide and assist- to make her do it over when necessary. Her mother would make her do it over until she got it right. Her mother said ;” she had to feel it ,then she know she get it right”

At no time did the mother do it for her, Roseanne had to redo it until the ball was perfectly round and the size right her mother patiently watch Roseanne make the tortiaa  to use for the panadas. . I was impressed that her mother did not cripple her by doing it for her.

I to learned how to do it. Here you learn by watching then doing. Watching gives you a mental frame of reference. Doing programs the emotions to the details and process in action to do it. I to picked up the feeling you have to exact the correct amount of  pressure  to flatten the ball  round with the right amount of thickness. I made some panadas the other night for diner and they came out perfect. Yes, it is a feeling.

I was impressed by how fast Roseanne mastered this  step. Roseanne has acquired a lot of basic skills for taking care of herself.she can indepently swipe the floor, wash her whole body, including hair, and teeth, put on her clothes and school uniform, tie her shoes, feed the chickens and dogs, collect the eggs and feed her little sister.

Here, once a child can walk well, they walk and must keep up with everyone else. There are very few baby carriages here. No one carries them if they can walk.  Here children are encourage to be independent. Childhood is a time for learning not just play


 The Indigenous Lifestyle

Living here in Belize exposes me to the effects of Life power on us. and  how the misuse creates effects that keep people always  in Karma.  Most people fear nature, they don’t know why, yet they wake up in it everyday.

I wake up  every morning to a new day. I find myself amazed about the subtle changes  taking place around me.  I am so grateful  to be a witness. I have learned to live with  nature is to live with balance. The events that happen in your life have a purpose to bring or keep you in balance within the force of life.

Now that I am getting older, I see all the dots  and their connection with simple clarity. Everything is the system of life is oval, therefore every event is multi-connected, so it sounds simple but the details are not. Living as a part of nature is living with atonement. Loving ones life nature removes fear of Death to ones Life.

The journey to paradise has taken 36 years to learn the secret to living in paradise. There is no paradise on Earth only with Earth. We all born from the mothers who carry the blood of the Earth, were actually born into paradise. Paradise is our Nature.    Supporting our nature is the indigenous lifestyle.

When we take action to accept our natural selves, embrace our nature, nurture our nature as females and males with our planet Earth. We are ready to become a complete unit. Life will start to lift you up  above of the  corruptions of the intellects around us. This lifestyle has shown me how to heal my body from the crimes committed against  my life  in the past.  Restore  me emotionally to have no fear of the truth, to tell the truth. No fear to Love without causing harm to myself or others. To create beyond my wildest dreams. To live by our Nature means to be creative, to receive pleasure from nature being responsive, open to receive and open to give, to let thy being be. Nature is the collective culture for the force of Life with our planet Earth.

Living the physical, and emotional nature for life is the INDIGENOUS CULTURE LIFESTYLE.

I am very clear Life loves all that is one with it. The challenges I get no longer plaque me. I know that life will reveal its plan for me to take action. I see why animals kill their animals that have been domesticated, they have a corrupted intellectual sense to their nature.  They no longer respond to the ability to  take actions from the innate directives of their nature. Unfortunately, this is what has been done to all Amerindian people. We are intellectually corrupted. Meaning, we don’t think in accordance to nature or lack  common ( Natural ) sense.

I know this may sound  CRAZY

 The way people are being influenced to live today is much harder to live, than living simply with a few perks. People miss the simple fun of living the cycle of life. I find it sad, that so many people will be robbed of their happiness from living life and miss out on the experiences of JOY from being a part of creative living.

   Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine – Living in Paradise…….@ luk Makoo




Well folks, here is more update from Belize, I try to keep them short,  but, sometimes there  are so  many experiences happening that I have to put some of them in the next one. I want to thank all the people who respond to the updates, it keeps me sharing the experience in self discovery from living like our Ancestors with our soil of America….. Living with the  Nature of Life in paradise.


The  Healing
Coming to  live in Belize  has opened me up to discover many secrets  about Life and it magnificent power.

I have not shared  some of my story of healing. I was told it is time for me to share, I to have had to overcome some extreme  and life threating challenges, as a result of childhood traumas, that has left me with  crippling injuries that can disable me from having a long life nor a fulfilling one.

Since I have been an adult, I’ve had to deal with the consequences upon me from the crimes against my ability to have a healthy Life. My focus on keeping my body resiliency from depleting and protecting myself from more damage being  done to me is an awareness that is always present.  In 1984, I became  fully aware of the  internal damage done to my body and the dysfunctions that I will have for the rest of my life as a result. I became painfully aware, if I did not find a way to offset the  dysfunctions, I would have a very early death…Most people die by the age of 48,they  come down with all kinds of diseases as a result. Compounded by  the nerve damage to my spine ,I would also lose my ability to walk from these life robbing internal injuries. Half of my body is seriously impaired or has loss of function. When I was  very young  adult I felt something was wrong, something missing, but I didn’t know what was wrong with me. As I got older  my bodies  resiliency was weakening from trying to survive  living,  the effects  from my silent killer  started to show.  I was informed in the 1990’s I would have to have complete reconstructive surgery, if I wanted to have more children, my second child was a miracle to be born. I was put on bedrest for the last3 months of the pregnancy. The internal ligaments that support my abdomen  to the back of my torso are badly damage. To have more children, I would have to be on complete bed rest most of the pregnancy. In other words my body can’t hold the baby…..

