Belize Update: November 2018- April 2019

Belize Update  November 2018- April 2019

Aquechewa everyone., the time has come again for the Adventures  with RaDine . Many people ask why do I travel to the south of North  America. I am following the ways of our ancestors. Since I have started following their way of living  in 2000 “ the indigenous  life style”. I see why they did what they do, they stayed in flow with their larger purpose to the Cosmic collective life force with our planet Earth. They migrated to the south near the equator when the planetary force left the northern hemisphere to arise in the southern hemisphere of the planet. Its like a  HUGE wave of heat, when this shift happens, the northern section of the Earth loses its heat generation and goes to rest.  In the middle of the wave at the equator  it stays constantly warm and balanced. Our people are not people of the cold ,sleep, darkness or Death,  So  in following the emotion of LIFE. I come to our other home soil in Belize, for me it is a time of much learning and renewal so I will be ready to serve our purpose with LIFE rebuilding paradise at Yumwija. Glad I can share the experience , so let’s begin!!!!!

 Luk MaKoo  campus is where it all happens., it is here I/ we learn how to live and recreate Paradise, while receiving new experiences in living with our Earth awareness: Our indigenous awareness..

This years 2018  journey so far is filled with experiences of putting what I have learned in using my new abilities following the new Awareness  to organic Life. The emotion of Life itself is constantly fluxuating, sending messages as signals to follow as guidance to direct one on its path. Learning how to read life signals thru applying  it principle knowledge is the education  from life itself..

This Earth year has  showed me the seasons have changed, Spring and Fall are getting shorter , the summer and winter will soon be very long. The transition between the two will be very short. I really felt the Earth emotion shift.  I knew I needed to  complete the winterizing of Yumwija and be out of West Virginia by the time all the trees are bare… The weather as going to get  COLD and stay Cold. This year will be colder and it will stay colder longer. Even in the tropics cold fronts are almost everyday now. Eight years ago, when I first started coming to Belize, there was very little rain in November. Sunny all the time, now it is a little cooler and rainy but still  very nice and warm.

  Luk MaKoo update

This trip I did something different, I flew down to Punta Gorda straight from the airport. The plane used was a Cessna. I have never flown in a small plane before. I thought I would try it, and save the extra time, instead of 6 hours and having to spend the night in town, I would get there by 3.30pm and have enough time to check on my shipment and the house. To my surprise , the place look beautiful, and serene, the coconut tress are taller and fuller, the walk way is  laced with trees, just enough to give you a private sense of surrounding. Wow, the Noni tree is tall, full of leaves and large ripe fruit, ready for making fresh Noni juice. The yellow ginger plants are full  and giving a nice smaller landscape trimming to the place. soon I will harvest the yellow ginger aka turmeric and be able to make a lot of turmeric dishes soon.   I have a lot of Turmeric here, enough to sell. The Almond tree is  now tall and strong, may bet this year I will have almonds to make fresh almond milk. Yea!!! The outside of the house looks in tact,   the clay has cured, the structure is very strong as firm as cement.

I went inside the house to find  the house was broken in to. I was informed in August of the break –in. So I knew there was damage, the question is HOW MUCH?? How bad would the assessment be?

Here is the report: To my surprise,  I went through the house it didn’t look that bad, I first thought. The refrigerator, stove, propane tank, bed, and bedding foam ,most of the lighting and most of my pots and pans, Ceramic dishes, even left me with only 2  drinking glasses .   Ok,

Now, the missing Report.

They got in thru the bathroom, I forgot to close it up. I saw childlike  dried footprints , they used a young person to open the door.  I found it interesting what they took and did not. They left everything I need to basically to live.

 They left my blankets,  they took everything out the storage boxes and went through everything, they left nothing unturned . they took their time, as if they knew I was not returning soon.

