Belize Update: November 2016

Belize Update- November 27,2016

Aquechewa everybody, the time has come for new adventures in Central America at our winter school in Belize.

Thanks to the help of our brothers and sisters kinfolk with F.I.A.A.H, the trip to Belize was smooth sailing, this trip I did not trek thru Mexico, I came straight to Belize international airport.. I did find it interesting that the flight was full and most of the people to my surprise were not tourist, but people who have moved there, going to different parts of the country. I am going to the most southern part of Belize, the last town in Belize located in the heart of Garifuna territory. The trip by express bus to Punta Gorda is 6 hours. I arrived in Belize City around 1 pm central time. I had just enough time in Belize city to go fabric shopping, I am going to make curtains and seat covers for the house decor in keeping with the soilful texture of the building and stop by my favorite eatery called Ditts. Ditts restaurant and bakery makes the best Belizean coconut pies and pastries, they are only open to 3pm, and like everything in Belize,if it is slow it closes early or does not open at all.. I have come to Belize City a few times just to find out NO DITTS. So I was elated to see it open!! The last bus leaving to Punta Gorda is at 3;30 pm , it is an express air conditioned greyhound type bus, it stops and picks up in all the major town going south of Belize City very nice ride. To my surprise I just about knew everybody on the bus, they too was returning back to Punta Gorda, Belize . The trip went fast from listening to all the updates on what’s happening with who since I left. There was so many changes, that I had to wonder if I was only gone 6 months. I knew I was in for some serious challenges myself. I heard how bad the weather has been here, first severe dry weather, now severe raining, causing flooding. Due to the location of the Luk Makoo campus, we are on a higher elevation, however, the run off from the roof is a major problem, and has caused the house to flood several times. I received a call from my neighbor in Belize informing me to get here as soon as I can, there is severe damage to the house. Torrential rains has caused flash flooding, the house accumulated 4 feet of water,. So I am prayerful the whole house is not leveled.

I arrived in PG around 9pm. The weather when it is not raining , is warm from the lower 80’s to the high 80’s. This time of year is perfect short sleeve and tee shirt weather. It is also a good time to plant trees and some the kitchen greens. Yum Yummmm!!!!

Garifuna Heritage Weekend
I decided to stay in town for the annual Garifuna Heritage celebration of Settlement day.

The Garifuna people are the original indigenous displaced peoples of ST. Vincent Island. The British Armanda was attacking there island to seize the people to enslave them during the late 1700’s to early 1800’s. The males stayed behind to fight off the British,25000 or more females ,children and young males in boats were sent into the sea, to find a new coastal location in

America for a safe place. They travelled with the currents for a few days and landed on the southern section of Central America today called the Bay of Honduras. At this time the British had not put a claim over this area of America Soil. The Garifuna peoples re- established themselves with coastal towns around the bay of Honduras. Today 3 colonial countries claim over or next to Garifuna areas . Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras . There are 25 or more Garifuna towns. Every year the celebration of heritage settlement day is remembered.

The whole town is decorated in heritage colors banners and banana leaf branches and traditional heritage foods are made. For 3 days before the 19th their is continuous food, drumming, song and dance, on the night of the 18th drumming and celebration is all night then at daybreak the morning of November 19th ,the re enactment of the settlement takes place. This year the 19th fell on a Saturday, the music and drumming started around 8 pm and continued until around 6 am, then the people walked to the shore to watch the re- enactment of settlement, everyone is dresses in heritage colors of the Garifuna Peoples white, black and yellow,. Once re-enactment is finishes there is a parade thru the streets and completes at the Catholic church, where prayer is given for the people .

Since 2010 I have watch the crowds get thinner. Many people come from the States each year with their families to share their heritage story in keeping with the heritage traditions. However most of the new generations do not know their heritage story or their heritage language or the importance of why they should always respect and support their cultural heritage inheritance.

This year at the festival activity games, the children were asked to count in their heritage tongue , the one who could count the most number in there heritage tongue would get 25.00bze. Out of at least 100 children, there was only one young girl at the festival who could vaguely count to five in Garifuna. The elders I was sitting next to were surprised, I was embarrassed for them,. It is clear the Garifuna language is not being taught in school, and the females were not talking in their language at home… Once the current elders pass the language is dead……( their goes their international standing)

Each year the narrative changes and becomes more colonial. Subtlety the narrative is changing to foreigners are the masters (whites) and the indigenous people their subjects /slaves ( blacks) and the real story becomes corrupted. More and more I hear of them now being refugees from Africa. I am seeing firsthand the process of how they are being displaced. . These people are becoming Africaniozed. In ten years or less their will be no heritage celebration, and no rights to Punta Gourda. They will be homeless, a people without a place to live with Earth.

The female elders ( Mothers of the heritage) see it and don’t like this corruption yet fail to speak up about it. Its like they do not know what to do about it. The subtleness of the corruption by the educated Garifuna men in government, is changing their heritage story ,as a result removing their people from their human and fundamental rights to where they live freely

withEarth.,Iguesstogetmoremoneyfromthegovernmentformorejobs. Therealpricethey will pay, Instead of jobs, all it is bring is more people who want to own their beaches, In order for this to happen the Garfuna people must be removed from their indigenous America claim to their pre- colonial settlement. What better way to remove a people without a fight than to change the narrative of the origins for the people to Africa. I am watching how this robbery is happening. Its already started , foreigners are converging and settling in on there terretories. They are constantly talking about it and have their eyes open looking for pieces to convert into real estate. I often speak to the people who can make a difference, I find once they are educated they lack the mental capability to use common sense. They see themselves above their people as elitist, and have a deep sense of self hate and collective loathing of their heritage kinfolk. So they do nothing……….

Witnessing what is happening here gives me real insight to how our millions of people over decades into generations lost our Ability to live with our soil inheritance to our heritage blood from Earth.

We simply lost value for it. Our mothers stop thinking about it, to live in colonialism became ,more convenient , so we thought.

The price we pay- we lost our ability to live freely with life,

Convenience came with a heavy price. I will keep putting pressure on the elders to save their people and enact solutions to keep their heritage alive, but the Females have become complaisant as a result of their artificial sense of comfort.

Luk MaKoo Update

I arrived at the house , holding my breath with my fingers crossed, at first everything look fine the front of the house look fine, I opened the door to see the whole backside of the house walls were completely collapsed, the floor was still wet and the walls were saturated with water, the roof was fine, but the extension roof covering the kitchen and bathroom was leaking, adding to the flooding situation.