When I started to come to Belize in 2009, I was managing the  condition of a non- functional elimination  system. As I started to stay longer and longer periods my ability to manage the condition became impaired. The condition slowly started to effect my health. I increased my Liquid Life intake, it helps to keep my from becoming toxic. The feeling of  the colons dysfunction increased. I asked Life one night, why would I be brought to Belize, given a place to build paradise in paradise, if I can’t stay long enough to do anything without getting sick. I have to release this condition. Over the years of managing this condition, there was some signs of improvement, but not enough to sustain good health. AS I got older, I started to wonder what was going to happen to me  when I could no longer  manage my life long condition, the curse from my childhood affliction would finally cause my death. I CRYED…  Feeling defeated, I knew life would not let me go like this, my colon is completely compacted from weeks of build up. I was determined to wean myself off of artificial dependence. I have to heal my colon. Starting to feel the crippling effects of constipation, my awareness told me to eat  the leaves growing wild outside, there are a lot of different leaves which ones? I asked myself. I started picking the leaves I was attracted to, at this point I have nothing to lose.  I boiled and then stir fried them with fresh orange and lime juice, then ate them!!!!!

An hour later, I felt a strong urge to go to the bathroom, but it was pulling me down to squat, I felt like I was going to explode as a strong urge came one after another over me. I had to get on the floor as if I was having a baby. I got a basin near bye and put water in it for me to sit in. Next thing I knew I was moving, I was releasing, the pressure would subside and then come again. When it was over 5 hours later, I was exhausted, but the pressure was gone. The next day I squatted and released. I was so elated after 5 days of regular release.

Since then I release pretty regularly, especially when I am in Belize. I used the artificial  intervention for 40 years, my system was not strong enough.  The restoration of my elimination system was one of my healings and the experience taught me what I must do to keep it. I have not had to use my artificial system for 3 years as of 2020. Coming to Belize taught me  that artificial interventions are a temporary solution but not the fix. Only Nature has the remedy…….

Over, the years nature has shown me how to use it as the remedy for most ailments and diseases that plaque our people today.  Most people who still have their organs can regain their health if they are willing to change the way they are living with their bodies. Surgery is never the answer, it actually cripples the body ability to heal itself and will increase the problem. The resiliency within our bodies is phenomenal, we are to work with nature not against it. Every year I offer the Amerindian Therapy Program. I have found it only takes 6 weeks to heal  the blood. The body will follow. I sliced my finger, I used clay and my finger is  completely healed with no marks of the dismemberment, even the nail is growing. Our people are sick because we lost how to use Natures power.  Give life a chance, stop living in the suffering and pain of slowly dying,  give Nature a chance to give you back your healthy life…..

Make a change.!!!!!!!!


Life Traumas

One day walking home from the near by neighbors mountain top  where I use their Wi-Fi connection for internet. I pass as usual Mr. Roy’s , convenience store and stop to see how he is doing, His brother walked up to the window right after me, he came to buy flour. I asked Mr. Roy who was the oldest brother. Mr. Roy answered, he is younger being 68 and  his brother was the oldest him being 75 and the one who went to college., but with all that education he lost his common sense. He doesn’t have one drop of it. He asked “how can You lose your common sense. His brother was away in school when he was young, so his mother made him do a lot of chores before he went to school in the morning, he had to fetch the water for the house from the creek, fetch the wood for the fire, chop and pick the corn and peas, then he would have to walk 5 miles to school . he would always arrive late to school and receive lashes as punishment. Every morning his mother would order him to do more chores, his mother scolding him to be quicker, so he could do more chores before he left for school. One day his mother was pressuring him to quickly finish he almost completely chopped his finger off. He showed me is  injured & deformed finger. He said the incident would not have happened if his mother was not pressuring him so much, he could have watch better what he was doing. He blames his mother his injury he received  when he was nine years old. He  stated “ he still has dreams about it and his childhood. He tries to let it go, but it comes back to haunt him. I responded, “Wow, I have the same thing. He has to forgive his mother. He said he did, but he can’t seem to forget. I replied” I understood what he is going thru. I too have horrifying childhood memories. I had to forgive my parents, but life will not let me forget… it seems the pain lives in our hearts. Until there is an atonement for the emotional injuries and pain from the actions taken against our lives. Life will not let us forget… Until they  make atonement. Then there can be peace…..


 The House of Decadence

 Many people move to Belize to live the way of there dreams. They soon find out living in Belize is not what it seems. It take a minute to see there are two different polarizations at work here. Nature and Death from artificialism.  People from the  States quickly learn that the ideals promoted in  consumerism do not work here. The more you have  does not really prosper you nor bring you comfort.

Trying to build the dream house in Belize could cost you the price of a dream house in the States. Following the European way of living will rob you the simple joy  of  living.

I see it all the time, after a few years they leave. People come and build Cement houses just to find out the house can’t breath in fresh air,, kill all the tree’s around the houses needed to keep it cool, title the house floors just to find out it is hard and cold., They have built a beautiful tomb. They fill it with  stuff from Ikea and wella, they find they are living in a decadent tomb.  The house is hot, the floors are hard and cold and it feels dead. They find themselves living in fear of losing everything, because the people around them have nothing else to do but to rob them. They feel it is their duty.  What an expensive trap. I learned the best way to  have the joy of living in Belize is to keep it simple. Anything  to much beyond that will be costly and can bring you grief.

   Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine – Living in Paradise…….@ luk Makoo

Aquechewa everyone, Just a Note: I will be in Atlanta the last weekend in April. I need a chaperone. I would like to stay the whole weekend.  I don’t have a car. I am open to presentations, I can stay in Marietta. Lets make something happen.

 Reminder : The Amerindian Therapy program will be starting  sessions in May, we are taking applications to review for candidates to be accepted into the program. Ig you are interested in consideration for acceptance. .Request a application be sent to you at


March 2019/2020

Belize has changed!!!!!

Since I started to come here., I have watched the area change tremendously….

When I bought the property in 2010, the property was located on a main road, but it was a dirt road that ended at the Guatemala border 8 miles away. There was talk that in the near future the road would be paved and be come apart of the International highway of the Americas thru  Belize. The highway connects all the countries in  central America ending at the Panama Cannel.  NO one knew when this was going to actually happen, so you could not really plan on it.. The road work started in 2013 it reach Luk Makoo by 2015 and it was finished in 2017.

Now, there is bus service to town, at first it was only morning afternoon and early evening, all of them before sundown. The trip to town is only 20 minutes. In the last year bus service has increased  to a bus every hour until 4.30 pm going to town  5:15 leaving,  and 3 different bus lines.   The service is expanding again, 3 weeks ago the bus service has a bus leaving to the town at 6pm and returns from town at 9 pm. Wow, what a difference that will make. Taking the buses in Belize is very economical, as thought gas is $6-7 US a gallon. There is no speeding here other than the busses . Most place are near the road to connect to the busses. The down side is the timing. I used to take the  express bus from Belize City to Punta Gorda, it takes 6 hours each way. The bus gets to town around 8;45 pm and would have to spend the night in town to catch the bus to Luk Makoo in the morning.  Now, I can go to Belmopan(capitol) or Belize City spend a few hours in the morning and catch the express bus in the afternoon, the local bus straight to my door. Home by 9.30 pm instead of 5pm, all for $30 US  Not to bad  for an excursion. I also use it to go to the airport, However, there is a perk, all cabs to  or from the airport are $50 per person. First timers it better to fly into Punta Gorda. I ried the new service one night to go to the dentist.  The dentist suggested it. Most stores in PG closes  between 8-9 pm. To my surprised the bus was packed. I can now stay later to visit restaurants that don’t open until  after 5;30 pm . after the dentist I treated myself to a chicken dinner at Ellas place. She make the best fried chicken in town. She doesn’t open until 6 pm. Its been a long time since I have road down the highway from town at

night. While on the way home I noticed STREET LIGHTS ON THE HIGHWAY, they were almost all the way home much further out of town. I was shocked. The bush is getting an urban feel to it. Belize has changed.


 The Dentist

I was eating some fresh Barracuda fish steaks ,when a small bone got stuck in  the gum in the back of my mouth. I could not close my mouth afraid to push it deeper in my gum. I tried to move it I ate bread to remove it ,no avail.

Here in Belize, Basic medical is free or very low cost. Over the years, I know many people who come and have there dental work done here, Mexico or Guatemala. They highly recommend it, so I decided to give it a try. Well to my surprise the dental office was very modern and the prices for the services very reasonable. The dental visit at the clinic was only $1US. I decided I wanted a cleaning. The cleaning was only 15.00US. The experience was surprisingly pleasant, not like the visits in the states. No pressure thru fear tactics of losing my teeth if I don’t want more procedures done to them.. For my age he was surprised I had ALL my teeth,

I do need some dental work, but its not major. The cleaning was gentle. I saw a major difference, the plaque came right off. Liquid Life really works on keeping the teeth healthy and strong, cleaning them was a breeze. I was so surprised and delighted, I am going to get all the dental work done here, and a cleaning at least 2x a trip.

A Secret Weapon

Well, here in Belize the education of the people is mostly propaganda , it programs the children to think in a certain way.  The higher education system promotes the caste system. 

The caste system – is the system of   artificial categories that is based on  applying prejudices against people based  on gender , and race characteristics. People  who have the physical characteristics negative  assumptions are placed upon them  and the prejudices against them are acted out on them. Regardless of the truth. However the effects on the person who carry the prejudice   depending on gender against themselves has serious effects.

One morning while waiting for the bus. A very dark skinned East Indian  & Amerindian mixed brother was waiting there also. I have spoken to him before, he heard about my garden. He heard how nice it is, females here do not garden, they are kept away from the soil. Except, the Garifuna women they are indigenous and know how to create food from the soil. The females from India does also. It is kept secret, the females from Asia don’t have the knowledge, they are kept dependent on the men. Being here allows me to see how the  con-system  or conquest is applied against us and other people. This is so fascinating.