Items Missing, the internet box to connect me to the web. 300.00, all construction tools except a couple of painting brushes. , electrical cords and all extension boxes, 2- 6 person tents, art supplies, spoons, forks, glasses, bowls, all my sewing supplies, my water colors pencils, shovel, 1 hammock  and more. Yes, I got robbed. Theft in Belize is a common thing, the thief is someone around me or lives near by. As though theft is a common practice, the people who do it are like the scavengers they remove everything you don’t use regularly, there is no hording here, if you don’t use it- you lose it.  I found the thief  interesting in action, it was the same as an ant. A scavenger . They clean out what you don’t use quick enough. They took what I do not primarily need for everyday life. All in all I’m in a good way.  I will do things differently, I know some good people now, and how the people here work . I will share more. The clothes that were left on the floor are damaged  from water, it is time to let them go and replace them with new ones. The biggest blanket was not taken or damage. My other blanket was  smelly and discolored, but still very much usable, I brought down another twin size blanket. I do not really need a lot of blankets, because it really does not get below 60 degrees here,  the cold fronts coming from the north can make it feel chilly at night. To get them clean, I will need a real washing machine , I am  glad I got here before the black Friday sale, to see if I can get one this year. Washing clothes by hand and getting them clean is a art. Washing clothes is an all day  drudgery.  It will keep your arms tone because it is serious  upper  exercise. With a washing machine everybody who comes to learn, or visit  will have a way to wash clothes. There are no laundry mats nearby to wash clothes. If anybody would like to donate towards a washer machine go to the Luk Makoo donation button  at the payment center page with the Institute for indigenous America studies website The black Friday sale will be soon, and I will let you know next update

 For the most part, Mrs .Ann, welcomed me back, Mr. Carlis brought me Coconuts to drink fresh coconut water , greens, bananas, and much more. I was gifted with plenty of fresh food and drink. LIFE. Now, I have to do the clean up, leaving Yumwija brought some serious challenges and unfortunate realities., but I am ok…  Luk Makoo is beautiful place to live, even Mrs. Ann admitted that. It’s ready for the people. Come on down and rest, breathe, experience a little bit of living in Paradise. It’s not expensive, see life in another way. This year, my emotion is telling me to experience more aspects of Amerindian culture.  In a twist of circumstances, I was able to attend the Battle of the drums.




Battle of the Drums..

Every year,  I try to come down to Belize in time for the Garifuna celebrations of settlement day, Nov.19th.  There is a host of wonderful cultural events at this time. One of them is the Battle of The Drums.

 The Battle of the Drums is a contest of Amerindian  drumming. Drummers troupes come from  Honduras, Guatemala,  Mexico and Belize, to show their  talents in the Art of the  talking  drum..

Drumming is not just an African art, I have went to Africa, the drumming is very different. Actually I never heard  them drum  like I hear it in America.  I have went to several place in America with the people of the soil and Drumming is  always an expression of our culture. It is our Amerindian drum  beat that people are moved to dance , it is the base  of our beats in our music  by Michael Jackson or Mary J Blige.  Amerindian beats are from North America- -South America it is an expression that is in our collective blood. It is not imported . The drum carry the beat of the Earth that lives in our heart. We are the Beat of America…

 The contest was held in Punta Gouda sports complex with vendors selling cultural dishes laced the arena. .. People came dressed up  in cultural wear ( including me) for the evening, The event last way until the wee hours in the morning, the completion finished around 12am, then people dance and celebrate all night. The next day there are more festivities and cookouts were people mingle with family and friends until daybreak Nov,19th when the re enactment of the arrival on land, from the Garifuna exodus of mothers and children from St. Vincent island fleeing for safety  from the British  Armada attack upon there  Caribbean island. They landed in different parts of the coast on mainland North America., one area is called Belize today.

I found the drumming contest very interesting, the dancers were young men dresses like females doing the ancient steps to the drum. All the enactments of Life using the drum represented female agency, cooking and preparing nurturing, being acted out by young men. Some groups had a female in them, but she was kept in the background. Only the Honduras and Guatemalan  group actually had females participation to give a balanced representations of the Art.

To my surprise there was no talk of  their homeland being from “Africa” They talked of being from St. Vincent island.

Garifuna are the indigenous peoples of St. Vincent or the Amerindians of St. Vincent reestablished on the mainland, called Belize.. A Tribute was given to the Garifuna People, by the people deposited on St. Vincent by the British,  a representative from  St. Vincent came to connect with them and welcome them back to see their  first home. I will try to come again to celebrate with the Garifuna next year.

Well, that’s enough for now.