The good news the electricity walls were intact. To my surprise I did not feel overwhelmed. I felt fine, I was so happy to be there, the coconut tress planted are doing well even the avocado tree. I retrieved my camping tent found a dry place to put it up, and I am ready to fix it up. As I travelled around I saw the rain damage everywhere, cement once saturated stsrts to grow black mold, it looks horrible and sickly, the dampness in the cement stays in the building. Clay on the other hand breathes so there is no mold buildup. The place smells fine.. Thursday my neighbor Mr Burton C sent two workers to put a new roof extension made out of cohoone leaf and they put back and secured the metal roofing. The main reason for the flooding was the drainage system for the shower and the drain trenches were not deep enough to handle the deluge of water running off the roof. This time I am going to put rocks at the bottom about 1 ft -18 inches high, keeping the clay walls from the floor so they can’t saturate from any overflow

of water., I did find that the walls can take the water, but they need to dry some before they are damped again, if they don’t the walls keep absorbing water. When I walk into the house it was still wet with water. My neighbor told me when he came by the house had at least 4 feet of standing water in it.. I thought of New Orleans, and my husband house in Philly when a pipe broke and it was flooded, the water damage was over 75,000.00, the house almost had to be gutted. I will not have to do this here, I estimate it should take about 8 weeks to rebuild the walls with two workers @$200.00 US a week plus material 200 -250 Santa Maria sticks 3 inches thick about $500.00

Cement for the new drainage system probably around $ 300.00 us give or take, I have not finished pricing how much I will need. I estimate the most needed is around 3000.00 – 3500.00 to completely fix and finish this house and Covered out door Dinning room/ kitchen. I would say that’s a big difference from rebuilding a 900 square ft building in the States. I asked one of the brothers down here to put in the loft, for more sleeping area. His price will make the finale cost however I included a good estimate for him in the cost.

I am learning how life teaches us to be collective. The house is one of our first Indigenous house building projects and it will give our people a chance to really feel what it is like to live with the Earth. I am learning a lot of skill details for building a living lifestyle with natural resources.

Now is the time for everyone who wants to get out of the states but can’t get all the money to travel a way to do it. For every $50.00 invested towards the building fund for the Luk Makoo project, the investor receives a night stay at the house I suggest to all people you should plan to stay a week, housing becomes a major expense, now you don’t have to worry about that, its just your passport airfare and about 200.00 in traveling, play money. For the most part food is included. We need to raise 3500.00.

There will be a Luk Makoo building fund donation button at the financial payment center at the school site Come on down and share in the learning experience,

Punta Gorda- Luk Makoo Internet Update!!!!!

Well folks when I left, there was no internet available in the area Luk Makoo is located. I was informed that fiber optics cables were being installed for internet and cable and should be up and running around January 2017. Just before I left in May, all but one internet café had closed, leaving very little options for public internet connections.

Now that I am back, I have a real challenge, finding internet for the classes. I kept asking around and I found out there is a Wifi service by Smart. I connected with their representative to see if there is a possibility I could get wifi service from the service tower in the next town from me. Well guess what I can pull in a strong 3g service. I was so happy, so I got it, I am still

looking for the best spot to get the strongest signal, but it is better than nothing . I will use this until I can purchase and have installed a secure internet line . Currently, I can not be connected all the time, but I can connect when I need to if I have space or minutes. I check the mail at least once a day

Well, I had more but I reached my space limit. that’s enough for now

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine

Belize Update Dec 24th,2016

Adventure’s with RaDine-

Wow, time flies, here is the Update for December, Hope everyone is safe and productive,

st lookingforwardtothestartof“OUR”newseasonforlifethatstartsinApril1 .Welltherealot

to report this update, this will make up for two. Sit back and I hope you enjoy .

Bush Living

Living at Luk Makoo brings interesting discovery’s, and insights every day. Each day is filled with simple treasures, that bring so much pleasure. As I live here and work on building the campus, I examine the way I was living in the States, even though it appears I have at my disposal more convenience in the States, I am realizing, I really don’t need the convenience to live a very productive, and stress free life. I am living without most modern amenities, like a stove and refrigerator. I don’t really need one ,I drink more fresh juice than I ever have, I don’t eat or crave sugar.. Its not healthy for good long healthy life living. Refrigeration breaks the cycle of digestion, the cycle of food or energy consumption is not predicated on cold storage. Its not necessary to store food. You eat what you need. You create with Raw ingredients until you need to procure new ingredients. Your food stays in the ground until you are ready to eat it. This process keeps the expression of creation in preparing natural ingredients into food. Today we call this cooking. You don’t have to put most natural ingredients to heat.

Example; Process beans, soak, all day, mash, once soaked you can eat them in your salad, or make patties, and fry , what ever is not used cook use for next day breakfast with fry jacks or soup. I am finding all kinds of bean trees. Harvesting from shrubs, it is not necessary to kill the plant. The more we don’t kill, the more choices we have in the natural pantry. To have a constant choice of raw ingredients to create food with, you just need a little space and plant a lot of shrubs and trees, there is all kinds of raw ingredients for food at your finger tips

For years ,when I purchased fresh produce from the market. I would put the produce into the refrigerator. Today I put everything back into the soil, and allow it to continue to grow. It stays fresher longer and it makes an instant garden. You can transplant the plants you like, they will flourish in Natures refrigerator of the soil.

Natural beverage is fruit. I love grapefruit season, it starts in the middle of December. Just peel them, leave some of the protective skin on them, cut them in half and you have two fruit cups. One grapefruit will quench the thirstiest thirst and give you more stamina. Cultivating a tree- is like natures manufacturing factory. The production from one tree gives enough produce to feed a family of 10 and enough produce to create all kinds of expressions for food cultivation.

We have 5 huge breadfruit trees, I can’t wait for the fruits to ripe, they look like huge potatoes hanging on trees. One fruit can feed at least 5 people. You can bake, fry, make a pie, a shake,

or use it as porridge. We also have the Ginko tree ,once the fruit is ripe makes a wonderful drink. Were growing Noni too,if the ants will let it grow.

Now, there is a piece of convenience that helps make juicing turn into a whole new level of creative expression. I must say the blender is a good invention. However, it is not quite ready for real fresh foods. I tried to grind dried coconut trash to make coconut flour and it almost broke the Montel Williams Elite Health Master blender. I am scared to make fresh almond milk with it, even though the company advertise it can do it, I’m not sure with real fresh almonds. I find natures produce has a lot more girth and fortitude than what is sold in the States. Everything I bring down here to use can’t take the pressure.. This piece of truth, makes me wonder is everything sold in the US is FAKE. Its really embarrassing .LoL

Everyday for the last 4 weeks, I start the day with fresh coconut water mixed with clay, I use the remaining coconut meat in food preparation, the shell, I let it dry and it is used as a water filter and fire starter for the stove. Just to name a few uses.

Working with the Earth

I came back to Luk MaKoo on the 21st of November and in just 2 weeks the leaky kitchen, the extension roof covering the kitchen is fixed and the 6ft grass has been cut. The drain needed around the house to stop the flooding was completely dug in the first 4 days. Since then, the outside dinning room kitchen area the completion for a permanent roof of cocoon has been put on top. Since the last report, the outdoor kitchen has been dug up and levelled, with sand and river rock put down to be the floor. We need just another load of river rock and sand and the outdoor dinning room area will be complete. Now the earthen oven and stove has to be built. It should not take a long time.