He has seen me for years building Luk Makoo  into paradise. This time I greeted him. He asked “ where was I going? I informed him I was going to renew my visa at immergration. Again he asked me what do I do? Again I imformed him I am an author and I  teach Indigenous Studies. Where? At the Institute for America Studies in the States . How can that be. You are not indigenous. I replyed, I am Amerindian, What is that?A person indigenous to America or a Negro. He then explained that he is African and east indian. His mother is a  decendant of a slave from India  he is African. You are a African. I asked “do you know what and  African is. He answered a person from Africa.  He is one of the first east india person to admit how they got here to Belize by the British, and they did come to be sold and used as slaves. Most east Indians omit that part. They say there fathers were indentured servants. I got my knowledge first hand from an east Indian elder female, she says they came as slaves to be used as wives, during the British slave trade… in their efforts for depopulating India.

He looked at me with scorn, and told me “ he was taight in colledge, People who look like me are from Africa, I was from Africa. I am African!. Again I asked had he ever actually seen a person from the continent of Africa. I could see the pain in his eyes. To him all females with  rich color are Africans.  I am not a African. He got angry with scorn towards me. I realized I have never seen him with females of his kind or sisters always with ketche women.  I realized he despised  his blood, his mother or his kind of people, he wanted nothing to do with them. Is this the biggest reason why  men want no parts of the females like them who created them , because they are labeled as slaves.  I saw his issue as clear as day. It didn’t make a difference what I actually was, to him I was what he hates in himself. The question is how do I live so  FREE.. Could it be the reason the slavery story keeps being perpetuated as our only history is because it keeps the males from respecting their Creation of their lives from their mothers. It keeps our men powerless if they accept it. They say history is a weapon.  Now ,I see the effects of it use against our people.  We never call whit women slaves, when in fact  the word comes from them, Slavic- they were used as slaves for Centuries. Yet we never here a slavery story about them..

Now ,I see why the East Indians changed their heritage history to something more respectable. They are indentured servants. It is time for a serious let go. Slavery is a crime  being committed against us. Maybe we should  update the story…. To something more respectable, so our sons will have some respect for themselves. Stop supporting  weapons of mass destruction used against us.


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Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine – Living in Paradise…….@ luk Makoo


March 29, 2019/2020

 April 1st              

 Well. Folks this will be the last update for 2019, The indigenous New year starts on April 1st, there will be an online  Webinair  revealing the  forecast and Itinerary for 2020.  The new year is starting with  a BANG!!! Like the forecast said last year ……

                                                             Change IS HERE!!!!!  YEA!!!


                                                                           F.I.A.A.H. – WE ARE READY

                                                                              We are Life Enthused

Here’s the update

The world vs Nature

 We live in an “PERCEPTION” to have a connection to Nature means you are poor.

People who can live without a lot of  money are the ones who don’t have money. The question becomes are they really poor?

 Over the years I have came to learn, Money is the way to live on Nature instead of with Nature. People quickly abandon the life support system built to sustain them without money. They wallow and quickly forger their responsibility for their life cycle structure need to insure  and sustain their  viability in the present and in the future. They become willing  slaves  and desire to become cultivated in domestication. (degree’s). They soon find out that only a few can receive the perks and  the perks have serious consequences.

For the last 10 years, I have been graced to see how it is done. Most people are under the perception that  all slavery is something that is forced on people, completely against their will. Actually it is done thru  a CON – the influence of Ideals. As I watch Belizian people leave their nature to become assimilated (educated) into the world. Where they will be used as organic machines. They quickly adopt the “Perception”  attitude of “Having artificial manmade inventions are better than creation  from nature. The people who live close to nature are considered  as poor.”

 AS the people who still have a connection to Nature  under the influence of the world take on JOBS instead of creating for their collective life support. They become the new lower class, as they aspire to reach the pinnacle of material acquisition for comfort from consumerism consumption.  The race is on, They  are the new rats in a PERCEPTIONAL CAGE on a spinning wheel trying to reach a dangling carrot  above the wheel, as they seek to climb the ladder for more acceptance (money) from the WORLD of IDEALS, the  wheel falls down ,keeping them from moving forward seeking acceptance they will never receive.

The Power in Our Blood-“   WE are holding the key to our future”

 Living  here in Belize there are  two systems at work here. Watching the interplay dynamics between the systems is intriguing. I am so grateful to be able  to see the duality at work.

Mr. Carlis  finally admitted to me. The indigenous system I use for creating plant/crop abundance “WORKS” the best and is the easiest. He also agreed the Mennonites are using  our indigenous secrets to  produce great profits from growing “NEGRO’ PRODUCE…The educational  system in Belize taught the people to look down on anything that connects their bodies to nature. We laughed, because we see how they are CON-ing the people  to keep control of their enslavement and demise. It is thru  the adoption of all kinds of artificial prejudices that we have been influenced to hold that is robbing  our ability to be FREE… of slavery.  He knows the way I garden is correct and works with the cycles of nature, nature does the work.., it builds the soil, and is less intensive,. I know our input  is the missing part of the cycle with nature. The more we give back to nature, the more Nature opens up to us. The more cycles we save, support, and serve with in Nature, the more JOY from Life we get… I see why we the Amerindian people especially sisters are the # 1 enemy of the Colonial States USA, in America..