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine 


December 2018

Since the last update, I have had to confront  a issue in my own life. People  here are always asking me. How can I live here alone? Yet emotionally I feel ok, I don’t feel fear within myself. I realize that  being alone is not natural or normal, we are to connect with each other and need each other, females and males have a larger connection to each other, connecting is part of our emotional nature. Yet,   don’t feel weak without having people constantly in my midst. I was raised to live in isolation, I like millions of  our people was raised to live outside of emotional support, and live only from our intellect.  Our relationships with others are not really personal and not  collective, with a larger sense of purpose. I ponder on how I was raised with very little emotional connection to anything or anyone especially my mother and family. People  raised like me  was given just enough  to keep us in the  information, without the  emotional nurturing  for  the emotional  development to make strong bonds and connections for our  emotional progression  with Life.. It has taken me a long time to see the damage done to my Life. Yet, Life did put people in my path to  show me I  was valuable,, console me, rescue me, feed me, and protect me,  an never ask for anything and often times they disappeared out of my Life just as quick as they  appeared .These experiences always affirmed to me, I am never alone. I learned to  trust   the blood within me  that carries Life power over reality. My Life family is more than my mother, father, and my family. It is  NOT limited to personal limitations and corruptions  of the people I  was born with. My family is all the people who share my life blood  heritage and serve their purpose to Earth.. As I got older, I realized I am only alone in body, but the Life force within me  that surrounds me is larger than me and if I stay in Allegiance and  follow prisciousness  to serve  the larger purpose for my existence as a part of life. Life  will keep me uplifted in its flow of nature, not stuck in the immature perceptional traps o f Man, that stop people from moving ahead in the journey towards their  highest destiny.

People look at me and wonder and some get angry. Sisters wonder and brothers get angry over the fact, I am a pioneer.

Being here in Belize has exposed the larger dynamics that control us. I can see clearly the institution of fear and how it keeps our emotions from growing, connecting, atoning, and changing.

I  am quietly waiting for our people to take a chance and return to learning  how to release themselves from the bondage of fear. I am not alone, I wake up everyday happy to continue to  work in service to fulfill my life purpose and reach my destiny .I am grateful to be connected to my big family of Earth. I am not lonely, alone yes, lonely NO.

Luk Makoo

The purpose of  Luk Makoo  is to serve as a school. The place where Amerindian people  can experience and learn our ancestral horticultural 885 based skills for how to support our environmental life support system by living fully with Earth instead of on Earth as  a community of Earth beings. Living & working within the  cycle of life. How do we support life without harm.? How do we produce functionality and beauty  in creating what we need? How  to be productive for our planet  growth not just for Man.

Belize is changing quickly, however, it has not lost  it emotional concentration generation, Belize still has FOREST. Yes , Belize has been hit and some place are barren. But there are places that are pristine forest. These places are kept out of view. Especially to our people. Why? Because if we knew, what it does for us, we would stop supporting the killing of ourselves. And use our money  collectively to build life support from our soil for our bloodlines  with our Earth.

Once the forest dies out. The soil starts to lose its magnetic charge, the emotional concentration quality and its viability starts to decline, once depleted will  turn to sand. Unfortunately, most of the  North America, is in this process. Rebuilding  places that can hold  our blood magnetic charge will save our ability to save the  few children we have left ability to continue our kind to live in the future.

Every year people make promises to  come to experience indigenous living, every year people  cop out. Every year I see the planetary connection fading more. The emotion of life river is drying up for us, the connection to the Amerindian people dying out.  Once gone, we are gone..


Yumwija in West Virginia still has a strong magnet charge because it is part of a section of Earth that has not been completely destroyed and mounds are still there.  Amerindian people living in low magnetic charge soil sections  will experience all forms of  blood diseases. As  our younger people life spans crash from drying out of existence  do to the depleted  Life / Earth charge in the  places where they are living  in the cities and suburbs.

  Yumwija and Luk Makoo  is a life saver.  These are   places to hydrate and recharge your blood.

The Forest

Belize is the place to come to experience what our home looked like before the destruction of man. It is pure beauty, a picture cannot capture it, it engulfs our whole emotional being. It heals, releases, and restores our emotional being allowing us to emotionally grow and giving us another chance to change the way we live, break away from the bondage of fear.  Our people no longer know where there life power source derive itself. The forest is  kept from us, we live our lives only with a small amount of charge within us. Anything that can give us recharge ability we are told not to touch it because it must be sold to us. As a result we stay weak, sick and always broke.