I was invited to a integrated farming workshop given by the NGO XoCo from the States. I was invited to this event by a neighbor of mine, he is called the Natural Farmer, Mr .Burton has promoted all natural farming for over 40 years, he calls it Agree culture. I see that I am at the right place, because he was getting weary of being different, and to meet another person who see’s the same thing he does is a welcoming grace. We can share with each other.

Wow, life has provided me a new teacher, to teach me more on how to do and create anything I need from nature living with life, like how to use the machete, (I’m still not good lol) introduce me to all the flora, how to work with the house, and what to do with the men and so much more. So if anyone thinks that I am on vacation, I’m not, I’m in life school. Everyday, is filled with so much to do. I had relaxed in doing my yoga. Well ,I back on it, I need it for stamina.

I was surprised I was the only female and indigenous sister at the workshop. The workshop basically promoted the replanting of the forest , by planting trees to head off climate change. The excessive rains here are changing the temperatures of the area, and is having havoc on the crop production. I was surprise to see the men there was not familiar with a lot of the local flora. There is a tree called the Imana that grows tall ( 100 ft or more) fairly fast to bring back the canopy of the forest. People are starting to take climate change seriously. It has rained here for the last 2 weeks, now that I have the drain . I am no longer worried about flooding from the many very fast and hard rains. So far it is holding and working pretty good. I like the location of the house , the water will flow downward past the house, towards the waterway. For the last few years, the season have gotten more extreme, the rainy season bring excessive rain and the dry season, is unusually dry. Last year the soil was so dry, it was a living tinder box here, people were praying for rain, once the rain came it never stopped, almost drowning everything. Now people are just scared. They accept the rain, try to plant in it to give the young trees as much time to grow before it becomes excessively dry. They are afraid the dry season will be worst than before. The heat of the sun was so hot, you felt your skin burn, it was only April.

People who are conscious know if we are going to have a beautiful future we have to plant trees. I mean a lot of trees to keep nature providing us life.. I’m ready……

Learning to work with Life

Learning how to play- Play is an art, that’s right to play… what is play?

What we see children do all day. We see them emotionally learning, it is thru play children learn how to create. It is thru play children observe and learn the principles in life thru action.

Thru play we learn how to do, thru play we see what we can do and see what we feel towards the process of how to do it.

Play is the process of life’s productivity, to live a balanced life, a natural life , I find myself valuing play.

I find that, I get up to start my day. I always have something to do, something new to create, something to accomplish, another step to take in the goal towards the vision of creation. I am full of ideas, ideas to create, I get up anxiously moving to put my myriad if ideas into action, into process for creation.

I start to realize that life was showing me how to create another expression of reality with my emotions. I feel like a designer in a playhouse, as I realize what is happening with me, I also realize I am a adult child at PLAY.

To play is to see the vision of life with you, full of ideas , full of creativity. As I sit back in my hammock in the bush, I never get bored, or lonely. I have very little need for constant entertainment, as I see so many possibilities. I say wow,

The biggest secret about play is learning to live with life instead of on life- means you live life full of play YEA!!!!!!!!!!!

The “ANTS”

One afternoon, I got a visit from some newly displaced neighbors. The BLACK ANTS They came to visit as a black sea moving very quickly and franticly into my house, up the walls, over the door, filling the whole floor with ants and their collective relation.

A friend stopped by and walked into them. He quickly found out he was walking around them. They didn’t attack him, just stung him to get his attention to “pay attention”.

I was washing at the water sanctuary so I did not see them arrive. I was shocked at the siting of this massive body of ANTS. I quickly noticed they weren’t on the counters or my desk, they weren’t into anything just in open spaces on the floor.

I was saying to myself, What if they stay? Oh my!!!!! I quickly asked mother/father life to send them away. I hope they find a new home but not here. Then, I remembered why they were visiting. My helper Edward was clearing bush from the twin guava trees. A large and pretty well develop ant community was thriving there. He took his machete and dislodge the ant castle ( more like a city)from the tree. The castle came tumbling down to the ground, and was no longer on the tree. Edward continued to clear the bush from the tree.

I did not give it another thought about what just happened or what would the Ants do now that their thriving city of where they lived is destroyed. Well low and behold, I now know what they will do. A good 1000 or more Ants came to visit. I knew not to start a fight with them by harming them. They moved like a collective energy. So, I resign that my uninvited guest will visit for a while. To my invited guess, I invited them to hang out at the water sanctuary, where the energy is very relaxing and refreshing place to talk. We sat and talked for a while, then a spark hit us and we knew it was ok to come back to the house. Low and behold the house was just about clear. The horde of Ants has moved on in their journey to find a new safe place to build them a home.

I know now the next time I see another life form residence city, to LEAVE IT ALONE. In a way it reminded me of the Bible story of the wandering people of Israel or the Syrian refugees moving thru the wilderness of life looking for a safe place to call home. I went to bed that night without any trace of Ants. They came and left without a trace. I sent a prayer to them, as well as all those who are in their current position, may they quickly find a safe and a peaceful place to call home…..

Discovering new Perceptions

I have found living closer to the Earth means living closer to the ground. I find I feel better, sleep better, stay relaxed.

Conventional ways may not be all they are cracked up to be as superior. I find being lower, I think more creatively. I open up, my vision is so clear. I brought an airbed down, but I already had a 4” form bed that I put 3 blankets to make extra cushioning on top and I really love it. I look forward to the rest. I started this way of sleeping, when I first moved into the house , I sleep on the floor for 2 1⁄2 months. When I came back to the States, I was looking forward to my conventional bed thinking I would have a better sleep experience, but to my surprise my sleep was not as sound as the sleep I was having on the floor, I did not feel completely rested. The difference was subtle , but enough to really take notice. I did not miss my conventional bed. I have seen many older people get rid of their flat conventional bed for hammock beds. I love being in a hammock, but I have not mastered sleeping in one. Today, you can get a hammock with bars across the top and bottom to keep them straight. I know people who shipped there conventional bed from the States to Belize, just to find they don’t like to sleep in it. They sleep in there hammock instead. We are conditioned to believe the way we support our lives is better than the simpler ways, but I am finding that’s not TRUE.

Personally still not convinced ,subconsciously holding on to the conditioned attitude. I now have an airbed, I liked it for the first night, but realized I was not as rejuvenated as I was with my foam on the floor bed I was already having, and my body felt beat up.

Could it be we have been conditioned to sleep backwards? I have noticed when we are sitting closer to the ground we relax more naturally. When I am closer to the ground, my incoming creative process thought come into action quicker. I get up and do them, my creative energy is stronger. I also facilitate more life process better. Example; exercise , meditate, sun gaze, write, while still having to accomplish my day activities, by the end of the day, I relax quicker. I find I really don’t work good at night I am ready to sleep. So I decided I am going to have a hammock bed made closer to the ground about 1 ft. high.

I also like eating closer to the ground, it is more relaxing, I find my emotional

Creativity and intellect integrates better. The higher up I go the more I lose the creative and become more intellectual, it seems one cuts the flow of the other, as I sit and write these words sitting in a low lounging chair basting n the early morning sun, looking at the phenomenal beauty around me. I am reminded again the joy of life is living with it not on it………uhmm……….

