Foundation For Indigenous
America of Anisazi Heritage

Foundation For Indigenous America of Anisazi Heritage

The Foundation for Indigenous America of Anisazi Heritage (F.I.A.A.H.) is an indigenous people’s institution created for the peoples of “America” heritage – as the direct descendants from America Indian grandmothers to continue their viability of life and culture of their heritage race with America through the 21st Century and beyond.


F.I.A.A.H. is dedicated to sharing viable knowledge for BUILDING viable solutions for a better future. Check out our full library.


Let’s Set The Record Straight is our monthly podcast for keeping the record straight for historical heritage perspective with our people still alive in our soil America.


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The black Americas Handbook mock

The [black] Americas’ Handbook for Survival through the 21st Century, Vol. 1​

 The book exposes the core dynamics for the foundation of the United States and other colonel nation-states establishment on the soil of America.

The Hidden Ancestral Identity of American Negro mock

The Hidden Ancestral Identity of American Negro​

What every black American family should know.... and never forget.  What every black American family should know.... and never forget. 


Liquid Life: Save Your health Restore your Quality of Life.

Liquid Life is an ancestral grandmother of America, aka Indian aka Negro formula, made from a combination of clays from America. for her people. Buy now.

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Who are the black americans. pt. 1

The Journey

Life Outreach Ministry of America's Heritage

We are America - U.N. Statement

current events

Activism at the U.N.

F.I.A.A.H. In Action

Foundation For Indigenous Americans of Anisazi Heritage is actively involved in global events. 

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International Activism

Stay abreast of upcoming international presentations as well as get information on past presentations. 

We are America Petition America lives matter!!!

Support the petition to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Issues and all International Systems

Indigenous Living Summit

I pray everyone makes it a point to be at the Summit to re hydrate themselves, there are so many people that are very tired from living in life draining environments.

Amerindian Therapy for Health Restoration Program

Who desires to return to wellness? NO more surgeries, No more toxic drugs, No more side effects…

Indigenous America Studies Institute

FIAAH – Institute for Indigenous America Studies is a private educational institution for peoples from the original.
The institute supports the people Indigenous to America by heritage ( free or in captivity) self-determination in their quest to return to their inherited natural connection to planetary” Earth consciousness” by offering Indigenous knowledge education. “ Rebuilding our Consciousness, Rebuilding our Culture” The Institute offers traditional knowledge from our Amerindian Heritage culture combined with contemporary historical knowledge and research for the past 5000 years of the indigenous human experience as an integral part of nature with OUR planet EARTH. The curriculum allows a student to articulate the complete picture of our “ Peoples” experience of the past, present, and outlook for the future of our collective viability with our Earth.

The Black America Flag for Human Dignity

The Black America Flag for Human Dignity represents the ancestral ethnic identity for millions of people of America heritage  being deprived by the United States of their human dignity to factual ethnic heritage, as the original people for America and their fundamental human right to be recognized as a viable race of people still living with their home on Earth. The Black America Flag for Human Dignity  of Anisazi Heritage also represents the Negro peoples original ancestral ethnic identity for their Earth race  population in America as the “ Anisazi” peoples before European Discovery… and to their unconditional ordained by Earth.. planetary placement inheritance to live in their home with Earth of America