Update on the Washer machine

Well, it took weeks to get the system up, just to find out the pipes are not glued together  under the ground, and I don’t have enough pressure, to get the sensors to work properly , so I will have to have back of house dug out and pipes fixed. So I decided to take the machine back. When I did I saw another sister who loved the machine ,she was there when I bought the washer machine at the Black Friday sale, so I sold it to her for the price I got it. Once it was delivered to her, I realized it was her machine her house is much bigger than Luk Makoo, she will love it. I will have to wait for another washer machine to cross my path, but I was able to get the blankets nice  and fresh using the drum and now I know what kind of washing machine would do best. Many  of our people are moving to Belize and building homesteads before it gets to expensive to do so.

Well, that’s enough for now.

Oh Registration course to start up soon Tuesday morn: 9 am

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine 

 Belize Update – January 2018/19


Aquechewa everyone., the time has come again for the Adventures  with RaDine . the last two weeks have been very interesting, to say the least. Dealing with the break in has brought up some  serious aspects I must deal with.  I am entering another phase of growth with new challenges. These challenges are a little more complex, for temporary security, I asked life for a dog to watch the house at night. Life provided me one real quickly. He followed  Mr.Caliz from home and came here and has not left. We named him Spot, because he has two white spots above his eyes, so he is the new member at Luk Makoo. Spot is about 10 years old human years, he is still frisky and like a lot of  affection . He is very intelligent and a fast learner. He is medium size, my neighbors laugh at me with this medium size pup, but he has some real spunk and when he is fully mature, he will do just fine… They all have bigger dogs all tied up. I can talk to spot so he is free to be he… Haha  Heee

 The Market

 During the holidays I invite my neighbors over or a girls afternoon out dinner. Women here have to cook and clean all day and run their businesses to make some change to get what they need, so they don’t have to bother their husbands. This year I had to cancel the dinner do to the fact, the robbery took a lot of my house hold items, and I could not find  the food items I wanted to cook. I postponed the dinner , to once I get everything straight again. People here eat chicken everyday, I don’t eat chicken unless I am out in town. WE agreed we did not want chicken, however, making a pork roast   would be nice.   After I went to pay my monthly visa renewal in downtown Punta Gorda,  on my way home,  I passed the meat market . I started thinking about the dinner, so I went into the butchers section of the  market, there I found two men selling meat, one had beef and the other was selling pieces of fresh pig or pork. I was late because much of it was gone, there was some ribs and a  shoulder section left.  I asked the man how to prepare the meat for eating. I cooked it once and the meat was so tough, I had to give it to the dogs. How do you prepare fresh meat? If he would tell me how to do it, I will buy a piece to try it out.  The man said sure, he proceeded to tell me how to wash the meat  with fresh limes, then let it sit in the lime  water, add oil, the longer the meat marinates the taste of kill is removed and the more tender it will be. Then you can prepare the meat any way you like it. He told me how to season it for roast. I could not wait to get home to try my new fare. I did it just the way I was told. Wow, the meat melted in my mouth. Now, I will go back and get a bigger piece and make a roast for the dinner. Learning to make food out of nature is a hidden art. Now, I  have another tangible skill.,

 The Birthday Card.

Living here in Belize, I watch the people follow their customs, one custom I noticed ,they don’t really celebrate birthdays. When I lived in Brazil, birthdays was a big celebration at all ages, marriage was too. I found it fascinating all the celebrating of life process in Brazil. Here in Belize it is completely different. Mr. Carliz mentioned his birthday will be soon, As though most people do not live to be his age I thought it was a milestone, he will be 66 years young. Deep inside he did too, he credits his long life to living with the nature instead of just exploiting  nature. He practices Agreeculture, and ever takes a day off. I asked what was he going to do to celebrate this milestone he has reached? Mr Carliz responded, we don’t celebrate birthdays, it is just another day. I could feel, as though he brought it up, this birthday was not another day. As people here get older, mortally is there fear. To Mr.Carliz he has out lived his whole family, this is new  territory for him, very few people make it to this age and still have fairley good health. Death comes quick here people start to slow down and then they die. I am learning the pattern, I have seen quite a few people alive before they died, the whole process was less than 24 hours. They are taken to the hospital, were they are officially pronounce dead.  I decided to surprise Mr. Carlize with a birthday card telling him he is a treasure and I appreciate knowing him. When I gave it to him he did not know what it was, he has never received a birthday card in his life. I could see he loved it. He left, the next day he came by with a big bag of coconuts, greens, fruits,  tubers and his blender for me to use for the day.  Wow!. He told me, he really appreciated the card and knowing I appreciated knowing him that really made his birthday special. Letting people know they are appreciated is something we don’t do much in the States ether. Just knowing I made a small difference in someone’s life made my day too.