Building Communities

I often wonder, why we collectively as a people lost everything we built with our Earth for thousand of years, how did we lose our way.

Generation after generation we have less to build with Life and the more we depend on artificial systems that destroy our ability in exchange for the artificial perceptions of material grandeur ,material comfort,. Now that I am finally experiencing living in the perception of living with Earth. I see everyday how our ancestors did it. I also see that in order for our people to return to a more peaceful life they will have to change and give life a chance, they will have to be willing to allow their emotions to grow, the process of emotional development is implemented thru action. All the challenges that face our people is from life signaling our people to use their emotions to take productive action, and in that regard we are very crippled. We don’t know how.

I see everyday what it will take to really build new communities, we will need a combination of money, focus and collective will power.. I also see that once we get it started and people are able to feel their emotional power and what positive movement we can create, we will start to move again. Everybody is looking for the collective movement, but they forget they are the collective movement, The movement is Us. It starts with a few, Our people lost our support systems over tine because we stopped supporting what it takes to keep them. Every generation has people who works to keep or develop a part of the structure needed for our collective life support, and for generations we collectively negated the support need to sustain the efforts. Now we collectively have nothing and must start from scratch. Many are seeing the writing on the wall. The game of artificial reality is over. Many are pretending to be awaiting the call to action, but are sitting on the sidelines watching the fire that is burning down the house . instead of preparing to get out of the trapped doors before it is too late. People who take the action to learn how to work with life will have a chance to save their life experience. Many people are waiting for someone to save them, without them learning how to prepare to save themselves and others. This attitude will be the death of most of our people. Life does not owe us anything because we are its human children, it is time for all of us to GROW UP, life does not have to earn our respect. Life is not our personal slave to be used for our selfish ideals and indulgences. Everything in life has an exchange . When we lost respect for doing our purpose for our collective life ,we lost our power from Earth. In order for us to build new communities, we have to return to Respecting our collective life creators for our creation. life purpose and develop our abilities Without this simple truth, our people who can’t change their attitude will always be to crippled to leave the burning building , they will perish. Every year I anxiously wait for the people who have changed their attitude and made it to the perceptional shore of new life being emotionally FREE and build community. I hope this is the year In the meantime, I keep developing, I will be ready to create a new day and a different future. I hope you will be there…….

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine

Belize Update Jan15th,- March 1st 2016-17

Just a note I follow the Natural Yearly cycle, or the indigenous new year, In this regard Jan 1st is not the start of the new life cycle, April 1st begins the new year in the western hemisphere, January 1st is the start of the imperial cycle of finance or new pillaging cycle for Rome as though most people have been conditioned to follow the roman perspective I write the date and put the artificial year . AS though I am first a part of the life nature with America. I honor this fact by writing the dates in the following manner, 2016-17, when April 1st arrives then the year is written 2017.

The more we correct our false perceptions, the more you see how life functions and how you function with it, life works better on your behalf. Since I have not sent a update for a long time. I am going to give just small insights, so the update will not be so lengthy. Enjoy!!!

The Beauty of Process

Learning process, being from the States, we are conditioned to use money as the medium to create everything we need. As though most people do not have the money they think they will need to make the vision of there creation the way they think it will happen. Or they have the money and find it will take 3x more money and focus to create it than they thought.

Example, I thought I could have the first house in Belize built in 6 weeks, have trees planted, and have the bamboo section., growing in 5 years. I see different avenues to make revenue implemented here and there, It looks very simple from the outside, I imagine I could do that. However, that’s not how it works, I have witness putting a lot of money towards a project, and the project never comes out the way it was intended. What I have had to process Creating is an emotional process, money assists- but does not create.

AS I have mentioned before I came to Belize from a distant dream, I had in my young adult years . The vision lingered and I followed the signs, looking for the meaning” I didn’t know precisely what I was looking for, but the emotional feeling was letting me know ,there was something there for me. Once I got here the feeling was even stronger , I felt excitement, like a journey was waiting for me. I couldn’t wait to see the surprises. Everyday, someone or something would be revealed to me. I have been coming here now for almost 7 years straight. After a while I was emotionally strong enough to move by myself onto a piece of Earth. The experience living completely with Earth, has been the best education one could ask for.

The knowledge revealed to me that will help others break the chains of sickness leading to pre mature death is phenomenal. The healing I received is the biggest grace life could bestow upon me. At first, I did not know if I could stay away from home and keep my health, as though I have a serious handicap I have lived with since I was a l young girl. I was always clear the handicap would cause the pre-mature death of me if I could not manage it. For many years I just managed it with indigenous remedies, with great success, but the condition was not removed. Living with this health condition, knowing that it is lurking like a noose waiting to tighten around my neck. I was not sure , while staying in Belize I could keep the condition from flaring. The first few times I visited, the condition flared up, but I got back home in time to better manage it. Each time I stayed a little longer, every time I came, I came with the knowledge that I may not be able to live here without the fear the condition would get the best of me. About 2 years ago, I got food poisoning from eating in Hopkins Belize, while returning to the States,

When I arrived to the States, I started to dry out, because the air moisture quality in the states is very low, while in Belize it is very high. I started to feel very hungry, but I did not want solid food, I wanted live food. I could not find any, , I was about to pass out so the next day , I took some black walnut tincture, and I did feel better, so I went to Walmart to find something to eat ,I went into the store yet everything in the store look dead, like processed cardboard, the store had no real food nothing appealed to me, I had to do something to quell the feeling of extreme weakness, so I just put something in my mouth, I bought a piece of fried chicken. By the time I got home I was nauseous, I made it to the bathroom, where I fell to the floor, and could not move nor get up. MY condition triggered another conditioned called vertigo. I could not walk for 6 weeks. This incident ,was a real wake up call to me, making me realize, I won’t be able to fully live here without fear of sickness, so I need to ask life to show me how to completely heal this condition. so I can live here without fear of this condition. I came back to Belize, as if nothing happened, and continued to work on the Luk Makoo house, AS with everything there are challenges and set backs, but for some reason, I was not upset with them, it was like I was learning about how people emotionally work. Since I have been coming to Belize to fully live with the Earth, I am discovering how people still connected to the Earth function. as a collective culture and is receiving invaluable insights about the nature of us as natural humans,. The experience is so revealing and emotionally healing, I find I am consciously emotionally stronger,. When I was ready life told me to move completely out to the bush and live in the house. Since I have lived completely with the emotions of life with Earth, eating what is provided by life with Earth the condition was alleviated. Living the way of our indigenous(natural) culture, alleviates all the health conditions experienced today as a result of following a a artificial dead culture…Not only was the conditioned completely alleviated, I was given the insight on what has to be done to alleviate most of our peoples health dysfunction, and the Beauty of the process is ones health can be rebuilt in 6weeks. Once emotionally balanced back to our natural nature , you can keep your optimum health and never go to a health store.