Mr. Carlis agreed, he had to keep this awareness secret. He understood what he was taught about the Amerindian people was propaganda against the  Amerindian females – a big Lie. The  people mainly men were taught to discriminate against their female creators,  by using the colonial prejudices against the females of America.  Using these prejudices will isolate them, even Farrakhan came to Belize and told the young  hetero-sexual Amerindian males not to mate with their own kind. The prejudice used “ Sisters carry AIDS” for our males to create relationships outside their blood. Other  kinds of females are better for them to create union than their natural sisters from the blood that created them I was shocked . I thought I was hearing things I asked the person with me, did they  hear that, they said yes…. I lost all respect for Farrakhan. He is working Internationally for the governments extermination campaign, that’s why he is here promoting  genocide propaganda, he was here to keep the genocide of America blood going. He goes to all the Caribbean countries promoting to the natural young men, to kill themselves by killing the life cycle of the blood that created them by passively  killing the females with their blood, ability to cycle- reproduce their blood  into the future as children. What a CON ,  the sad facts are “Sisters gets aids from brothers practicing bi sexuality, brothers get aids from practicing SEX with brothers. The  hetero sexual brothers  are being  Conned into killing their Nature. Killing their future.

Their Coming

Well folk, their coming to cash in. some more pink people have made it to Mafredi to live. They got some property at the borderline  of Mafredi and San Antinio. While driving with a neighbor, I shared the knowledge more pink people are moving into Mafredi. He a person who has lived here all his life was alarmed to the news. He replied “ all the pink people he seen,  strip the soil of all it’s nature. The Earth becomes unlivable for plants, trees, or animals of the forest..  He then informed me that the Memonites have strip hundreds of acres, they kill the forest. He has watched them come and turn forest into pasture, if they can’t make money from it  they destroy it. They will kill our paradise. I informed him I am looking for more forest to preserve. I informed him I would build a road  to it. He was grateful to hear that. He told me about some 50 acres of jungle his family wants to sell. He is clear if we do not build, protect our nature we will not have any in the future.  He told me he would spread the word.  If you are interested in helping to purchase some forest soil. Lets us know, Become an investor in Life. Watch how your Life grows…..

Solid as a Rock

In the early morning the other day, I heard what sounded like a motorcycle in my driveway. I was in the loft pondering over the news I just received the night before about the Conia virus. Then I heard a voice calling out. I first thought it was Mr. Carlis, but Mr. Carlis does not have a motorcycle, so I stopped what I was doing and came to the front to see who it was. To my surprise it was a brother  from the states who lived in a nearby village. I was wondering what had happened to him. He was with a Ketche girl and he was learning that he was not welcomed in the village by the Keteche people. Him and the girl broke up, and I thought he had left town. I like the brother because he was trying to create his own. Down here there is no jobs for the brothers other than in some form of government service. I watched  this young brother go thru the ropes of Women, he was never with a sister   Wow what a surprise,  he said he  I was on his mind and he took a chance to see if I was back, so he was riding and he was told to stop by, and he was surprised to see I was back. He’s looking very well ,but he was different, he looked grounded and strong, before he looked handsome, but something was missing, he looked weak and incomplete. He knew he had to hook up with a female,  and he was always chasing the other females. As our conversation update continued, he told me he did leave the area for a while. I am quite sure for his own safety. He informed me , he actually bought the property of 80 acres in this Ketche area.   I asked him’ are you with someone” to my surprise he said he was married. Wow, then he said She’s a Sister, and her 2 sons were down here also,have seen them on the bus. My heart skipped a beat, he married a sister he meet  from Philadelphia. That’s why he looked so strong, he is a complete unit now, he  has his soil and female to build and protect. He can serve his function to nature.. He is grounded He is LIFE ENTHUSED THEY ARE A COMPLETE POWER UNIT.  I know they will overcome all the challenges. I will see him again soon. Wow, that was life sending me a sign.  Through our Unity we  become Life Enthused.

Ashford and Simsion  said it “ we ‘re Solid, Solid as a Rock

Cornia Virus-  another attack of the FLU

 Well, here in Belize, at this time  of this writing, we have no cases, the Belizean government has closed its borders to Guatemala, the traffic has decreased significantly  on the  international hwy. The airport  will close on Tuesday March 24th, last week people hearing the news raided the stores of all hand sanitizers. The schools were close on  Friday March 20th  and will remain closed until this experience is over abroad. Stores will close Sunday. I decided to stay here. Luk Makoo is in the mountains surrounded by forest, , here I have a  garden, fresh water, local fare, outdoor cooking. I am very Safe…..  The cost of living is not much, beside, I could not shut down  Luk Makoo and leave that quick, I need at least 3 days notice.

The  virus  was not in West Virginia until Tuesday March 18th , West Virginia was the last  state in the nation to  get a positive person, The person was  in the northern West Virginia border with Virginia . Since then , according to my son who is staying there and has secured Yumwija, all most every public place in the state was ordered to shut down. There is talk about shutting down the interstate77 highway running thru West Virginia.  However, Yumwija  236 acres is not  Located near the infected areas, nor  any large population centers, or nuclear  power plants. We are 100 miles or more from all nuclear power plants in the United States, Yumwija is a completely independent location nestled  high in the Appalachian mountains,  behind the continental divide ( spine) that divides the eastern side from the west. We are located between 2 national forest. Yumwija is surrounded by Mounds.  Yumwija  is the Safe Space for F.I.A.A.H. Here we have trees,  fresh air and alkaline water drink and to bathe in, hunting, my son says he has tracked turkey and deer, fresh fare, and once the trout pond is completed fresh fish,( this summer). Yumwija is a little piece of paradise.  Yumwija is OK….. Yumwija will allow 49 families to  invest and live their. The time is coming  for us to go underground soon.