Update on the Washing Machine

 Well folks, here is a new twist. The washing machine  is to modern for my water system, so I took it back, and another sister from the States bought it, this happened around holiday season. Well, she finally got someone to install the machine, and to her surprise the washing machine motor is gone. The machine is BROKE. She called me and I felt very bad because I don’t go against presciouness,  so I informed I would give her back the money she gave as a down payment. And I was so sorry this happened. I felt bad because now I am out of 600 bze or 300 us. I didn’t know why life would let this happen. I look forward to a machine to finish what Luk Makoo needed to fully enjoy the experience of  living indigenously. Sleeping on sheets washed in rainwater. Wow, this is a set back. As I gave it some thought, I remember the emotion on Brads face when I returned it. He did not want to give me a refund of my money, he did not want the machine as if he knew there was something wrong with it. He did not return my phone calls when I was reporting the problem with it. I felt he knew he sold me a broken machine. Now that another person got the machine, its two  big customers ae now subsect of him. Not good for him in the future for sales of his machines. He repairman who went to install the machine, knew the machine from Brad, and knew it was broke, the machine should have never been sold. The man told Brad to give me my money back or another machine. Brad really didn’t want to give the money or another machine. I found it interesting how this situation is playing out. Brad had no intentions of giving anything back, he used a phony excuse of I had it for 2 months now, I could have broke it, he agreed to returning half of the money. I accepted, when I went to get the mosey, I found it odd he never apologize for the broken machine, which confirmed he sold it broke and he never looked me in the face, he left the money with some people.  I said wow, he got caught in his own trap, I will wait and see how this is going to work out. Since my experience the word is out about other people who had similar experiences. I realized that life was working in my behalf and  at least I got some money back. I will wait and see what happens next.

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine 

 Aquechewa kinfolk and friends, Its been some trying times!!!!!. Since the last update, more challenges have rocked my world.  On  Monday January 21st, there was a blood moon, the moon was a browness color and HUGE in the sky, I though nothing of it, just admiring how beautiful the moon is. The next morning, I got up to do the routine I developed for traveling to get the internet. I did not feel as strong as I am used to, I have lost a lot of weight or inches, and muscle tone. I was not shocked by it, because weight loss seems to be the effect Belize has on our people from the States, so I  wasn’t alarmed by it, but this was different, my energy was gone. I was  a little disorientated , but I kept my focus. I decided I needed to be home and make a good meal. I was not eating properly and  starting to drink sodas, not a lot but more than usual and I was eating very small meals, that were tasty , they hit the spot without nourishing you.  I came home and  ate, did a few exercises and went to bed. The  next morning I felt my lower leg cold, I quickly found out my right  foot is paralyzed, and I could not  take a complete step. Last night I could , this morning I can’t. At first I wondered what was causing this, then I look at my body, I looked like someone had sucked the meat off my bones including my face. I quickly asked life what caused this, Lack of protein, Sugar. The food I had been living on was high in sugar, low in protein. I did not supplement the small meals with extra protein. Sugar blocks the bodies ability to make protein. I had too much sugar in my blood. I had gone diabetic. I knew Life wanted me to see something, I did not eat sugary snacks, so where did I get the high concentrations of sugar, Believe it or not,  white rice, flour with a small portion of proteins and then the sodas. It took all of 2 months to take me down. I was not taking care of the body that holds my life. I have started to live outside on myself instead of with myself. Since the attack, I had to look at what I actually was doing, yes, I know how to take care of myself, but  neglectful eating habits have been with me since childhood. I do not eat under stress ,I eat for survival. I can go long times hungry, and then don’t eat. I have to change the  eating lifestyle. I must eat first, work second. Eating must become a probity. I know plenty of people who send a lot of their time around eating. Often times that is all they do, they can be very non- productive people.  However, me being the other extreme is just as unhealthy. I must EAT, stop forgetting to eat. This trip internet was not readily available and It has been very hard and stressful to meet my internet demands.  Good news, the   poles  for the fiber optics  lines was completed  today in my area. Next trip I will have high speed service available.  I am focusing on making sure I eat a lot of protein, no flour, and sugar, I am making some great meals and believe it ,I am making some great natural juice drinks, so far it has been a lot of surprises and a lot of fun. My foot is feeling better, but, I am still having walking problems. I know life would not give me anything I could not  overcome, and learn a lot in the process. Protein a building block of Life. Protein deficiency   may be the foundation  behind disease. I will build myself back better from this challenge.