I understand why the explores stated they found empty communities all over the northern half of upper America. Our ancestors took vacation in the tropics, when the Soil went into rest. Everything our ancestral grandmothers did was related to nurturing the soil and living with the plants of our planet Earth. I often wondered how our ancestors created all the basics for the technology of the culture we survive thru today. ? I also wondered If they had the power to move the mountains, then why are we so powerless today? Why haven’t we created anything but a new BILL to pay .

Here in Belize ,I can embrace living from my ancestors culture, since doing so, I see how they did it, I see how we lived in emotion of Earth. We live in paradise and created our Eden. Life was our grace and we lived to serve its purpose, and we as its children made our vision of creativity in life. I am clear that when we change our vision from physical, and material. To emotional and consciousness, we will be relieved from the curse and doom we see looming over us to destroy us today.

Life of Creativity

Life is creativity, creation is emotion. Emotion is the process of all forms in movement. Life process is more than mechanical. I see vision, I can create. Everyday I re enforce my allegiance to life and life rewards me with a stronger connection with life , with revelations about creativity and its power.

Living the Life expression as a creator is interesting to behold everyday. Its like a treasure hunt. I prepare my focus and and life takes me –like I am on a magical carpet ride. Life takes me on its way. I quickly see its not life that makes the kinks and knots in the flow ,it’s the people who are not connected to the flow or life flow is stuck and moving to slow that block or hinder the process of creativity.

As a person who has live to see the incredible power of life and it principle is an expression onto itself thru its never ceasing constant process of creation. I am humbled to be a part of life emotion of creation.

It is written the people who carry the blood of the Anisazi- in Unity (female&Male) are the Gods of the Earth. The more I embrace the emotions behind my creation, the more I see the blood that runs thru my veins hold the power of Earth itself. WEARE THE JEWELS……

Living with the emotional Consciousness of NATURE

Everyday is a new adventure of emotional exploration. I see the animals ,plants and observe the flow of emotion around me. Working with the emotion of the trees is quite astounding, Seeing that trees grow just like us, have the same exact stages, babies toddlers, young children, so forth and can take just as long to reach puberty. They are not adults in a year, like us it’s a process. They grow stronger in groups, and even better with there families. Becoming one with nature, I see the same emotional needs we have, so does everything else living. Now, I really have different considerations about how I effect the emotions of nature. When we respect the emotions of Nature, our emotions in life will be respected when we fight for our lives……

Being a TRUE Indigenous Healer

The way to regain our health, is to first respect the gift of life shared with us. We were given paradise, we are the body of Life. Our body is not a toy.

Many people want to call themselves healers, life coaches and the like, Yet they know very little about how to respect the emotion of Life. We try to find all kinds of remedies to keep the gift of health with life, that we exploit, without doing anything to help keep life with Earth or even find out how our nature in life works with us. We read some books about how to use dead plants from a store peddling artificial remedies that will restore our health with the life we exploit. We spend all kinds of money consuming these remedies, that rarely change the condition, but give us a little relief from the effect of the condition instead of looking to change our ways of living with Life. Some people see themselvesaslifecoaches,yettheystillliveinthecagesofperceptionsthatcausesthe dysfunctions with living Life, they just found superficial ways to find comfort living with in them.

Many people have found artificial illusions and perceptions to use to see utopia in their minds, that’s not actually a reality with their life. Their living life in a artificial dream, while their life itself is fighting with out help or protection in a war, and being robbed from them.. All the time the gift of Life emotion that lives with in them is being, repressed and crippled and dying , as a result of the intellectualized artificial perceptions that they are using.

As the physical body loses its resiliency to function outside of its natural emotion, the emotion given to use with life to create and expand the expression of Life on Earth starts to waste away. The health

of the person deteriorates. The deterioration of emotion with in us from life to use through our life vehicles ( the body) is what causes disease.

Everyday Life shows me how the body heals itself, it a process. Life has also shown me , it only takes 6 weeks to change an emotional path . Yes 6 weeks to stop a dysfunction in our natural body. The truth is everything taught as healing today actually prolongs the dysfunction. Starves our emotion and life in us…it is the process of finding ways to exploit one part of the body to cause an artificial effect upon another part of the body. Life is not at war within us, our lives are under attack, the emotions within us desperately wants to live, flow and fulfill its destiny for your Life. Feed the emotion within the body- the emotion with-in you will heal itself.

Everyday for the last few years Life has shown me how to work with our innate natural emotions. I have witnessed its miracles. For years I have promoted returning to our ancestral use of ingesting clay. Using clay in combination with other natural processes. Our people can regain their health back, as long as they stay mindful of what they have learned about what their emotions needs to sustain their Life. Life will keep them to serve a purpose as a part of Life.

I have witness people with chronic conditions give very limited life spans outlive their fate. Example. My husband is on dialysis now for over 10 years, he is using no artificial medication given for dialysis , including food binders, and is in optimum health. He was diagnosed at one time with tumors in the liver, he started using our indigenous remedies, and in less the 6 weeks, the condition could not be found. Living at Yumwija, we have fresh natural water, not bottled or fluoride, . We live with the remedies of nature


In this regard, I will accept 2 people with illness, who are ready to regain their health to serve as a part of Life at Yumwija for 6 weeks.

The person must be willing to live indigenously and learn how to recognize and tackle their emotional weakness, to keep their health for life ,and help others to regain the wonderful power life within us has.

If you are interested, or know someone who is ready to Live for Life. Contact the office at 304-212- 2362. The program will start in the beginning of June and again in August. The donations is 200 a week, this includes food, and lodging, the donations we receive will be used to create more housing to hold more people. People interested in learning must register in the Indigenous Healers program at our Institute for Indigenous America Studies.

What I have learned building in the way of our Heritage

Building with Earth,

The first point I need to make is Building with our hands is more efficient than by mechanical means. This is not to say some mechanical interventions can not serve to enhance the process. But the complete use of mechanical means creates more con- stuction than productive structure.. All forms of natural building is in the details.

Rebuildingbyhandthewallsofthestructureresultedinthewalls beingmorecompact,usingless material, with less stress and complications to reach the same goal. However, it may take more time. Depending on how many people are helping in the process. The walls structures came out more beautiful than they were before. We found the more we learned the emotion of using clay, and its different processes of what it can do, ignited our creativity. Creativity comes when building by hand without mechanical form. Building thru pure emotion.

At first the vision I had was vague and not full of details. I proceeded with the project, I hired some indigenous house builders for the frame. I quickly realized that what I envisioned was not what I got. I accepted and adapted to the changes ,now I had to explore how was I going to continue and make the house into the vision I saw. All along this learning journey, I have had to adapt to the changes of the emotional process around me. Each time wondering what was going to be the new process to accomplish completing the exterior and interior of the house. I quickly found out, the dynamics of gender and racial perceptions at play. I found myself perplexed at times, and asking other people was not always a help. I learned very quickly, that most people lack vision, and lack focus. People of the Earth today lost the vision of creativity. We as a people are creators, for the Earth. This is what was traded for convenience. It is thru our creativity to create we produce everything we need on our Earth. The emotion of Earth is constantly in the process of creating new.