I was elated that the places  life sent me to set up space are the most ideal locations. Yumwija is safe, so is Luk Makoo, its just getting back to West Virginia, I think I will wait until the beginning of May, when the weather is mostly warm. This year  people  should change their focus. Prices for living  will go UP.. Just spoke to a neighbor who is selling property. Luk Makoo is 35.000 bze a acre. That’s 17.000 US. People who  did not invest into building Life well its Karma time.

People can purchase Liquid Life, we have a few bottles left. All people need to increase there mineral intake so the body can increase their immune system. I am sorry to say, there are no products on the market that can do what Liquid Life does and with the quickness.  We will go into full production in May.  Save the  Life health of our children, our families, friends and ourselves . Stop playing  deadly games. Indigenous remedies are the only way we have to get out of the traps of symptom relief  medicine. Liquid Life is the cheapest investment  you can make to have and keep your Natures resiliency  strong to withstand the challenging times ahead.  It’s  page is at the website;, homepage. We  will open in May

Well that’s enough for now, everyone keep safe and Well. Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine – Living in Paradise…….@ luk Makoo

April 10, 2020

    Patio Picture  of a Rainbow  taken  @ Luk Makoo.

Well folks , Hope kinfolk are weathering the 1st of many transitions to come in good sprits. I am GREAT here in Belize. Belize has 10 cases now and 2 deaths. Fortunately, they are all related to each other, but the last death of a person who was already in the hospital, has made it clear, it is here. Everything that can be done to contain the virus has been done. The whole country  is  in a state of emergency. One of the deaths had some interesting twists. The man who dies was seeing the woman from California, who brought the virus from the states to San Pedro. She gave all the names of the people she had contact with, she failed to expose to the health authorities  her contact with him. Everyone around her tested negative except her mother. A few days later, the man showed up with the symptoms and died 3 days later. Now , the authorities are tracking his contacts and comes to find out he was with her, at a party and their was a picture of them. The secret was out. The woman lied…. Her lover died. At the same time there was a elderly man living in a nursing home, he was thought to expire and he came back, now he is alright. Could this virus be also KARMA DRIVEN. People who have serious karma it attacks more than others. All the other people who have tested positive, so far they have no  symptoms except the woman and the man that died. There are 5 cases that tested positive, but the blood came back negative. They are in self isolation. In Belize they put  out the names of the people who tested positive on the radio. Doing this has worked out  to be pretty effective way of finding  all the people  the people were around. People in isolation are on the radio., sharing what they are feeling and letting the public know they are being good citizens. If you don’t, this virus could leave you banned from your community  for Life. People hear are listening very closely . Most people in the villages don’t have tv. some people have cable connect from the states. Once the man dies., 3 more popped up. The state of emergency  went into another level, the police stop all travel by bus. Everyone must stay in place. For me  I like it better this way. I just bought a watermelon from  a  Mennonites horse and buggy cart. All the cases are in the northern part of Belize, Belize city has only one, so far they show no symptoms. As of  this writing the police has closed off the mountain villages from town. Where I am at there are no Infections. I really don’t need to go to town. So far I love the peace, with the international highway closed. I am back to experiencing  the full experience of Nature or bush. I can experience the music of nature without interruption. I wake up feeling like a Princess in atonement with  being ALIVE…… Our planet Earth nature is  quite beautiful and spectacular  beyond our wildest dreams, the music of nature is quite enchanting. The feeling you get from being in the experience of Life is Heaven.

I am seriously realizing  living life from the artificial man made structure may  actually be Hell. It is clear to me that over the generations we lost site of what  the experience of life in heaven is. According to the Bible  in Genesis ,we are living in Heaven. Heaven is that which  is above the Earth in the firmament , the firmament we call air  is heaven.

I am so grateful to have followed Life to find this secret truth about living. I am in heaven. I pray all my kinfolk reading  these words of insights  become Life Enthused and seek to  focus on returning back to living the experience for Life  in Heaven.



 The Fireheart

To save  propane for cooking I have had to step up and face the challenge of using the fireheart. I love eating the food created by the fireheart, the food taste  like no other. Food made from the fireheart is beyond delicious . Not only does the food look fabulous, when you eat it it feels  almost orgasmic . and it gives you so much power. Eating a meal made from the fireheart creates  experences you keep in your  memories, that stay in your heart.

The fireheart was one of the feminine skill arts and is the key to  shopping in the biggest supermarkets we have . Nature.   The fireheart  transforms all that is in the supermarket of nature into heavenly morsels of sheer delight. The delights created we call FOOD or Soul/Soil food. Every aspect of living nature, the females of the soil used for creating comfort in living with heaven.  Now, I must master this art of feminine skill. Transformation using fire.