LuK Makoo

 Well, I find it interesting, how events are flowing. As usual the workers are not supporting the building of paradise. The house is fine, the water pipes were put in place but not glued, so the pipes had to be dug up and glued. I hoped everything would be completed by the end of January. I  knew that would be high hopes, as though everything could be done in one day, it takes weeks in Belize. I have learned to get what I can get done and keep it moving, don’t get upset, there is another purpose behind it.  Here is another story to make the point. A new 2000 gallon water tank is being installed for the community around me. I will be able to get well water pumped right into Luk Makoo ,as well as the water from the 350 gallon rainwater collector, I just has the  water pump connected  to the collector, the water was wonderful.. I though I was in  heaven. I washed all the blankets damaged by the robbery using the washer machine drum that never worked to soak them.  Now the Shower is working, we turned the shower on, wonderful rain drops cascaded down and then we heard the pump stop. We checked to see what the problem is. To my surprise the tank is out of water. No water for the shower, I didn’t panic, it means we have to go to the spring. Luk Makoo is surrounded by water. The near by town  well water pump broke, so everyone went to the creek to wash. So will my guest and I. So for the last week, we have went down  to the pond, and to my surprise, they preferred it over the shower, the continuous running spring water feels so good. I decided to wash my clothes there to. My guest asked one of my  Maya neighbors she saw washing clothes on the rocks would she wash her clothes to. The neighbor said ok, she  informed us, she washes clothes in the spring everyday. She only  charged us 10 bze or  $5.00, so I gave also gave her the sheets and towels, this worked out just as good as a washing machine . So, it all worked out  great, everyone got what they needed.  “Life”.

 Luk Makoo first Guest

My guest was diagnosed with  breast cancer 5 years ago, underwent radiation and then was diagnosed with bone cancer, when she came to Yumwija she was  stage 3 but closer to stage 4 she was completely enthralled in pain and the cancer was killing her blood, she was getting blood transfusions.. She started the clay regiment in May of 2018, and she completed  a 6 week  therapy using indigenous methods for body renewal at Yumwija,

When she left Yumwija, she  could walk without the cane, Most of all the pain in her chest was gone except in  a small section of her body, her blood count is normal, she looks normal, she is walking,  she went to her doctor and they saw a great improvement, the  cancer in the bone was reduced from 16% to 6 %. She is here at Luk Makoo, to receive therapy to  detox the body of the fungus living from the hip bone. In one week, for the first time she has  experienced for a short  stints of time  no pain.  The therapy is working.

 The Experiment

Well the experiment is  confirming   the knowledge of how are ancestors were able to  build Life with our planet Earth. I  am clear we can rebuild our soil section America. I am so grateful to see it work. I can’t wait to come back to Yumwija, to put the process in full use. We will have a abundant year. I feel it in my bones. People should plan to come to Yumwija early and stay to recharge and Learn.

 The Miracle of Clay

Spot our new dog was hit by a fast moving car two days ago, I saw the car hit him, his body was thrown in the air and landed on the side of the road. I though he may surely die. I stroked him, not having any first aide to help him. I was able to move him off the side of the road and leave him on the soil, I did not see any bleeding. We would have to wait and see,if he makes it through the night,if he has a chance to be alright. We prayed for  Spot and lit a candle for him. The next day I called to check on him, he was  trying to move himself  down the mountain towards home. I was able to get a car and move him to the house, to my amazement he had not broken bones, just a seriously bruised hip.  I realized I have been giving him clay water to keep him healthy and without worms, as a result he has a nice coat and  body size unlike the other dogs. The accident should have left him with internal bleeding, but it did not, the clay in his body absorbed the blow and lessen the damage. Spot is alive, bruised but ALIVE. Who says cats are the only one with more than one chance to live life……

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine 

 P.S New year is April first. The new Black America Handbook for the 21st Century will be released.


February- March

Aquechewa Kinfolk, Well, its been a very inspiring experience this trip. I must say, I have really grown in my sense of self security, and stepped up to the challenges presented.,   As a result , life has exposed to me  even more wonderful knowledge and possibilities.