The consciousness of slavery is being a consumer Emotions are funny!!

Working on the rebuilding of the house project has taken months mainly because I could not keep anyone to work with me . When I first arrived back, My neighbor Mr. Collis sent two of his workers to work for me. They were builders ,but I quickly found if I did not watch there every move, they quickly would compromise the integrity of the building development. Even through I had two workers, I felt like I was doing it myself. Mr. Collis would come by every morning and again at night to check what was done. He would give me instruction on what should be done next and how it is to be done.The first two weeks were a blast. I fixed what caused the damage. The drainage system was put in correctly this time. I realized, that many men say they have knowledge, but they don’t have any real experience , so like with everything else they make mistakes, and unfortunately for me I pay the cost. Once I was to start rebuilding the walls, the workers started not showing up, and new people were coming to ask for work everyday. It like a summons when out and the people from the nearby towns came looking for work. One day a young man came by, I looked at him, and knew I was suppose to hire him, he was sent to me from life. I had 2 workers ,so I declined and sent him on his way, ,then something told me again he was the one. Well, the worker came the next day drunk, so I was down to one worker, then the next day he did not show up ether. The young man came back, and asked if he drinks and he said he did not, I was surprised because almost all the men here drink away all there money. Drinking is a national pastime here in Belize, Being drunk is normal…I felt good about him, I knew he was special. So I hired him, xmas came, xmas left, no steady workers. Then one day I saw him, and I called him out about not coming back to work. He promised me hew would come back, but he did not. The next day he came to tell me he is here to finish the project. Before we di the building using frames, we would be almost finished with a wall and the wall would fall down. For some reason, I did not get upset with him, I would say ok, we have to do it all over again. He would have to look at what he was doing wrong, work some over time to rebuild the wall. I decided I would redo the walls

by myself. So I started one by one, fortunately there has been a lot of rain so the rain has helped moisten the clay for rebuilding. I started using only what my body produces to mix with the moisten clay. Low and behold the clay quickly turned into cement. The cement was sturdier than the mechanical way and turned into a Earthen plastic that was very workable to mold while wet. I soon found out that my emotions were moving this project along. One day he did not show, I told him ,the next time he holds up the project, don’t bother to come back. He came the next day ready to be productive. I told him we are going to build all the walls by hand, he agreed to this and a new journey began. We both did not think building the walls should take 6 weeks. At first glance from a intellectual, mechanical perception process. I did not automatically factor in the emotional power flow needed to complete the task.

I have learned, it does not matter how much money you put towards the task, it will not move faster than the emotional flow output for creation. I arrived back in November, I had built up emotional energy. I came back to a house that was almost completely destroyed. I did not panic. I carved out a apace in the rubble, put up my tent and moved in.

Energy moved fast for the first two weeks and I had energy to keep my journal updated. Then the project started dragging, week after week would go by and progress for the project was creeping slowly. I learned that the workers was picking up on my emotions. I could only pay for 3-4 days of work. I pay a good wage, better than most, because it is doing something different.

Finally just before the end of January the emotional focus built up enough to get the project moving. I wasn’t sure it I weather had something to do with the lull, but for a few days it stopped raining and everything started to grow. I realized when I am working on the project, I am expending a lot of emotional flow. Once I finish, I don’t have enough extra to focus on completing another project. Now, I also realize that when I do my yoga with my Life affirmations and prayers it fills my emotional reservoirs within me and my emotional charges’ get stronger and stronger, the stronger the charge the better and faster the creation process moves forward.

I really understand the statement “ nothing happens before it time” meaning the emotional will is strong enough. Building our internal emotional charge is just as necessary to creation as vision, and challenges to us are our wake up call. To release our emotions so they can create change This is one of the secrets about our nature, we fail to realize. . The Indigenous Book of Prayer is an emotion charger.

As I watch emotional input, I have gotten better at staying in the moment, but not losing focus of the creation. Working with the emotional transformation into a new becoming= new creation.

When we constantly go to stores to receive pre-produced creation. It cripples our ability to use our innate emotional power.

Consumption kills creativity.

Managing Emotional Flow Managing the emotional flow of others is an ART.

Keeping the emotional focus is done thru speed. Now, I understand why construction crews in Belize are the way they are, when using human energy. I also se how unintended over expenses occur. Moving faster than the emotional creation process- means waste. In nature there is no limit on time. Time is organic, time is not measured in hours, minutes or days. Time is open to be used for process of transformation as creativity. In indigenous culture time is based on the concentration of emotional focus. Time is relative to the emotion. When in emotional focus, time moves according to the emotional energy used.

Facing challenges

Facing challenges that are presented to us opens new abilities of creativity to find that there are always a few solutions. It is thru solving our everyday challenges that strengthen our inner emotional abilities. The charging of our emotion. All challenges to our emotions are to be balanced by intellect.

The unspoken battle men have against men.

Building this house has revealed some interesting dynamics, like I have said before everyday new challenges are presented for resolution. In the resolution process always reveals insights.

There are different levels of skill ability with the different ethnic groups of men. Building is a norm, all men have some form of building skill. The catch is how many skills one have in the different building forms.

The Asian people deposit here from the first slave trade in America, who live closest to the natural way of living with the Earth, have what we would call rudimentary building skills, they are very proficient, but building style is limited. The next group is the East Indian people. These men have mastered using colonial tools and can implement colonial building methods, but lack innovative style. Then you have the Garifuna, some of these men have both, some have modern . Example using a drill and there indigenous building skills for building direct from the Earth, example cohune leaf house, but one group does not share there building forms or skills with the other. East Indian men build with East Indian men, they don’t work with the others in Building a house, I have watched how one group oppresses the other. Acquiring more and different building skills is not easley done. Since I have worked on the project, I am learning a host of skills, I am also learning how to work thru the details and the shortcomings of all the different forms of building, what form is good for certain details and what form is not. Indigenous building with the Earth is not a technique that is widely used here, as well as the integration of the 2 ways of building. .The challenges in the process may open the door to a whole new building style that is much less expensive than traditional, yet includes some of the amenities of today, while still keeping some the aesthetics, combined with the beauty of natural characteristics. . Example making steps with two tree poles and refining the steps with cut lumber wood.

As though most of the men here do not get a chance to work with a screw gun or saw., building a frame on tree poles to put up sheet rock, can become a serious skill building experience. From learning how to keep the screw straight, to different kind of screws to the angle in which you screw,, so you can remove the screw to make adjustments. We find ourselves training each other.

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine.

The Tropics are changing.