The challenge, starting the fire, finding the right sticks, and where to place them to keep it building and controlling  how it burns is the challenge, creating from fire using water. It is easy to give up and go to convince, but the convince stove does not hold the magic  for releasing the joy within natural food. In this regard the firehearth stands alone.  Eating is an emotional experience. Good Eats is natural.  You don’t need a lot to create something emotionally satisfying. The secret is in the  nature of creating food.  I will keep at it.  ‘SECRET’ SISTERS EVERYTHING IN THE NATURE  THAT GROWS AROUND YOU, YOU CAN CHANGE INTO FOOD.   I pasted my first test, making my fireheart. I  have found once you start eating from nature what you create into food, Your craving  for artificial stimulants decreases, you also find you are drawn to eating for convince and how the poisons are  triggering you to feed it.. You can manage the addiction better and wean yourself off of the addiction to get the control back of your life. All people who have eaten anything with flour sugar and salt,  our processing center  ( guts) that makes proteins out of  what we ingest have been poisoned. Living here has given me the insights of how it is done.( Another article another time)

 I am sure returning  to creating food from what grows around us will release the   hold these addictions have upon us and save many from dark times  that  are coming for those who don’t.

Well that’s enough for now, everyone keep Life Enthused  and  Safe.

 Here is a Affirmation to help  raise you ability to be Life Enthused, it will boost our blood

Building Life Energy- Staying Life Enthused

1xdailey or as many times as you need.

I will to Live

My  allegiance is  to Life, Earth, and America

I value the  blood of Life given to me

I respect the  blood of Life shared with me.

I love the life force that flows within me.

I trust the power of Life to provide, sustain and thrive thru me.

Principles  that govern Life protect me from the ego perceptions of man that bring fear.

My allegiance is to love life, Earth and America, and  focus, fearless and Life Enthused is how I remain.

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will checkn soon to fill you in on the adventures with Ambassador  RaDine – Living in Paradise…….@ luk Makoo


April 26,2020

Well folks , Hope kinfolk are weathering the 1st of many transitions to come in good sprits. I am living well here at Luk Makoo in Belize. Belize had 18 cases in total, but no knew cases for over a week now. We like most of the Caribbean have not seen an increase of cases. All of our cases are resolved.  However, the Belizean government is not opening up its borders or airport. My  return flight was cancelled again, and rebooked for June. I have never  stayed in Belize in May to June ,so this will be a new  experience for me.  This is the time of year for mangos and avocadoes, I love mangos and avocadoes , I miss  them every year.  I will now have a chance to eat one right from the tree. I  have new challenges, I am running out of Liquid Life., so I will see what life has for me. I  have figured out how to make from scratch my own protein powder, and I did not use the web. LOL  A lot of fancy names are given to hide very simple processes. I will keep posed the outcome.

No mention of God.

Since the outbreak religion took a back seat. Even  the churches were closed down here. Nobody was allowed to congregate, including the priest. In Belize , it is taught through religions education, prayer is the reaction/ solution to all problems instead of proactivity . I found it interesting  there is no mention on the radio,  or newspaper of  praying to God or Jesus for saving anybody. There is a silence of the religious leaders since the crisis began. God nor Jesus’ is being promoted  as the answer. Instead,  proactive advice for action has replaced  religions antidote where the Covid-19 is concerned. Prayers don’t hurt but prayers alone are not the answer. Wow, first time God & Jesus are not the answer.  Proactivity + prayer is the power  that can make positive change happen. Knowledge +proactivity + prayer to stay life enthused is the power . Power to Life, Power to the people.

The Weather

The weather here is extremely  HOT and DRY. So hot that the smell of burning is in the air, yet there is no smoke  to see, just green turning to yellow.  No rain for the last 5 weeks, not even a sprinkle just intense heat. The sun looks burnt orange to red in the morning, we know another day of 100+ degrees. The last 3 weeks everyday has reached close or over 100 degrees, the nights are getting hotter too. I am so grateful for building a indigenous house. I am not roasting as bad as others, people are living outside under the trees. The clay house has stayed bearable while people with modern houses made of cement have had to move literally outside. The houses are too hot inside add on a metal roof, those houses become  an large oven. From my hammock I watch nature respond to the heat. The landscape is very dry, yet still green, the creeks have dried up, the pond at Luk Makoo still has water, but it is getting very low. I go to the water and it hydrates me differently than the water from the well. I am clear water that can support life (fish)  is  seriously different from other waters. The creek water removes the heat from the body, well water does not. Its great for cooking but not recharging. You don’t need a lot of water to receive its benefits.

When I lived in Brazil for 4 months, January-May2008, the weather was hot like this, .   In Brazil, carnival time is at the height of the summer hot weather season . In February everyday reached close or over 100 degrees, It’s like a time for a natural vacation. The females get up early  cook the dinner and wipe down the house., everything is done by 10am. The house feels clean and cool and the dinner pots are covered with cloth. People eat a piece of fruit with juice and bread. The bread was delivered fresh every morning by a man on a horse driven buggy, shouting fresh bread. Someone from every house with a cloth in hand would go to collect the rolls for the day. By 10am  the heat would be  building up. Laundry would now be completed and hung out to dry. By 12pm the chores for the day is complete. People would be returning home, school is out for the morning session. From 12 pm – 3pm  everything stops, unless it is indoors with air conditioning.

During this time people would gather as family and have their dinner. Once dinner is served, the men clean the kitchen. I found this interesting , regardless of position in business, community or government, all men cleaned the kitchen, including mopping the floor.  The females cooked the food, the males cleaned up. Around 1 pm  the females would retire  during the heat of the day to CREATE, draw, sew, pottery, until about 5 pm. Everyone goes home to eat a small brunch for the evening, or go out for festivities. In most cultures the work day is designed around the  innate times for eating. Here in Belize, it is very similar to Brazil. All workers are finished working by 2pm. No one works during the peak hours of heat. Nighttime is used for community. Even here everybody has eaten by 7pm. I find you naturally follow this pattern , your energy dictates it. In the heat, it is time to create, when it is cool It is time to produce. Following the emotion of nature is the foundation of culture.