The weather here has been grrrrrreeeeeaaaaatt. We have felt like we are living in paradise,. Everyday we have awoken to mild mornings and pleasantly warm days. The rain has been at night, just enough for my experiment to really show its colors. Everything here is growing like wild fire. We are eating our greens  and squash from the garden. For the most part we are living in paradise.

Luk Makoo Update,

Well folks, the town is upgrading the well that is near me, I was given word Luk Makoo can connect to the well, I must pay for the pipes from the house to the connection with the well. Luk Makoo will have rain and well water. The rain water will be used for the shower and the well water will be used for the kitchen. I will pay for the sheets to be washed by hand, in the spring for now, they come out so soft. I had another path opened up directly to the spring, so we can walk to it. Luk Makoo is surrounded by water, wonderful live water. Our guest has went to the water everyday. We ran out of rainwater in the tank, so we had to go to the spring to wash, as though she like the bathing at the creek at Yumwija, she loved the fact their was a nice size spring here, so she has been just fine. This trip I was able to have built the kitchen cabinet with wood counter, another kitchen counter tilled , dinning room table and chairs, outdoor kitchen service counter and  dinning table   tilled ,and the screen door  built and installed.  All the furniture is hand built, there are a few more pieces to be built, this will be done next trip. The list of projects to be completed is almost finished. The  roof is what  will be worked on next, the roof is not in ill repair, but if it is fixed  re, enforced now, will retard major repairs later.   The new custom made furniture is  very practical, and looks great.

Luk Makoo is ready for guest. The tress planted are doing fine, Watching Luk Makoo transform into piece of paradise is amazing.

Internet update: Our guest and I saw the fiber optics being installed for Internet service, right on the property. We are sure we will be able to connect to the service when it is complete in our area. We have adjusted to not  having any, I don’t miss it so much now. Now that I know, it is just a serious but temporary challenge, so forgive me for the late updates. I decided to come back to the states early this trip, so I can complete projects on  time.  However, I will have all projects for this trip completed on time.  This new year will be a very strategic  year, the choices made this year will determine our next 20 years. We must be ready to launch, Life as many people have become accustom to  IS OVER. Now, you will have to change .FIAAH is ready to help usher in the new Dawn.


My foot is doing better, making sure I eat regularly has made a big difference, Preparing meals for our guest has been a joy. The diet has been  creating protein based meals, no sugar, or flour. .The meals and drinks are incredible, Greens everyday, and to my surprise we have had a different meal everyday.  Life is exposing to me a new possibility everyday. 

The guest  is doing great on the tropical   remedy. She experienced her first night with a segment of no pain . I was able to get fresh Sour Sap,  Sour sap has been proven to have the same effects as chemo therapy, it kills cancer cells in tumors. With the sour sap and other plants, I made a remedy to operate  the same as chemo therapy, without the side effects. Its working like a charm.   We both lost weight and are back in our correct weight  class, I could not believe it when I found out. I felt like Sherman in the Nutty Professor…..LOL I also noticed  the little bit of grey hair I have was gone. Our guest looks so good,  her skin color radiates a beautiful reddish brown ( tawny) glow. I introduce her to one of the brothers living here, and he was so mesmerized by her nature. He told me “ Oh my God, she is so beautiful” he stuttered while speaking to her.  The statement  was nice to hear  from a brother, it made her day. 

Unfortunately, she fractured her toe at the waterfall near by. She fell on the rocks, Life told her to slow down, she didn’t take heed so life slowed her down, made her be still, so she could heal and I  focused on  the therapy. Mr Carlies has been wonderful, he has brought fresh coconut water and fruit  everyday, to use in the therapy.  I can’t thank him enough for his support. I  am clear she will not surcome to bone cancer, she  is  clear she was given a new lease with life, and  a possible new relationship too….. Wow Life is gooddddddd…..

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine 

 P.S  The New Year for America is April first. The new Black America Handbook for the 21st Century will be released and a lot more.  Its time to get involved, Change is here!!!!!.