Since November, the weather in Belize has constantly rained. I have come here for years now, and most of the time it only rains at night, I never saw a completely rainy day. Day after day warm sunny weather ,with just enough rain to keep everything green. I was told about the rainy season, how it is torrential rain, but not for long hours or for days. Since I have been here this time, its been torrents of rain all day and unto the night, it seems like the minute there is a break in the clouds the sun is revealed and goes back to warming things up again, But now it seems the sun does not warm the air up as quick as it you too. Could it be the tropics are cooling down? I sleep with a blanket now and very seldom does it get hot to the point of uncomfortable. I hear people coughing and children getting the sniffles. The people and me included are getting weary of the looming grey skies, we need some sun a good dose of sunergy. People are wondering what happened to dry season? This year the complete dry season is rain. The rain has cooled down the heat,, rain is good, but it is the sun that generates growth. In March it is normally dry weather and soon it will be time to replant again, but maybe not this year, the plants will drown and will have root rot because of to much water, and not enough heat from the sun. The tropics are changing, it not hot anymore oh my!!!!!!!

The Fig Tree

To my surprise for me to discover, I have two giant Fig trees growing around me. One of them is the corner stone of the fresh water pond at the base of the tree the roots protrude a good ten feet from the ground when I see the tree roots and the large pond of water engulfed by it, I get a feeling of humbleness around its energy of strength, like a child in the embrace of an elder. I instantly feel safe and child like. Every morning I awake to the singing of the iguanas birds and other animals that live here. There are all kinds of birds and animals just like in West Virginia, Nature is NOISEY. All the animals have there friends and family relationships just like we do. Believe it or not they have arguments too. You may not know what they are saying to each other, but you can imagine by the emotions transmitted and the actions taken. Many of the animals live in or around the big tree in a balanced natural community, and it seems they all thrive at the base of the pond. The roots of the tree stretch high in the air and in the shape of a pyramid. The pond is a result of the tree. The tree and the pond are one. I see the sacredness of the community and I feel honored to share in being a small part of it.

I noticed somebody had cut the plants along the waterway just outside of the school property line. I became alarmed, Oh my, I said to myself .Who has trampled on these tranquil grounds. I started inquiring about what I can do to keep people from harming the tree. To my surprise when I was told. YOU MEAN THE FIG TREE, the tree with the big leaves. I did not know the tree was a fig tree AFIG TREE IN AMERICA. I went back to the tree and looked to see its leaves, did they resemble the leaves mention in Bible description of the Fig tree in the garden of Eden in Genesis 3 .Could this be the same tree? Well the leaves look like 3 fingers and are large enough to cover ones private parts. Wow is America the place where the Garden of Eden is located. To my surprise, the fig trees are not cut down because of there high water content, they do not make for good lumber, and they grow in waterways keeping the water fresh and cool. At one time there were Fig Trees all over America…..

The Larger picture.

Someone wrote to me and called the Belize project my homestead. I took offense to the comment and thought I should explain the larger picture of the benefits of the project. The tremendous insight, advantages as well as the skills learned that will enable FIAAH to help our collective to regain the ability to keep a way to have affordable loving again, and break the trap being played against our ability to live with our home on Earth. The process of returning to indigenous building and rebuilding the paradise of America, allowed me to experience the emotional hands on process. The process revealed what is actually needed, and what is not, choices to creating real comfortable sustainable living, time needed and cost variables. How to make a complete life style change that includes working with our life cycle instead of against it. There is no waste, the more we do, the more we create solutions, the more we can release our people from the bondage of colonialism., Living here in the Bush,

without conventional conveniences, allowed me to learn the process of living thru nature. How did the way we live develop? What is real and what is corrupted? How do we change?

Inthebackofmostofourpeoplesminds,they holdontheattitudesthatresultinfearof change , but if they are to have the strength to withstand what is coming they have to Change the way they live. Living in Belize helps develop a way for this to happen without it being hard or forced. We are taking away the fear of change for those who really chose to embrace it, and for the young people who will have to live their lives in it. The change to Living differently does not have to be HARD…… the first step is to release being closed and small minded (keeping it personal) The process of Change is here and will be forced upon you.

The Luke Makoo House is the first prototype of housing using indigenous technology . It makes affordable the creation of the first indigenous community built by indigenous people on there Earth. The first community of this kind will at Yumwaja. Talking about change is easy, but creating a way to change takes action. The Luk Makoo project has revealed what is actually needed, where to invest in mechanical intervention, how much human labor is needed and what skill have to be acquired and what material can be used. The beauty of this learning process and discovery is that most of what we use today to create artificial comfort can be acquired using indigenous technology and without using a lot of natural resources. The more emotion shows me , the more I see a way for all of our people to live completely from the cycle with life create here, Our people will be able to constantly create and expand emotionally through the 21st century.

I am so grateful to life and everybody who has helped support this project. The investment in the Luk Makoo project will reap dividends for our survival for generations to come.

Having a prototype for housing is the first major step in community creation, developing a plan that does not need a lot of money to build is the other.

Young people in Belize.

I am proud to say, there are some people who see the writing on the wall, and have taken the time to do things differently. We have some people out of New York, who brought their children down here, to develop a life for themselves. One young Sister had he 2 children here by home birth, and has started her own restaurant here in Punta Gorda called the Village

Chef. There is a couple of young mothers from the states here and they are working with each other to create a support system for each other. The first step in building collective self reliance. When we allow for our difference in personal style, but keep the larger purpose of life as our consciousness principle, we learn very quickly that the solutions to our challenges are right in front of us. The challenges are there to make us continue to grow and develop into larger life projects. These young sisters will be a beacon for the sisters strong in consciousness in the future. Weak sisters who always fall back into the ways that enslaved

them, will have a much harder time moving into the future of prosperity. I support what they are building, All of the people from the States living in or near PG support these young people efforts to develop a way to support themselves independently. They are our future on the move .

Last Belize update Spring 2017

Well everyone, this will be the last update from Belize. It’s time to close down and return to my first home Yumwija and my Kinfolk with FIAAH.I am starting to miss you all. Lol

This trip has proven once again to be superior learning experience, full of surprises, challenges, and delights beyond my wildest dreams. Every trip I return home emotionally stronger, with new insights , ideas and more ancestral knowledge.

I was able to get the square footage of the house and outdoor dinning area. The place has a total of 2,583 square feet of living space. Wow, his is a very nice size complex, someone asked if I was considering making the place a mini resort. I never thought about that. I only want to make and keep a piece of paradise. I have found that since the place is starting to take shape, I have more people interested in planting trees, they see paradise too. I have planted more fruit trees, and medicinal trees. I ate my first guava fruit from one of the trees here, the Noni tree is getting big, soon I will have Noni to harvest and make to drink. The star fruit and orange are still babies. The coconut tree and the mango still has a way to go yet, but soon.