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with Ambassador  RaDine – Living in Paradise…….@ luk Makoo

May 17, 2020

 Aquechewa  Kinfolk, Well I have a lot to share with you.  Unfortunately ,  this will be the last Update from Belize for this season 2019-2020. First,  on April 30, the Belizean government extended the state of emergency until June 30th, for keeping the international airport and borders closed , and only allowing limited country wide travel.  On May 4th, the United States Embassy announced a repatriation flight for leaving Belize to the States arriving in Houston on May 7, 12pm. . I was eted ,this might be my last chance to leave, I had a choice of leaving Belize now or I may have to wait until July to get back to the states, if so, I would miss the beginning of the growing season at Yumwija, it is time to leave Luk Makoo and go  back to Yumwija, I look forward to working with the soil /soul of LIFE. I could feel it calling me. I was starting to get home sick I missed my son and the people who loved me. Ms. Ann  agreed I should go home if I can, she and everyone in the neighborhood was starting to get tired of the  restriction from the  curfew and lockdown too.. I found it quite interesting, that I had made reservations  to leave Belize on May 7, my flight was cancelled by the airlines and rebooked for June 4th.  I checked the airlines  to book the flight, at first I could not find the flight and was about to cry , when I  ask Life to intervene, the next thing I knew I called the airline reservations directly  and explained that I was booked on a flight for May 7, with United Airlines . United Airlines cancelled my ticket for May 7th  and  rebooked my ticket to leave Belize on a later flight of June 4.  The US embassy announced a return flight from Belize on May 7th, I wanted my original flight reservation honored.. First,  United Airlines was going to charge me another 600.00  for a seat on this flight.  I  explained I had to get to my home in the States and I did not have the  extra money to  pay for a seat I already purchased and  did not cancel. The supervisor  saw I was originally booked on the flight  and rebooked my seat on the flight for no extra cost and wished me a safe trip home.  Traveling thru Belize at this time would be difficult. Airtravel was limited, and  the fares for a local flight to the international airport went from 100US to 200US. Visas to stay in Belize went up from $25US to 100Us a month. When the country went into a state of emergency in March, the immigration offices were closed  and stayed closed thru April, until the government announced the re-opening of  its offices on May 4, at which time  all people with visas had to report in and  a surcharge of 200 bze. I was  charged 250 bze to renew my visa  in order for me to leave Belize. The Belize government was making  up for lost revenue, I realized to continue to stay in Belize on a visa may become a very costly affair.  I was prepared to pack up Luk Makoo and leave at a moment notice, Monday afternoon I  packed up Luk Makoo, early Tuesday evening I was able to move everything to storage, say goodbye to everyone, especially Mr.  Carlize, and Edward, who heard I was leaving. The pandemic  abruptly stopped our plans for Luk Makoo. Now, everything has to wait until I come back, Mr. Carlize was taken by surprise to, even though he heard on the radio the announcement of the reparation flight to the states   He didn’t think I was leaving so soon, but he agreed to watch paradise.  I  will have to leave a day early due to the limited travel services. I had to start my journey home on Wed May 6th to catch the flight out of Belize on Thursday ,May 7th . Hotels in Belize City were allowed to take people leaving  Belize , only with a reservation.  Tuesday I was able to find a hotel in Belize city and made a reservation  for Wednesday to leave early in the morning Thursday, to catch the flight out of Belize The  flight was completely full. Belize is virus free and  I and others pondered what are we returning  back to. They like me knew it was time to come back home. When I arrived in Houston, Texas, it was cloudy and cold, only 70 degrees , the airport terminal was for the most part empty, concessions  and eateries shut down, It looked like something out of a movie. I walked thru the terminal cautiously , I notice there was very limited staff, and a lot of  people weren.t wearing face masks. I asked the driver to the hotel , what was actually going on. He explained that he was  working two jobs, and he was laid off his day job and driving the bus is his night job. This job is all he has to keep his family, his wife was laid off too.   I have not watched TV or  internet since December , my overnight stay in Houston will catch me up to date. I   left the next day to Chicago  had a short layover where it was even colder and then to Greenville South Carolina, to be pick up  and driven to Charlotte , from Charlotte I would drive to my final destination- Yumwija in West Virginia. I made it just in time, the weather here was still cold,  the trees are just starting to bloom. I have time to prepare for planting before the rains.  I’m home, and right on time.  Thank You Life. I LOVE YOU…..

 I am planning to  return back  to LUK MAKOO by November , I will miss  paradise in Belize. Staying  life enthused, I will return to paradise soon.   Now, its time to build Life here. I look forward to the adventure. Hope to see ya soon

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with Ambassador  RaDine – Living in Paradise…….@ luk Makoo.

P.S. People,  Give yourself a break, take the time to visit Yumwija, come to paradise. See a different world, experience a different way  of  living.  Experience the way of our ancestors.

PSS. The  Amerindian Marketplace opens May 31st. Stay Life Enthused –  Order Your Liquid Life Today.
























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