March 2018/19

Aquechewa Kinfolks, Well, here is the last update for this 2018 year. I am heading back to the  States early, so I can complete the final details to have the book  in production by April 1. The final edition is now complete. What a relief, I think I was stressing myself out, because I knew life was signaling me to move forward. I was advoiding the challenge, but I knew, I could no more. It is time….. I feel ecstatic about the message. When its time, life gives the message so clearly. Our planet Loves Us. We can beat this challenge and save our blood and America, Its time to return to our nature. I am so excited that I was chosen to deliver this message from  the force of Earth (Life) to all of the soul/soil people of America.

Luk Makoo- the house is ok, the robbery took all the extra stuff believe it or not ,so I have only what I really need. A sister from Minnesota visiting Belize unexpectedly came by to see Luk Makoo and check on me, for  Dr. Mumbo Jumbo. What a surprise, they found it, it wasn’t hard at all, as though Luk Makoo is located on the only highway in Belize. When they arrived, I was working on the last chapters of the book, so the place nor I was ready for company. Lol   However, I was happy they came and I hope they  tell Dr. Mumbo Jumbo, I am ok and the clay house awaits his visit.

Spot will return back to live with Mr. Carlize family,  spoiled,  well fed, with a lots of love to share, he will bring new  experiences as a dog, that will open there eyes about the  different kinds of relationship they can have with one. Dogs here are used for security, they stay tied up. Spot was treated as a different kind of Earth being, we talked to him, he never was tied up. He was very nurturing and protective of the us and the house. I didn’t have to train him at all .Spot is very smart and has good common sense, better than a lot of people. LoL  I will miss him, and I know he will miss it here .

Our guest has decided to build a cottage home here at Luk Makoo, Life has put everyone in place for this to happen. She is looking to build an 2 bedroom 24×30 or 28×30,  near the spring pond. There are now 9 spots available here. The cost is around 12,000—16,000 for an custom built cottage . The Luk Makoo community  will consist of 10 custom built cottages and a community center lounge with open hearth cooking  kitchen for residents to dine , mingle, dance, commune with each other and guest. The community will have an community garden nestled in all kinds of trees  , living just like our ancestors  in paradise… there will be a annual fee to cover cost for administrative cost, which we hope to offset from rentals and sales from produce,

Yellow Ginger

Luk Makoo made 250.00 profit just from  selling the yellow ginger or tamarack growing wild on the property. Mr Calizs sold 500 pounds of yellow ginger from Luk Makoo, and once ready for harvest there is still about 1000 pounds more. Turmeric is used as a medicinal in the states, seasoning here, every year it comes back on its own.  I was able to register Luk Makoo  as an certified  organic farm for yellow ginger, as though it grows plentiful here on its own.  Every year Luk Makoo could make up to 3000.00 just from sustainably  harvesting the yellow ginger and other plant produce . This is enough money to pay the taxes and maintain the grounds, as the trees grow, I can sell more  organic produce  to the organic market.  Luk Makoo is set up to have so much space for community and the rest for the production of a forest. The goal of Luk Makoo is for our people  to have the experience of living with the soil in paradise like our ancestors before Columbus. The journey for rebuilding paradise has been fraught with challenges and wonderful discoveries. CNN, stated  people will have to move to higher ground, Nasa is predicting areas of America will  not be loveable  by 2025. People will be forced to higher ground. What people experienced this year will only be compounded next year. 

  By 2025 most if not all Amerindian people  who want their health will have to return to living thru  our  extension of  ourselves as a part of nature, if they want to continue to  experience the joy in life.  Those who do not, will be apart of the die off. Life has changed

A chance to experience Paradise

People can come next year to experience a taste of living in paradise here at Luk MaKoo.  Here at Luk Makoo a person can stay a week for 350.00,  includes breakfast, 400.00 includes breakfast and dinner . Indigenous Healing Therapy program is 4 weeks for 500.00  per week, includes breakfast ,dinner ,  and  therapy. People who have invested in Luk Makoo have credits towards  staying.  People can make reservations early,  from November- April, Our programs offer  learning experience in natural living and arts. All people are introduced to feminine  and masculine  life skills.

 Returning  early.

 I am coming back to Yumwija 3 weeks early this year, I need  the use of the internet  to finish the new black  “America” handbook for survival thru the 21st Century. The book  is needed more now than ever for the new generations to save their life destiny from the consequences of the past mistakes made by the generations before them.  There will be a New year  celebration and meeting on Sunday March 31 at 3pm   for the unveiling of  2019 schedule of  activities and events . All kinfolk are welcome to attend….


America’s New Earth Year Celebration”2019″


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Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine 






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