The interior of the house has to be completed, I am not worried. Emotion has shown me that when I am ready to complete the process life will direct me to what I should do, and send me a person to do it. Building beauty is fun. Now I am ready to build a house at Yumwija, Hope you are too. Look forward to seeing you there. Here are the last minute tidbits……

Coming soon more bang or our buck$$$$$$

I just learned thru the grapevine, the Belizian dollar (BZE) is about to drop in value in exchange for the United States dollar ($USA). The Belizean government wants to drop the exchange rate to 4-1. If this happens, it will be cheaper for people to live here in some respects. Great news for our campus, here we are learning to create from scratch or directly from with the Earth system. This may come to our advantage, if the prices don’t go up. Belize can be pretty expensive, if you don’t know how to live here. More and more processed food are coming from the US, and the culture is changing quickly and drastically, as I speak 6 huge new stores full of everything we find in the states are being erected. The big chain stores are being blocked from setting up here, but the Asian markets are expanding like crazy and selling everything we find at Walmart. They must be preparing for a large influx of new residents. In that regard , I am glad, I got this place at this location. I hope nobody comes and puts a gas station to near bye, then we

will get a direct hit of modernization . The LUk Makoo campus is located near a major road junction for two rivers, we are the first or last village intersection you come too, the next intersection is 8 miles away. We are also 8 miles from the border of Guatemala.

Birthday Expedition

Oh, I forgot, I went to Guatemala by the way of the border crossing near the campus, on my birthday. To my surprise, it was a little rock pathway you follow that leads to the backyard of a house-that leads to the end of a road, in the back of a village. There awaits cabs that take you to a major town, where you can catch all kinds of buses even to the United States. We did not stay to long, we wanted to get back to Belize and catch the bus back to town. I felt like I was in a episode of the twilight zone. The Luk Makoo campus is located on the international highway of the Americas. The highway is being built to connect all the Nation States in North, Central and South America. The new highway that is completed in Belize stops at the Guatemala border, you just walk a short distance, over a very well built bridge and down the little rock pathway, Wella!! No border check, no passport, We did go thru a inspection check point when we returned. My host and I agreed Belize is much prettier. Belize looks like paradise compared to what we saw as Guatemala. I was shocked because we did not go that far. I started to pay attention to what was missing, Nature, the natural environment was stripped, it was almost barren. We have lost our urge to see Guatemala again, we was glad to be back in Belize, now with even more appreciation.

The Zikia virus is here!

I saw a microcephaly, baby on the bus the other day, the baby head was unusually small, The baby looked like half its head was missing, all the features were pushed into the lower portion of the face. The child was about 9-12 months old, and was winning, its head bobbing like a beheaded toy, the young mother of the child was completely frustrated with the baby and didn’t want to be bothered with it anymore. I was not sure if at any given moment she would throw it out the window. The child look seriously deformed and acted retarded . I watch the child very closely, realizing this child had microcephaly. I was shocked no one told her about the condition of the baby. I knew the baby could not grow up living in this condition. I felt for the young mother, who was extremely embarrassed by the child. The other day I saw a friend who I had not seen in a while with a new baby. I was shocked I just saw her and she was not pregnant. She informed me she had the child in the states, because she found out she was pregnant while visiting the States; and the Zikia virus is here in my area district. It has probably been here for quite some while, The sister also informed me , that there are over 500 cases and a few are pregnant females. The health department is not alerting the villages in the area. I then spoke to someone who works with the health department, and found out a very starling fact about the mosquito labeled Zika. The mosquito only flourishes in large populations or clusters of indigenous people, not in the mountain villages or open areas. I responded not in rural areas, they responded no, only where there are population clusters of people living in cities. It sounds like the Zikia virus is another biological warfare agent created to kill the ability

to live, of the future Earth children, it directly attacks pregnant females ,indigenous to the Earth. How convenient, another bug that only effects black people.

Dry Season coming in Strong

Well in earlier updates, I informed you about the tremendous rainy season, Everyday for the last 5 months we have had some if not all day rain. So for the first 4 days of dry weather, we was glad to see it, now the plants can grow, it will dry out some. To our surprise it turned hot real quick, it seems we went from one extreme to another, its was over100 degrees and 93 degrees in the shade, in March, March is a fairly warn month, temps in the low to high 80’s, but never 100, in the beginning of dry season. The dry season starts in February- thru April, In May comes the rains, from June to September is the fast growing season. Trees really shoot up. This year was stranger than last year, People really don’t know what to expect, they are hoping for the best, most of the people here live from the cycles of the Earth. We all know as long as there are coconuts we have good food.. The heat was unbearable, and people stayed in the shade, I was ok, I did not feel the heat, the house due to it construction was nice, warm, but not hot, neighbors came bye to sit in the house and patio. We all wondered what kind of dry season they were in for, if the rainy season was any indication, the dry season is going to be extremely hot. Mr. Carlos said: The soil was losing it moisture to fast making the soil to dry for the plants to withstand the season. We all prayed, the season would not extend into July as though it started so late. But in the back of our minds ,they knew it was not going to be a regular season. I have suggested, for us to flow with the new season pattern. Plant trees while its raining, stimulate new root growth to make them strong to withstand the dry season. That’s what I did, when I come back, I will see if it worked. My neighbors envied me, getting out of there and going to cooler weather, before the heat cranks up and roasts everyone. The down side, May is the time for fresh Cashew , Almond, Mango, and many other trees to bear there fruit, and due to the rain will be very plentiful this year. I will miss that.

When it Rains it pours!!!!

Internet towers are coming to the bush! This trip I was able to get wifi, it was very expensive, the signal was weak, and often non existent, but I was able to do the school classes, Last year I had to travel to the town and spend the night in order to accommodate the online courses. Now, the cable tv has come to my area ,believe it or not Dish network, my neighbor has it, andthechildrenfromthevillagesitoutsidetherestaurant/storewindow towatchit.Now two new internet/phone Towers will be near me. I will be able to get 4 g , WoW, Internet is on its way…….

Little Possum Visits!

One early evening I was rocking in my hammock, looking at a movie, the place was clean and had a beautiful glow, the sky outside was clear(for once) and I relaxed, thinking about what I have to do when I return to the states. To my surprise a little possum walks right into the house ,walking straight up to me , I have seen the little one before, and had to chase it out

the house, this time it seemed to be walking up to me, I was startled, but I did not scream, but went to stand up, the possum screamed and backed up into the wall and hit its face, and ran. I wondered was it coming to introduce itself to me, as thought we have seen each other before, I hear her looking for food in the kitchen during the wee hours of the morning. I never get up I put away all the food they may eat, and lately she has been trying new things, that I am quite sure did not taste good and probably made her sick. From the way she walked into the house, I’m guessing she wanted me to know that she lives here too. I will start leaving her a banana. There are a few animal friends that stay here, they have a way of letting me know they are here, I see them and they see me, I live , they live. We live with Our Mother Nature ……Earth. I am so grateful to be able to break FREE from the bondage of false perception to witness the camouflaged truth about how beautiful life is. I am one of life’s children of its Earth. . I feel like I am a princess in paradise……….I pray everyone who reads these words not to squander their Life time and miss out on the simple truth life has for us. Simply: it is Life that Loves us, Life will protect us. When we show love in our hearts to Life, Life shows Love for us……. When we stand for its defense , we harness its power with us . When we return to being its expression, we see our love for each other. Hope ya join me!!!!!

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine

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